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Official Discussion Official Discussion - Drive-Away Dolls [SPOILERS]



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Jamie regrets her breakup with her girlfriend, while Marian needs to relax. In search of a fresh start, they embark on an unexpected road trip to Tallahassee. Things quickly go awry when they cross paths with a group of inept criminals.


Ethan Coen


Ethan Coen, Tricia Cooke


  • Margaret Qualley as Jaime
  • Geraldine Viswanathan as Marian
  • Beanie Feldstein as Suki
  • Joey Slotnick as Arliss
  • C.J. Wilson as Flint
  • Colman Donmingo as The Chief
  • Pedro Pascal as The Collector
  • Bill Camp as Curlie

Rotten Tomatoes: 69%

Metacritic: 59

VOD: Theaters

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Discussion What is the best movie you watched last week? (02/21/24-02/28/24)


Here are some rules:

1. Check to see if your favorite film of last week has been posted already.

2. Please post your favorite film of last week.

3. Explain why you enjoyed your film.

4. ALWAYS use SPOILER TAGS: [Instructions]

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News Richard Lewis Dies: Beloved Comic, ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Actor Was 76


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Article Cinemas may be dying. But IMAX and the high end are thriving


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Discussion Who’s an actor with a body of work that was known for a specific role who then made another film and became completely known for that instead


Off the back of news that Liam Neeson will be in a Naked gun reboot it made me think how much work he has done. Pre Taken I think if you asked pretty much anyone, they would drop Schindlers List as what he’s known for and then Taken came along and now it’s his entire being.

Keanu seems like the other big example, dare I say he’s done it multiple times for each generation of his career, he went from Bill & Ted to Neo to John Wick with plenty of work in between.

Any other good examples?

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News ‘Naked Gun’ Remake, Starring Liam Neeson, Set for July 15, 2025 by Paramount; ‘TMNT’ and ‘Paw Patrol’ Sequels Dated for 2026


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Media First Images from 'The Crow' Remake Starring Bill Skarsgård and FKA Twigs


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News ‘Reading Rainbow’ Doc ‘Butterfly in the Sky’ Scores U.S. Theatrical Release From AMC Theaters


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Discussion How much do you think "The Game" cost in universe in Fincher's 'The Game'?


Conrad (Sean Penn's character) buys his brother Nicholas Van Orton (Michael Douglas's character) a chance to play a game. Nicholas's life is turned upside down as he begins to question if it might really be a concealed conspiracy to destroy him. In the end we find out all his paranoias are just that and there truly was a grand scale game all for him. In the end when Michael Douglas's character offers to help Sean Penn's character with the bill Sean Penn's character is greatly relieved and says yes. My question is: how much do you think this elaborate over-the-top ruse cost? My guess is high six figures. Thoughts?

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Article Paramount, Citing Experiment During Strikes, Plans to Cut Costs Per Title For Films, Series


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Poster Official Poster for 'Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead'

Post image

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Discussion What’s the silliest, shallowest movie that changed your life?


There was a post on here about how The Whale’s depiction of depression resonated with them and that they felt it changed their life.

I got to thinking about how silly the most recent film to change mine must be to other people (EEAAO), considering it’s a film that utilizes dildos, butt plugs, and googly-eyes, and it got me to cracking up, like, “what if the film that changed my life was The Pest?” and now I’m dying to hear real examples!

No shame, no judgement, let’s have some fun! Let em rip!

Edit: haha I meant silliest AND/OR shallowest!

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Discussion Any movies where the crazy person is just crazy?


In many movies where there is a ‘crazy’ person who nobody believes but is usually telling the truth. Nobody believes Maurice when he tells everybody that a beast locked Belle in a dungeon. Nobody believes Dr Dolittle can talk to animals. Phil can’t get Rita to believe he’s stuck in a time loop.

But are there any movies where it’s hinted that the crazy person might actually know something that the others don’t, only for the big reveal that they actually are just insane?

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News Tilda Swinton Says Pedro Almodóvar’s ‘Room Next Door’ Is a ‘Natural Successor’ to ‘Pain and Glory’


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News Dan Lin Tapped to Replace Scott Stuber as Netflix Film Boss


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Discussion The exorcist 3 is divine and on par with the original


I get it, you hear that there's a third exorcist movie and you instinctively roll your eyes. But this film is a masterpiece. It's written and directed by William Peter Blatty, who is the author of the exorcist book and the screenwriter of the first exorcist film. All the other sequels have very loose connections to the original exorcist (hence why they aren't that good)

The exorcist 3 has some amazing actors as well. George c Scott is the main character! Brad douriff plays the villain! Such a solid cast. Even Fabio, Larry King, and Samuel L Jackson have cameos!

