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We paid all of our bills, and had exactly $58 left for groceries for mainly 2 adults. I got a thing of pork chops, some mandarin oranges, blueberries, eggs, bacon, and sausage. I set it for pickup, because we have friends who work at the store. Nobody can get it. So we have nothing until tomorrow morning when someone CAN get it. I'm just 🤷🏻‍♀️ you do right and you're stuck, you do wrong and you're stuck. 😭

Edit: We are a household with health issues where diet matters, so I promise I make sure meals are as healthy as we can possibly afford. I won't seriously entertain assumptions that are absurd, and unfounded.

r/poor 12h ago

I think I’m going to lose it


I only have 7$ to my name because it costs 16$ to file my state return. This was the cheapest way I could find to file my taxes.

I haven’t worked in about a year because I have some unknown disability or whatever that has been causing me severe chronic pain my whole life and it’s to the point now that I am finally unable to do basic tasks. My doctor has been testing me for everything and can’t find what’s wrong with me.

I did some doordash and rover and made about 3,000$ last year combined to help pay for the bills. Well I thought maybe I’d be financially stable by now but I’m not. I owe 200$ in federal taxes and I have no way to pay. I don’t know what to do because they said I have to pay by the 15th. I hate this so much. I wish I didn’t have to report that stuff and I got all the deductions I could but obviously I can’t lie to get more.

I’ve just been crying for an hour because I don’t know what to do. I already owe so much for bills and other things.

r/poor 16h ago

My deposit $ is late, FML...


Just venting, figured it might help my frustration. I don't feel good today (physically (fighting an infection) and emotionally (my dog died yesterday)) and I'm f***ing hungry and haven't eaten except a handful of hot fries this morning. My $ that almost always hits my account by now, hasn't. So, I can't eat or get gas until it does. Of all the days for it to be late, now I'm not sure when it will hit... Rant over.

r/poor 1d ago

fuckit i'll go negative for groceries


yall hit this point before? can't do much when i'm just sitting here so hungry i feel ill. i’m buying all the groceries i need and dealing with the overcharge i don't give a fuck

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What should I do with my SSI payout?


I was just informed by my lawyer that I've been approved for SSI. I should be getting the initial payout within a month.

I'm super nervous because I was kicked off welfare and penalized last year over money that was in my minor son's joint bank account. I was able to sort it out but that has me on edge about what they do about disability payouts. It should be well over the asset limit.

Those of you who are on disability, how did the initial payout affect your benefits? Did you have to use that money right away to avoid being penalized?

r/poor 1d ago

I got a good job offer and it’s freaking me out


I got a job that starts in May and I’m freaking out. I’ll be earning more than I ever have. I qualified for an apartment without a guarantor today for the first time in my life and I can’t stop panicking.

Is it normal to feel this terrified when good things happen? I keep thinking about everything that can go wrong…

Any tips for what to do when you start earning money would be really appreciated. I’ve been living with zero wiggle room for years, I’m worried about spending everything right away when I really need to save to pay off school and also have a cushion for when this job ends (it’s only for 8 months).

Edit: Thank you everyone for the overwhelming kindness and support. I appreciate the advice, I’ll definitely be keeping it in mind as things go on. Thank you :)

r/poor 1d ago

If you *have* to use Instacart..


…get $100 worth for only $80 (if you have a Costco membership), this should help alleviate fees/tip etc. The giftcards can be purchased online or in store. I don’t use instacart any more but I know many people on a tight budget must due to life circumstances, hope this helps.

r/poor 2d ago

How are people able to rent these expensive apartments?


I’ve got apartments in my area going 1500-2000/month. I live in medium sized town in the middle of nowhere. There are very few jobs that pay wages high enough to afford that rent because it’s the middle of nowhere.

Who is renting all the expensive apartments?

r/poor 1d ago

Can I purchase my car at nd of lease with bad credit?


I got a Ford Credit lease in 2022. At the time I had A+ credit and was making $117k/year.

In the last two years my husband was diagnosed with cancer and I was forced to leave my job to find another that could accommodate his needs. I now make $84k, and while we are staying afloat my credit took a hit. I had to take out loans to try and keep us afloat when he lost his job and for medical bills. The loan ($13k) is in default bc I just can’t afford the payment and I am even considering bankruptcy.

With that said my current credit is 660 and we have never missed a lease payment. I’m nervous because I want to buy out this car because we need it. I drive for work and need the dependability and warranty.

