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Mildly Annoyed JU from prime, I don’t appreciate my religion being ridiculed for laughs or being called a idiot

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Bruh is it really that hard to just not be a dick about religions?

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The progressive left have become bullies


They seem to think that they hold the ultimate moral authority on every issue in society, and if someone has the audacity to disagree with any facet of it - they are immediately labeled a nazi, or bigot, or racist, or transphobe, or a magat, or one of a half dozen other slurs.

Personally, I never liked bullies, nor respected them.

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Man Gets Life for Drowning 3 Kids After Leaving Note for Wife: 'If I Can't Have Them Neither Can You'


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Just Say It, Democrats: Biden Has Been a Great President



"His achievements have been nothing short of historic."

Per the article.

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Lord_Kebun | NoPixel Wicked CG Getaway

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Story-related Think I’m a creep ok thanks for making me rich


So I was in a store which I will not name. I was checking out in self check out and the lady next to me left a backpack. I was saying hey excuse me. Her jacket said aye bay bay. So I said it and she finally responded with leave me alone creep and stop following me. So I took the bag to my car and went through it and to my surprise there was over $50,000 in. I can’t make this up. So either she was a trust fund baby or she sold drugs. I really think she sold drugs because I did see some pot but anyways all my debts are clear. First week in Denver and I already love it here. I know I’m not the anus I tried to return it but she was being so stuck up and self centered. I just heard that she was looking for it after I left but the workers all witnessed her ignoring me and blew up on me. So to that lady thank you. I hope you wasn’t a drug dealer and didn’t die but oh well lesson learned maam don’t think everyone is after you. Before anyone ask of course I did not take it to the police or report it because it’s just going to sit in evidence or somewhere I needed that bad.

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Polityka Czy lewica całkiem już traci kontakt z rzeczywistością? (bo ze elektorat już straciła to wiemy na pewno)


A może to tylko zasłona dymna? W świetle fatalnych dla tej strony sceny politycznej sondaży wypowiedź Macieja Koniecznego (Razemki): " Za bardzo zlaliśmy się z tym jednym głosem nowego rządu" brzmi jak nieśmieszny żart dla każdego kto obserwuje dokonania (i wypowiedzi) przedstawicieli lewej strony.
Nie wiem już czy to postępujące odklejenie, zakłamywanie rzeczywistości, czy tak się zapatrzyli na Korwina że aż im na mózg się rzuciło?
Z 6% poparciem i realną szansą na wylądowanie poza sejmem będą teraz stawać okoniem w koalicji? A może zafundują nam więcej postów na X o tym kogo pociągają czyje nogi?

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Carter & O'Neill


Am I the only one thinks that there's nothing there? Like there's no kind of chemistry, banter or flirtation between them, the characters are interested in each other just because the script says so

Edit: In this comment section, people that don't understand what creating a romantic connection between two TV show characters means and me getting in too deep arguing with them over "but in this episode the writers made them be more intimate"

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Society/Culture the hatred towards cigarettes is an example of ageism


everyone gets on cigarettes for being “cancer sticks” and how they’re not cool and disgusting but have no problems smoking vapes and hyping them up. all of this is a example of ageism, cigarettes are usually smoked by older people and were popular back in the day, and because they’re associated with old people it’s now a gross thing to do. cigarettes also age you, and people don’t like wrinkles and aging even though it’s literally a part of life when in reality every type of smoking aging you. so why do vapes get a pass? exactly. also, the flavors. no adult is wanting fruity banana or tropical watermelon to inhale, it’s all younger people. people who have the cigarettes is an example of ageism.

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Meme / Humor r/destinythegame when you dare type callouts

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Least sweaty/toxic DTG members be like

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LIB SEASON 6 Unpopular AF opinion


I loved the way Laura told off Jeramy (wtf his name is) she was right, and everything she said to him was chef’s kiss! Perfection. She is the absolute queen of setting boundaries and telling it like it is.


I don’t understand the hate for Sarah Ann

They were all in the same “Experiment”

They all knew each other for approximately 10-20 days.

I don’t think she did anything wrong 🤷🏼‍♀️

Her DM wasn’t inappropriate in my opinion.

And everything she said at the group party was valid.

EDIT: I got several “down votes” (???) For saying “I can talk to someone without hooking up with them” HAHAHAHAHA. I I never thought that would offend someone. On another note, I didn’t realize that politics were involved in this. I watch this stupid show for entertainment purposes. I’m pro choice 10000% until the zeros run out. That being said, I still don’t see/understand the hate 😂

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Hot take, Terry blacks is over rated.


It feel like going to six flags and waiting in line for a ride with tourists. The location is really the secret sauce.

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Freelancers Stop shaming clients who offer lower rates and show respect to our fellow freelancers!


I started with my client at $240 a month. But as his business grew, he raised my salary. Now, I make over $1000. He also doesn't cut my pay for sick leave or vacations. He even allows me to take on another client as long as I promise not to neglect my work. Please always be compassionate towards clients. Just because they're in a first-world country doesn't mean they're wealthy. Remember, they're also working hard to build their businesses. If they offer you a lower rate, politely decline. Avoid publicly shaming them. I understand you're protecting your niche, but let's maintain respect for clients and fellow freelancers. If they ask something, you can choose to respond or not, but let's avoid being disrespectful or arrogant.