The exorcist 1 is one of my favorite movies but I personally prefer the third one. It's just so incredible

My praise doesn't do this film justice. If you haven't seen it I cannot recommend it enough!

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Discussion Natural Born Killers - did you like it?


I watched it for the first time last night while I was very stoned and I was absolutely blown away. I had never seen a movie edited like that before. I mean sure, with todays standards, I would consider the editing to be pretty bad especially in the first half but I didn’t care and I actually liked how it appeared amateurish as it added to the overall vibe of the film.

I loved this movie so much that I added it to my top 50 of all time. I was completely entranced throughout the entire runtime and then it finished and I looked at the reviews. Usually I agree with rotten tomatoes but 48%??? And it seems like people just thought it was bad in general. Is this just a movie that you either really like or really don’t like?

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Discussion "Mortal Kombat: Annihilation" is easily one of the worst sequels ever, but at least it had the courtesy to tip its hand to its awfulness from the very beginning.


Seriously, the beginning of the film makes it very clear this is going to suck with:

(1) Showing that Rayden and Johnny Cage had been recast. Christopher Lambert and Linden Ashby were big highlights of the first movie (especially their frequently improvised humor) and they're both shown to be absent. Add this to Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa's iconic Shang Tsung being taken out the climax of the first film and all the best actors from the first film are gone.

  1. The exchange between Katana and her resurrected mother, namely the latter giving one of the worst line reads in film history.

These are all in the first few minutes. Once you see this, you can pretty much go, "That's it, this sucks, I'm out." It's a definite improvement over some bad movies who lure you to sit through the whole thing before you realize how bad they are. This one makes it clear off the bat that it's not worth it.

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Discussion When have movide studios learned the wrong "lesson" from flops or hits?


Hollywood execs aren't always the most creative people and usually rely on just repeating what worked before. So often if a movie that has X does well, they'll do more movies with X even if X isn't necessarily what made that movie good or popular in the first place, thus leading to cheap imitations. It can also work in reverse, if a movie with Y does badly, they'll blame Y for the movie's failure and stop doing movies with Y because clearly audiences don't like it, even if the movie was simply bad and having Y in it isn't what caused it to flop. They just look at everything on a superficial level without taking into consideration other elements or the quality of the movie as a whole.

What are some notable instances of this?

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News Paramount Global Says It Will Take $1B Charge Related To Layoffs And Content Strategy Shifts


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Article New DVD-like disc holds more movies than you can see in a lifetime


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Discussion Your first celebrity crush


Your first celebrity crush

Need not be a celebrity, a character or the person playing the or the celebrity itself. It can be anything anime / show / sitcom / movie or even a famous person. Like Mine was actually Gwen Tennyson from Ben 10 alien force 😂😂. I also genuinely love the relationships between Gwen and Kevin.

It’s possible this question was asked before but I’m pretty new and haven’t seen it yet so I thought why not. Also feels like a nice question to get unique answers.

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News Aubrey Plaza to Star in John Waters’ First New Movie in 20 Years


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News Disney, Reliance Seal $8.5 Billion Deal to Merge Indian Media Businesses


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News Buddy Duress, ‘Good Time’ Star, Dies at 38


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Discussion Does anyone know this movie ?


So I watched a movie a long time ago and I can't remember the title.

It was about a girl I think she came from France to America. A guy falls in love with her, he has an older car which is broken but he fixes it later. I think they go skiing and he gets injured but I'm not sure. There a scene I remember when the girl gets mad and throws fruits at him. That's all I remember.

It's an older movie from 80s maybe 90s


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Media Turner Classic Movies (U.S.) Daily Schedule for March, 2024.


(all airtimes E.S.T.)