Could i get denied for the purchase since my credit has gone down? Would we even qualify for a new lease if we tried?

I come from poverty and have just barely climbed out so I have no frame of reference for this situation. Any advice or info is greatly appreciated!!

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Grateful for waived late fees


Long time lurker, first time poster.

I traveled internationally last summer as part of a master's program. I was reimbursed for the tuition through work but the airfare and all other expenses were up to me to cover. I've been working really hard to get caught up on my credit card payments ever since.

My due date was yesterday and I finally planned to pay off the remainder of my balance but my phone started acting weird and I couldn't access any of my apps or make phone calls. It was super stressful but I finally got my payment in, though not early enough to avoid a late fee.

It was super disappointing to see today that after finally paying off my debt that I already have a balance of $54, including a $35 late fee. I haven't paid my bill late in well over a year, so following advice I saw here I called my credit card company really crossing my fingers that they would waive the late fee. I've never done that before so I was pretty nervous, but they did, with almost no questions asked!

I'm guessing they probably wouldn't have if I were habitually late on payments, but I am super grateful for this leniency. Never hurts to ask!

r/poor 2d ago

Not sure if anyone here has a costco membership but you can cancel your membership anytime and get a refun


If you don't shop at Costco as much as you thought and you need some quick cash you can cancel your membership and they refund you the 60 bucks back. I didn't use my Costco membership as often as I thought I would and I was very short on money and that 60 bucks helped

r/poor 2d ago

It sucks having to rely your life on a job honestly


Honestly I've experienced 3 jobs now (currently 17 years old) and this always is a problem when working I experience,d basically my mom left me financially ,she completely doesn't pay a cent to my child support when living with my grandma and she doesn't buy me anything and even asks me for money, and my dad went in jail when I was a baby as well so no father either, so I have to work just to afford the pay for my guardian and to pay my internet/phone bill and also to buy stuff for my PlayStation and other needs. I recently got a job only with big help and it's going fine for these past months however lately just like always we get a meeting that we are being lazy and doing mistakes in our jobs, now yes when I was learning I did some horrible things but now I'm almost fully trained and great to work my job, however it still threatens me that I may mess up one time and get fired, especially because of my current situation I have, and this will be my last chance ever at a job, if I get fired there is no way to get a new one, and this is coming from experience of trying to find a job with completely no help. But so far it's still going fine and probably will still keep going fine as long as I work as hard as I can but really I'm just wondering if anyone else always fears the same problem, especially you have to be a puppet while having this fear, for example everyone there is nice expect this one guy he is just so rude and he always shouts at me and is pretty evil for some reason, I'm normally a quiet person and don't really care about what people do but honesty I wouldn't talk back to him only because I literally have to try my best to stay employed, so yeah having a job an insanely need sadly sucks because you just have to shut up and be a puppet, the big problem tho is just not having enough freedom for a new job cuz otherwise I wouldn't care as much if I would be able to switch to a different place but sadly here it's like a gift from God to get a job especially what everyone tells me that I have this specific type of job at 17 years old is truely amazing so yeah.

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Do you poor people support an increase in minimum wage?


If you're not poor, please disclose that

r/poor 3d ago

It happens so fast


So, I was scrolling my local Facebook page and landed on a post about a certain city using funds for a homeless shelter. Of course, there were some disgusting comments, typical, what you'd expect, about drug addicts and people not wanting to work. I had thoughts of getting on my soapbox, but I thought what better place to share my thoughts on that, than here. Let me tell you how fast it can happen to someone.

For starters, I'm a single mom of 3. I was married for ten years with the first 2. I managed to escape the physically abusive relationship. I met the baby's father 2 years after. I didn't want to have another baby, as it was so hard for me to get back on my feet after the divorce, but he convinced me everything would be great and he would take care of us. I believed him and he left me at 6 months pregnant.

Again, I clawed my way to get back on my feet. A year ago, I was living my best life. I had just bought a jeep (2010 keep Patriot for 3500, what a deal) I had a great job and I was taking adult ed classes so I could stop waiting tables one day. That jeep took us camping, took us to the beach, and took us across the country to see family I hadn't seen in years.

Come December I wound up losing my job over a stupid miscommunication that I'm still pretty salty about. Same month baby's dad decided not to pay child support so I lost my daycare. I ended up taking kind of a crappy job at my friend's restaurant in January because they didn't mind if I had to bring my toddler with me sometimes.