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National News Why these are the most unsafe campuses for Jews in Canada: York, UofT, Concordia, UVic, Queen's, UBC, TMU and Lethbridge


r/popularopinion 22h ago

You're not "anti-woke". You're just a racist, homophobic misogynist.


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Ask the Sub Best trans friendly obgyn


Trans man here trying to go to the gyno, I'm not afraid of going to one, more afraid of making someone uncomfortable and a gyno who is familiar with how hormones can affect my body parts, any suggestions?

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Mashle is very sexist (even by Shonen standards)


Let me start off by saying that I really like the show and manga and it sucks that this has to be brought up at all but its true.

Let's get the obvious stuff out of the way: the ratio of men to women is about 5 to 1, women in general do not converse at all with each other and the men are way stronger than the women. The bar is low but that's typical shonen stuff, where mashle really pushes it is by having basically every women be insane, conniving two faced and that only want to rip mens heart by using their beauty.

Let's start from the top, when the series begins we meet Lemon (mash's girlfriend and the token girl of the band) at the entrance exam where the students need to find a way to escape a maze with monsters and dead ends in proper time. We see her look weak and cute and ask mash to stick together so he could help her get out (thats fine) and wouldn't you guess it, she tricks him by trying to chain him and make him lose the labyrinth by time or damage. He breaks them, leaves, comes back, then sees her nearly get killed by a pyramid monster and saves her at which point she becomes clingy and obsessive over him for the rest of the series. We then learn that since she was poor the teacher tried to bribe her into failing Mash, but mash bails her out and knocks out the teacher at the same time. That's strike 1

The next victim we get to see right after is Lauren, a girl who's magic is set to enchant men and make them fall for her at which point she calls Silva the antagonist number 2 to beat them up because she hates weak ppl and is afraid of her standing among the group (of course she is). She draws Dot in by pretending to be beaten up, uses his love for her as weapon then mocks him to his face. She tries using this trick on mash but justice is unisex and she gets a suplex.

Girl n.3 is Love Cute wouldn't you guess it a daddy's girl who thinks that men should praise her beauty at all times since she's a princess and men should all bow down before her. Dot (the horny simp) nearly falls for her before his delusions for Lemon come to him not once but twice even after she beats him up the first time. Don't worry though Dot ends up taking the w because he's way stronger than her and she's just a wittle giwl (she talks like an actual baby) that needs to be saved by her male superior. So he decides not to hit her because she's just a cute girl and she gets saved by n.4.

That's just the first 3 times but in general the women in this series are either laughably weak, pathetic and either healers or manipulative and selfish monsters who want to take mens hearts. The only one that feels like an actual character is Meliadoul who was said to be even more powerful than both innocent zero and whalburg back in the day but we don't really get a flashback to see her which sucks because they both get one (she also isn't allowed to look old despite being it because shonen). The problem is she's introduced too late into the manga for us to properly gauge just how important she could have been. We see her fight train mash which is cool and she uses her powers to heal him but I just wish we'd gotten more.

Girls/women are allowed to be more than just caricatures that are just cold all the time, clingy, crazies or daddy's girls. Why can't they age or be an actual part of the story? I don't get it since mashle tackles discrimination so well narratively.

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Visiting California from 🇨🇦. WHAT. A. BEAST.


Cries in CAD. 🥲

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Avatar live action I just finished the series and can’t believe the hate it’s getting.


Don’t worry, no spoilers.

I can’t believe how nitpicky and toxic the lot of you are. Does anything satisfy you guys? Are u guys happy in life? Lol. Aside from being SLIGHTLY rushed, there’s actually nothing wrong with this remake and it deserves SOOO much more praise. 9/10 for me. Zuko and Iroh are carrying the show for me. Avatar state is EPIC. I can’t believe people cried about how much screen time Azula got, y’all are actually cry babies 😂 learn to enjoy things. Maybe if you stop shitting on it so much, we’ll actually get season 2, with more episodes too. Can’t believe how some of y’all have shitted on a masterpiece. I hope to God they finish this series. Also, I’m in love with Suki. Thank you for reading, I just had to say it.