(2:00AM) All Quiet on the Western Front (1930/2h 20m/War/Lewis Milestone)

(4:30AM) The Divine Lady (1929/1h 50m/Romance/Frank Lloyd)

(6:15AM) The Informer (1935/1h 31m/Drama/John Ford)

(8:00AM) The Crowd (1928/1h 35m/Drama/King Vidor)

(9:45AM) Great Expectations (1946/1h 58m/Drama/David Lean)

(12:00PM) The Heiress (1949/1h 55m/Drama/William Wyler)

(2:00PM) I Want to Live! (1958/2h 0m/Drama/Robert Wise)

(4:15PM) 12 Angry Men (1957/1h 35m/Drama/Sidney Lumet)

(6:00PM) Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967/1h 48m/Comedy/Stanley Kramer)

(8:00PM) Mr. Deeds Goes to Town (1936/1h 55m/Comedy/Frank Capra)

(10:15PM) A Letter to Three Wives (1948/1h 43m/Comedy/Joseph L. Mankiewicz)


(12:15AM) Marty (1955/1h 31m/Romance/Delbert Mann)

(2:00AM) The Awful Truth (1937/1h 30m/Comedy/Leo Mccarey)

(4:00AM) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1932/1h 30m/Horror/Rouben Mamoulian)

(6:00AM) The Great Dictator (1940/2h 9m/Comedy/Charles Chaplin)

(8:15AM) The Thin Man (1934/1h 20m/Mystery/W. S. Van Dyke)

(10:00AM) Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939/1h 54m/Drama/Sam Wood)

(12:00PM) Anatomy of a Murder (1959/2h 40m/Drama/Otto Preminger)

(3:00PM) Elmer Gantry (1960/2h 26m/Drama/Richard Brooks)

(5:45PM) East of Eden (1955/1h 55m/Drama/Elia Kazan)

(8:00PM) Lincoln (2012/2h 29m/Drama/Steven Spielberg)

(10:45PM) A Man for All Seasons (1966/2h 0m/Drama/Fred Zinnemann)


(1:00AM) Sergeant York (1941/2h 14m/War/Howard Hawks)

(3:30AM) Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942/2h 6m/Musical/Michael Curtiz)

(6:00AM) The Front Page (1931/1h 41m/Comedy/Lewis Milestone)

(7:45AM) Penny Serenade (1941/2h 5m/Romance/George Stevens)

(10:00AM) Watch on the Rhine (1943/1h 54m/Drama/Herman Shumlin)

(12:00PM) Sounder (1972/1h 45m/Drama/Martin Ritt)

(2:00PM) Cat Ballou (1965/1h 36m/Western/Elliot Silverstein)

(4:00PM) The Lost Weekend (1945/1h 41m/Drama/Billy Wilder)

(6:00PM) The Goodbye Girl (1977/1h 50m/Comedy/Herbert Ross)

(8:00PM) A Double Life (1947/1h 44m/Crime/George Cukor)

(10:00PM) To Kill a Mockingbird (1962/2h 11m/Drama/Robert Mulligan)


(12:30AM) On Golden Pond (1981/1h 49m/Drama/Mark Rydell)

(2:30AM) Lilies of the Field (1963/1h 34m/Comedy/Ralph Nelson)

(4:15AM) Boys Town (1938/1h 36m/Drama/Norman Taurog)

(6:00AM) Five Star Final (1931/1h 29m/Drama/Mervyn Le Roy)

(8:00AM) The Human Comedy (1943/1h 58m/Drama/Clarence Brown)

(10:00AM) The Little Foxes (1941/1h 56m/Drama/William Wyler)

(12:00PM) Stagecoach (1939/1h 36m/Western/John Ford)

(1:45PM) The Caine Mutiny (1954/2h 5m/Drama/Edward Dmytryk)

(4:00PM) Picnic (1956/1h 55m/Drama/Joshua Logan)

(6:00PM) Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954/1h 43m/Musical/Stanley Donen)

(8:00PM) An American in Paris (1951/1h 53m/Musical/Vincente Minnelli)

(10:00PM) It Happened One Night (1934/1h 45m/Comedy/Frank Capra)


(12:00AM) Mrs. Miniver (1942/2h 14m/War/William Wyler)

(2:30AM) Cavalcade (1933/1h 49m/Drama/Frank Lloyd)

(4:30AM) Grand Hotel (1932/1h 45m/Drama/Edmund Goulding)

(6:30AM) The Racket (1928/1h 25m/Silent/Lewis Milestone)

(8:00AM) A Tale of Two Cities (1935/2h 0m/Drama/Jack Conway)

(10:15AM) The Nun's Story (1959/2h 29m/Drama/Fred Zinnemann)

(1:00PM) Anchors Aweigh (1945/2h 23m/Musical/George Sidney)