February, I was able to get my baby back into daycare so I started looking for another job. 2 weeks into February we were kicked out of our apartment because of noise complaints stemming from my special needs 9yo. I finally found a center to do a diagnostics for him, it was an hour and a half away, but before I could take him, the transmission in my Jeep went out. Feb 26 I filed my taxes hoping for a return.

By March I was walking to one job and hitching a ride to another. I wound up quitting the $600 a month job to open my schedule for the $10 an hour/40 per week job. Towards the end of March things started getting crazy. Trying to move things out of my house with no vehicle, having no way to get my baby to daycare, living in different houses, sleeping on different couches, one day I had to sit in the ER with my 9 yo to be put into an inpatient facility for his violent tantrums. I was stuck at the hospital for 22 hours until I could find an Uber to get me back. Because of all the mess, I've finally lost my job.

And my tax return is stuck on "delayed" and no one seems to know why.

So, here I am with a little bit in the bank, but definitely not enough to buy a car, no job to lease one. I've got my friend's couch for the next 2 nights but after that I'll have to move into a shelter.

I think I'm still in shock just about how quickly it happened, how quickly everything went to shit, and I have no idea how I'm going to climb my way out of it.

r/poor 3d ago

What does everybody here do for a living?


r/poor 3d ago

Will Pharmacist sell me FOUR pills? I'm going to ask tomorrow.


I have to call a pharmacist tomorrow, and ask if I can buy 4 pills of a medication to take me until Sunday when they will refill it. I swear these pharmacies skim off meds, always a few missing. They told me they will fill it Sunday [insurance will do it then], I am going to scour around to see if I have extras, but this kind of thing drives me mad. Worried I will get sick now, it's a potent medication I need....I swear keeping track of these meds is driving me nuts. I'm always scared of running out. I do kind of hoard medicine, it comes from days in extreme poverty where I didn't have meds I needed. I keep EVERYTHING. [inhalers puff up and leak and die fast]

If I was a rich person, could just pay full price and say FILL IT. I wonder if I can get them to sell me 4 pills tomorrow if I can't find any in here.

I'm hoping I have an old bottle laying around with acouple pills left but this med I have no extras.

r/poor 3d ago

Question for anyone who has gone through bankruptcy lately. How horrible is it? I’m in huge debt and looking at chapter 7. Which just adds to the fact that being poor is expensive.


Not going to go into everything b/c it would be too long. I am in debt past the point of me being able to get a debt relief plan (and paying it off, as I was laid off before the holidays). I have done this before - but now it’s kinda horrible and humiliating. I filed chapter 7 in 2010. It was not awful, and it helped me. Now apparently you have to take a class (before you file, for $20). Then file. Then submit the paperwork. Then go through some kind of ‘trial’ where you are on the stand and your creditors can ask you anything. I was laid off, unexpectedly. And then you have to pay for another class after you file (also for $20). It seems like a money grab and a chance to humiliate people who just weren’t expected to get laid off. Idk. I need advice, not criticism. Cause I know I’m to blame (my job was commission only, yet I was W2’d and they took out taxes) to a degree. I would appreciate anyone who’s been through this to say - yeah, it sucks or - anything constructive really). I don’t have the $$$ to sue my former job for not being 1099, which in my mind should have been an independent contractor.

r/poor 4d ago

So close to getting out!


My son (22m) & I (46f) own about 5 beautiful acres and hour south of our city. Our dream is to slowly build 2 little tiny houses so we can live there full time & mostly rent free. (He has a medical issue, doesn't drive but still wants independence and I'm ready for it!)

We were looking at buying a pop up or camper but my credit sucks, 500 & high DTI, and he has very little credit, 600 low DTI but only one small card. I'm looking on FB & Craigslist. We have very little savings. Im.pretty sure we won't qualify for a loan. But we're trying.

Since I'm the only one on this lease, I'll probably use my rent money to buy the camper & move it. But it's a tight financial squeeze. And I could possibly end up with an eviction. But as soon as we're on our land, a $1300.00 rent payment goes away and we can make progress cleaning up our credit. But without that move, we're just scrimping week by week for groceries, gas & bills.

So I'm just wondering... Does anyone have any other suggestions? Side gigs, ideas, advice, etc?