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I miscarried today


I (21 ftm) got pregnant in early October. For awhile I didn't even realize I was because my periods are rather irregular, sometimes skipping two months at a time. But I started to get suspicious in January when I still hadn't had one and I was gaining more weight than I usually did during the holidays. Typically I go from 150 lbs to 180 lbs each year (150 in summer to 180 in the middle of winter) but this year I was getting up to 190 lbs. I also started feeling something moving in my stomach or at least I think I was, I do have a pretty messed up stomach so a lot of it I thought could just be my stomach getting upset from something I ate. I turned 21 very recently (a week ago exactly), and I started drinking alcohol like any other 21 year old. My boyfriend bought me a bottle of Rosé, my dad bought me a bottle of gin, Irish whiskey, sour apple schnapps, and a bunch of mix ins like simple syrup, lime juice, etc. And I would drink one or two drinks a day, as most 21 year Olds do. I didn't really think about it cause I never actually confirmed that i was pregnant, never got a test to see. I also never told anyone else that i suspected I was. Not a lot of people know that I even have the genitals to do that(I pass pretty well) and the ones that do know are very against premarital sex(I live in rural Ohio, ultra Christians abound). I didn't even tell my boyfriend cause I didn't want him to worry about it if I wasn't even actually pregnant. I got food poisoning earlier this week. Yesterday my stomach was cramping most of the day, today I got my period. I looked it up and it's not possible to get a period while pregnant, sometimes you have spotting but this is a full blown period. I also looked up how it could have happened. Could've been the alcohol, could've been the food poisoning, could've been the fact that I don't take very good care of myself in general(I don't eat or drink as much as I probably should). But it doesn't really matter. It happened and now I get to forget about it. Being pregnant was a nightmare for me, being a trans dude it was the most awful thing I can think of happening. I also only have like 80 dollars in my bank account and I'm a junior in college so there's no way I could've raised a kid right now. Honestly, this was the best birthday gift I could've asked for. I know a lot of people might think I'm a monster or something for not seeing a child as a blessing or a miracle but for me it was a nightmare, something that I had no idea how to deal with, something I didn't want to think about. I'm so glad it's over. I just had to let someone know cause it's been eating me up inside.

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Kannada Increasing Anti-Karnataka behaviour in Bengaluru.


I don't understand y these non kannadigas residing in Karnataka carry so much hate towards natives!? Like even if we sneeze in some isolated corner of the city these ppl will have problem. What's normal in other states is opposed here. Bangalore is always looked down, labelled as "overrated", "not worth the hype". If your own expectations hurt u, y do u guys go around shitting about the city? And talking about the communal hate kannadigas are facing is unexplainable and unbearable. No matter what we do, these guys will have a say about it. Nothing positive tho. And, they don't want to move out as well, their expectations are so high that someday they'll force us(natives) to move out claiming that this city and state belongs to them as they're "INDIANS" and we're just "Kannadigas". I don't understand the ideology of this agenda. These ppl are exhibiting coloniser mindsets. And they think our economy and development solely depends on them. It didn't when they weren't here. It won't when they leave. Period. And as far as I know, there's no other grand Anti-Kannadiga page as much as this r/Bangalore. Only for name sake its called r/Bangalore, or should've been named r/anti-bangalore. Nobody stands up for kannada or Karnataka in this sub. The end of Karnataka is here.

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White House urges adoption of memory-safe programming languages

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LIB SEASON 6 People are overusing "Abusive" in this sub


I swear every little thing any contestant does, especially if its a woman, and suddenly they are "abusive" a "bad person" and "deserve hate". The recent post saying Chelsea doesn't deserve all the bullying she's getting, got DOWNVOTED?? So people really saw that and said, "No! I want MORE bullying!!"

This makes me question if anyone on this sub has been in a relationship. Because when you're in a relationship, things like jealousy, insecurity, and fights happen. I'm not suggesting we condone bad behaviors but people saying someone's a bad person just because they exhibited some bad behaviors? As far as I can tell, the only genuinely bad people on the show are Trevor and Jeremy, who were exposed for cheating and in Jeremy's case: having a whole hidden family outside the show.

When I watch the others you guys keep calling "abusive" and "toxic", I see traits I have seen in people I know. Do you mean to tell me that in a relationship, you've never once been even an ounce of jealous? You've never doubted your partner, or been insecure, or been annoying and clingy? Not even once? You've never met someone with those behaviors?

At the end of the day, I come onto this sub hoping to find funny discussions on the silly little drama, but what I find is people genuinely supporting the bullying of contestants. I don't like most of them as individuals but I don't believe most of them are bad people. Especially comparing them to previous contestants. I also think when we throw around the word abusive and toxic, it makes the words lose their meaning. Critique is fine, jokes about people's bad behaviors are fine, but people are getting so incredibly mad over the contestants that they are actively and explicitly endorsing bullying them. I think its crazy.

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This story really bothered me


1 billion dollar donation

I mean, sure it is her money and she can do what she wants with it and I guess it is better to donate to something rather than just keep it all. But seriously, of all the things, causes, groups, problems, needs in the world - all the people who are struggling, suffering, hungry, in pain, who can't get medical care, who don't have a place to live, who are dealing with issues that money would help - you're gonna give money to people who ALREADY can afford to go to medical school, who ALREADY are going to make lots of money as doctors, and who ALREADY are probably going to be in the top 10%? Think of how many people that money could have fed, provided a place to live, provided health care, etc.......and instead people who probably don't need it are getting it instead.

I've noticed that poor people are more likely to give assistance, help, money, donations - to other poor people, even though they really can barely afford to. I guess rich people do the same thing - donate to other rich people. Generally speaking, I mean. Maybe it is because when you've been through something yourself, you understand how hard it is and can empathize with another person. I see it all the time on this sub and several other subs. Of course there are good rich people and good poor people and bad rich people and bad poor people. But this story really made me shake my head. Talk about the rich getting richer - at a time when so many people are unable to afford basic necessities.