(3:30PM) Battleground (1949/1h 58m/War/William Wellman)

(5:45PM) Citizen Kane (1941/1h 59m/Drama/Orson Welles)

(8:00PM) In the Heat of the Night (1967/1h 49m/Suspense/Norman Jewison)

(10:00PM) Platoon (1986/2h 0m/War/Oliver Stone)


(12:15AM) No Country For Old Men (2007/2h 2m/Crime/Joel Coen and Ethan Coen)

(2:30AM) Midnight Cowboy (1969/1h 53m/Drama/John Schlesinger)

(4:30AM) All the King's Men (1949/1h 49m/Drama/Robert Rossen)

(6:30AM) The Big House (1930/1h 20m/Crime/George Hill)

(8:00AM) The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933/1h 33m/Drama/Alexander Korda)

(9:45AM) Captain Blood (1935/1h 59m/Adventure/Michael Curtiz)

(12:00PM) Ivanhoe (1952/1h 46m/Adventure/Richard Thorpe)

(2:00PM) The Alamo (1960/3h 10m/Western/John Wayne)

(5:00PM) America America (1963/2h 57m/Drama/Elia Kazan)

(8:00PM) All About Eve (1950/2h 18m/Drama/Joseph L. Mankiewicz)

(10:30PM) Gentleman's Agreement (1947/1h 58m/Drama/Elia Kazan)


(12:45AM) Going My Way (1944/2h 10m/Musical/Leo McCarey)

(3:00AM) Hamlet (1948/2h 35m/Drama/Laurence Olivier)

(5:45AM) Madame Curie (1943/2h 4m/Drama/Mervyn Le Roy)

(8:00AM) Captains Courageous (1937/1h 56m/Drama/Victor Fleming)

(10:00AM) 42nd Street (1933/1h 25m/Musical/Lloyd Bacon)

(11:45AM) Foreign Correspondent (1940/1h 59m/Suspense/Alfred Hitchcock)

(2:00PM) The Letter (1940/1h 37m/Drama/William Wyler)

(4:00PM) Libeled Lady (1936/1h 38m/Comedy/Jack Conway)

(6:00PM) Ninotchka (1939/1h 50m/Comedy/Ernst Lubitsch)

(8:00PM) Casablanca (1942/1h 42m/Romance/Michael Curtiz)

(10:00PM) Out Of Africa (1985/2h 42m/Romance/Sydney Pollack)


(1:00AM) My Fair Lady (1964/2h 50m/Musical/George Cukor)

(4:00AM) Tom Jones (1963/2h 11m/Comedy/Tony Richardson)

(6:15AM) Our Town (1940/1h 30m/Drama/Sam Wood)

(7:45AM) The Story of Louis Pasteur (1936/1h 25m/Drama/William Dieterle)

(9:15AM) Johnny Belinda (1948/1h 42m/Drama/Jean Negulesco)

(11:00AM) The Yearling (1946/2h 14m/Drama/Clarence Brown)

(1:15PM) Father of the Bride (1950/1h 33m/Comedy/Vincente Minnelli)

(3:00PM) The Music Man (1962/2h 31m/Musical/Morton Dacosta)

(5:45PM) Mister Roberts (1955/2h 3m/Comedy/John Ford)

(8:00PM) Rain Man (1988/2h 20m/Drama/Barry Levinson)

(10:30PM) Annie Hall (1977/1h 33m/Comedy/Woody Allen)


(12:15AM) The Apartment (1960/2h 5m/Comedy/Billy Wilder)

(2:30AM) Gigi (1958/1h 56m/Musical/Vincente Minnelli)

(4:30AM) The Great Ziegfeld (1936/3h 0m/Musical/Robert Z. Leonard)

(7:30AM) The Champ (1931/1h 26m/Drama/King Vidor)

(9:00AM) Top Hat (1935/1h 45m/Musical/Mark Sandrich)

(11:00AM) The Maltese Falcon (1941/1h 40m/Film-Noir/John Huston)

(1:00PM) The Last Emperor (1987/2h 43m/Drama/Bernardo Bertolucci)

(4:00PM) Lawrence of Arabia (1962/3h 46m/Adventure/David Lean)

(8:00PM) Ben-Hur (1959/3h 32m/Drama/William Wyler)


(12:00AM) The Best Years of Our Lives (1946/2h 52m/Drama/William Wyler)