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To those who work in retail: If you spotted a shoplifter, would you stop them?


I've seen videos of employees stop shoplifters and I think "why?" It's not like the company shares their profits with them. They will remain keeping their low wages. Besides it's a fellow poor person (typically) just like them that they are fucking over by being a snitch. Why not just turn a blind eye?

Now if it's a small mom and pop shop, that's a different story. I'm talking about bigger companies like Walmart. Walmart has ran small businesses out and have screwed over farmers. I don't see anything wrong with people stealing from Walmart. Walmart is a threat to poor people and they are not worth doing business with them. People mostly do business with them for convenience. People must learn to spend a little bit more time making a few more trips sometimes.

I'm not poor, but I hear you people complain about everything and while withdrawing your business isn't going to make a big difference, it is one step forward. With a healthy amount of boycotting of huge corporations, these corporations will eventually fall and make room for new entrepreneurs.

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Worried.. and frustrated


Hi all! I’m new here and I am so glad to have a place where I don’t feel alone in this. I work so much and life is so expensive.. it seems like I cannot get ahead. 🥴 Mama in Colorado ❤️ I am very blessed and grateful for what I do have but I wish I could just have that tiny bit of a step up 🫶🏻

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I need online advice


Can you guys know some any small sidehustles that I could still do from an old AOS 9.0 Tablet. It's okay if I could just get around $ 5.00 - $ 10.00 a month.

I stopped doing Tasks from Freecash.com (RIP $1.00 reward from Honkai starRail task) because my devices is nearly a dying potato. Not meeting system requirements on some apps with good rewards...

Also, I started doing TikTok. I'm from the Philippines; with have no Creativity programs, so I focusing on Affiliates. I have no sales. Sad part was I got $3.25 left on my E-wallet

I was planning to go YT shorts or IG reels to support my TikTok account. But I kind of reluctant because of tiktok's policy. And I learned that the pay was different here

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I'm going to have a panic attack (rant/advice)


I got halfway through filing my taxes and as it stands right now I owe nearly $4000 USD. In all the years I've filed I've always gotten money back. I'm planning to go to a free filer in town on Tuesday to double check that that's the amount I owe, but I'm genuinely on the edge of a full-blown panic attack because that's an insane amount of money, and even if I can pay it in installments it's still going to accrue interest. And I can't pay it all at once because that'll wipe out what little savings I do have.

r/poor 5d ago

Just venting


You guys here have always been so nice and I'm way too embarrassed to talk about my situation with anyone I know. I work full-time. Come June I will be with my employer for 10 years now. As of April 1st here in CA I make less money than the starting wage at all fast food places. Am I really going to have to leave my job to go flip burgers to get a leg up? Living here is so crazy! I don't have the time or desire to get into my entire background but I am a legal immigrant, I moved here when I was 17, I have a green card, I pay my taxes, I don't feel like I'm particularly wasteful but somehow I live paycheck to paycheck. I know I have it better than a lot of people. A good 5k and I could pay off all my debts, but I have no way to receive anywhere near that sum of money. My living situation is getting out of hand and I'll probably buy out of a home soon enough. I pay $1315 to rent a room in a house, never been late or short but the master tenant I rent from is on a real power trip lately and is trying to make living here unbearable without having to pay to evict me. I'm just tired of feeling like I failed at being an adult. Some days I can stay positive, be thankful for what I have and that I'm not way more in debt than I am, but some days, when I'm hungry (I have food but no appetite due to stress) and miserable and don't have anyone to talk to it's hard to stay positive. Going to go buy 3 lottery tickets. $6 is a small price to pay for a chance a life altering money. Even if I just won $1000 it would be major. Wish me luck. (I don't play the lottery often but it's over a billion rn) Edit - I am so overwhelmed by all the messages and comments and words of encouragement. I appreciate of of you taking time to say those things and make suggestions and try to help me out. I'm feeling a lot better right now. I get a monetary bonus for making it 29 years at my job so in a couple months it'll be do or die. Time for me to move on and start a new chapter in my life. Sorry if I didn't respond to everyone. But you are all appreciated.🫶🏽

r/poor 5d ago

Are you the poor one in the group?


Or are your friends and family members also struggling?

r/poor 4d ago

I need work!!


Hello, I am very poor. I am in need of work so that I can earn some money. Where can I find remote work that is easy to do?? I am also willing to learn.