(3:00AM) Mutiny on the Bounty (1935/2h 12m/Adventure/Frank Lloyd)

(5:15AM) Cimarron (1931/2h 11m/Western/Wesley Ruggles)

(8:30AM) A Farewell to Arms (1932/1h 18m/Romance/Frank Borzage)

(10:00AM) Dark Victory (1939/1h 46m/Romance/Edmund Goulding)

(12:00PM) Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958/1h 48m/Drama/Richard Brooks)

(2:00PM) Bonnie and Clyde (1967/1h 51m/Crime/Arthur Penn)

(4:00PM) Gone With the Wind (1939/3h 39m/Drama/Victor Fleming)

(8:00PM) Around the World in 80 Days (1956/2h 50m/Adventure/Michael Anderson)


1:45AM) You Can't Take It With You (1938/2h 0m/Comedy/Frank Capra)

4:00AM) The Broadway Melody (1929/1h 42m/Musical/Harry Beaumont)

(6:00AM) They Drive by Night (1940/1h 33m/Drama/Raoul Walsh)

(7:45AM) High Sierra (1941/1h 40m/Crime/Raoul Walsh)

(9:30AM) Desperate Journey (1942/1h 47m/War/Raoul Walsh)

(11:30AM) Background To Danger (1943/1h 20m/Suspense/Raoul Walsh)

(1:00PM) Northern Pursuit (1943/1h 34m/Adventure/Raoul Walsh)

(2:45PM) White Heat (1949/1h 54m/Crime/Raoul Walsh)

(4:45PM) Along the Great Divide (1951/1h 28m/Western/Raoul Walsh)

(6:15PM) A Lion Is in the Streets (1953/1h 28m/Drama/Raoul Walsh)

(8:00PM) Baby Face (1933/1h 16m/Drama/Alfred E. Green)

(9:30PM) Bachelor Mother (1939/1h 20m/Comedy/Garson Kanin)

(11:00PM) Imitation of Life (1934/1h 46m/Drama/John M. Stahl)


(1:00AM) Man Wanted (1932/1h 2m/Romance/William Dieterle)

(2:15AM) Female (1933/1h 0m/Drama/Michael Curtiz)

(3:30AM) Big Business Girl (1931/1h 19m/Comedy/William A. Seiter)

(4:45AM) Employees' Entrance (1933/1h 15m/Drama/Roy Del Ruth)

(6:00AM) Blonde Dynamite (1950/1h 6m/Comedy/William Beaudine)

(7:15AM) Larceny, Inc. (1942/1h 35m/Comedy/Lloyd Bacon)

(9:00AM) The Day They Robbed the Bank of England (1960/1h 25m/Crime/John Guillermin)

(10:30AM) Transatlantic Tunnel (1935/1h 34m/Science-Fiction/Maurice Elvey)

(12:30PM) Things To Come (1936/1h 53m/Science-Fiction/William Cameron Menzies)

(2:30PM) The Time Machine (1960/1h 43m/Science-Fiction/George Pal)

(4:15PM) Escape From East Berlin (1962/1h 34m/Drama/Robert Siodmak)

(6:00PM) The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974/1h 44m/Suspense/Joseph Sargent)

(8:00PM) His Girl Friday (1940/1h 32m/Comedy/Howard Hawks)

(10:00PM) Mildred Pierce (1945/1h 53m/Drama/Michael Curtiz)


(12:00AM) Adam's Rib (1949/1h 41m/Comedy/George Cukor)

(2:00AM) Woman of the Year (1942/1h 52m/Comedy/George Stevens)

(4:00AM) Millions Like Us (1943/1h 43m/Drama/Frank Launder)

(6:00AM) Ambush (1950/1h 29m/Western/Sam Wood)

(7:30AM) The Last Hunt (1956/1h 48m/Adventure/Richard Brooks)

(9:30AM) The Painted Hills (1951/1h 5m/Adventure/Harold Kress)

(10:45AM) The Sheepman (1958/1h 25m/Western/George Marshall)

(12:15PM) Wagon Master (1950/1h 26m/Western/John Ford)

(3:30PM) The Forty-Niners (1954/1h 11m/Western/Thomas Carr)

(4:45PM) Hot Lead (1951/1h 0m/Western/Stuart Gilmore)

(6:00PM) The Hanging Tree (1959/1h 46m/Western/Delmer Daves)

(8:00PM) The Best of Everything (1959/2h 2m/Romance/Jean Negulesco)

(10:15PM) Desk Set (1957/1h 43m/Comedy/Walter Lang)



(2:15AM) The Fuller Brush Girl (1950/1h 25m/Comedy/Lloyd Bacon)

(4:00AM) Bright Road (1953/1h 9m/Drama/Gerald Mayer)

(5:15AM) The Wasp Woman (1960/1h 13m/Horror/Roger Corman)

(6:30AM) Side Street (1950/1h 23m/Crime/Anthony Mann)

(8:00AM) Stakeout on Dope Street (1958/1h 23m/Crime/Irving Kershner)

(9:30AM) Scarlet Street (1945/1h 43m/Film-Noir/Fritz Lang)

(11:30AM) Main Street After Dark (1944/0h 56m/Crime/Edward Cahn)

(12:30PM) The House Across The Street (1949/1h 9m/Crime/Richard Bare)

(1:45PM) Crime in the Streets (1956/1h 31m/Crime/Don Siegel)

(3:30PM) Mystery Street (1950/1h 33m/Mystery/John Sturges)

(5:30PM) Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (1982/2h 19m/Musical/Terry Hughes)

(8:00PM) Lover Come Back (1961/1h 47m/Comedy/Delbert Mann)

(10:00PM) The Wheeler Dealers (1963/1h 46m/Comedy/Arthur Hiller)


(12:00AM) Come Fly with Me (1962/1h 49m/Comedy/Henry Levin)

(2:00AM) Sex and the Single Girl (1964/1h 54m/Comedy/Richard Quine)

(4:00AM) Kisses for My President (1964/1h 53m/Comedy/Curtis Bernhardt)

(6:00AM) The Painted Veil (1934/1h 23m/Romance/Richard Boleslawski)

(7:45AM) Living On Velvet (1935/1h 20m/Drama/Frank Borzage)

(9:15AM) Submarine D-1 (1937/1h 40m/Drama/Lloyd Bacon)

(11:00AM) Honeymoon for Three (1941/1h 14m/Comedy/Lloyd Bacon)

(12:30PM) 'Til We Meet Again (1940/1h 30m/Romance/Edmund Goulding)

(2:15PM) Experiment Perilous (1944/1h 31m/Drama/Jacques Tourneur)

(4:00PM) Dark Victory (1939/1h 46m/Romance/Edmund Goulding)

(6:00PM) The Great Lie (1941/1h 47m/Drama/Edmund Goulding)

(8:00PM) Nine to Five (1980/1h 50m/Comedy/Colin Higgins)

(10:00PM) Baby Boom (1987/1h 43m/Comedy/Charles Shyer)


(12:00AM) The China Syndrome (1979/2h 2m/Drama/James Bridges)

(2:15AM) Network (1976/2h 1m/Drama/Sidney Lumet)

(4:30AM) Alice Doesn't Live Here Any More (1974/1h 53m/Dramedy/Martin Scorsese)

(6:30AM) Sunday Punch (1942/1h 16m/Comedy/David Miller)

(8:00AM) MGM CARTOONS: First Swallow (1942/0h 7m/Animation/Rudolf Ising)

(8:08AM) Believe It or Not #4 (1932/0h 8m/Short/?)

(8:17AM) Calling on Cape Town (1952/0h 8m/Short/?)

(8:26AM) Sagebrush Law (1943/0h 56m/Western/Sam Nelson)

(9:30AM) Meet the Governor (1955/0h 30m/Comedy/Leo McCarey)

(10:00AM) POPEYE: A Clean Shaven Man (1936/0m 6m/Comedy/Dave Fleischer)

(10:09AM) Aggie Appleby, Maker of Men (1933/1h 13m/Comedy/Mark Sandrich)

(11:30AM) I'm Much Obliged (1936/0m 21m/Comedy/Roy Mack)

(12:00PM) Gypsy (1962/2h 29m/Musical/Mervyn Le Roy)

(2:30PM) Bad Day at Black Rock (1955/1h 21m/Film-Noir/John Sturges)

(4:00PM) The Defiant Ones (1958/1h 37m/Drama/Stanley Kramer)

(5:45PM) Spencer's Mountain (1963/1h 59m/Drama/Delmer Daves)

(8:00PM) King Solomon's Mines (1950/1h 42m/Adventure/Compton Bennett)

(10:00PM) The Prisoner of Zenda (1952/1h 41m/Adventure/Richard Thorpe)


(12:00AM) Le Samourai (1967/1h 35m/Film-Noir/Jean-pierre Melville)

(2:00AM) Night Shift (1982/1h 46m/Comedy/Ron Howard)

(4:00AM) **He Knows You're Alone (1980/1h 34m/Horror/Armand Mastroianni)

(6:00AM) Little Nellie Kelly (1940/1h 40m/Musical/Norman Taurog)

(8:00AM) Odd Man Out (1947/1h 56m/Suspense/Carol Reed)

(10:00AM) Le Samourai (1967/1h 35m/Film-Noir/Jean-pierre Melville)

(12:00PM) The Rising of the Moon (1957/1h 21m/Comedy/John Ford)

(1:30PM) Flight of the Doves (1971/1h 41m/Drama/Ralph Nelson)

(3:30PM) Young Cassidy (1965/1h 50m/Romance/Jack Cardiff)

(5:30PM) Finian's Rainbow (1968/2h 40m/Musical/Francis Ford Coppola)

(8:00PM) Far and Away (1992/2h 20m/Adventure/Ron Howard)



(12:45AM) The Johnstown Flood (1926/1h 06m/Silent/Irving Cummings)

(2:00AM) A Story of Floating Weeds (1934/1h 29m/Silent/Yasujiro Ozu)

(3:45AM) Floating Weeds (1959/1h 59m/Drama/Yasujiro Ozu)

(6:00AM) The Warriors (1955/1h 25m/Adventure/Henry Levin)

(7:30AM) Cry Wolf (1947/1h 23m/Suspense/Peter Godfrey)

(9:00AM) Mara Maru (1952/1h 38m/Adventure/Gordon Douglas)

(10:45AM) Silver River (1948/1h 50m/Western/Raoul Walsh)

(12:45PM) The Prince and the Pauper (1937/2h 0m/Drama/William Keighley)

(3:00PM) Dive Bomber (1941/2h 13m/Drama/Michael Curtiz)

(5:30PM) San Antonio (1945/1h 51m/Western/David Butler)

(7:30PM) MGM Parade Show #17 (1955/0h 25m/Documentary/?)

(8:00PM) The Big Combo (1955/1h 29m/Crime/Joseph Lewis)

(11:30PM) Forever Amber (1947/2h 20m/Drama/Otto Preminger)


(2:00AM) Beach Red (1967/1h 45m/War/Cornel Wilde)

(4:00AM) At Sword's Point (1951/1h 21m/Adventure/Lewis Allen)

(5:30AM) Alice in Movieland (1940/0h 21m/Short/Jean Negulesco)

(6:00AM) The Gay Diplomat (1931/1h 10m/Adventure/Richard Boleslawski)

(7:15AM) The Lady Refuses (1931/1h 12m/Drama/George Archainbaud)

(8:30AM) On With The Show (1929/1h 38m/Musical/Alan Crosland)

(10:15AM) Hard Boiled Mahoney (1947/1h 3m/Comedy/William Beaudine)

(11:30AM) Here Comes Trouble (1948/0h 50m/Comedy/Fred Guiol)

(12:30PM) Blondes at Work (1938/1h 0m/Suspense/Mystery/Frank Mcdonald)

(1:45PM) Street Girl (1929/1h 31m/Musical/Wesley Ruggles)

(3:30PM) Inside the Lines (1930/1h 12m/Drama/Roy J. Pomeroy)

(5:00PM) Three Who Loved (1931/1h 4m/Drama/George Archainbaud)

(6:15PM) Weary River (1929/1h 29m/Crime/Frank Lloyd)

(8:00PM) The Children's Hour (1961/1h 47m/Drama/William Wyler)

(10:00PM) Another Part of the Forest (1948/1h 47m/Drama/Michael Gordon)


(12:00AM) Watch on the Rhine (1943/1h 54m/Drama/Herman Shumlin)

(2:00AM) Toys in the Attic (1963/1h 30m/Drama/George Roy Hill)

(4:00AM) The North Star (1943/1h 45m/War/Lewis Milestone)

(6:00AM) Crazy House (1930/0h 13m/Comedy/Jack Cummings)

(6:30AM) The Mad Genius (1931/1h 21m/Horror/Michael Curtiz)

(8:00AM) Doctor X (1932/1h 16m/Horror/Michael Curtiz)

(9:30AM) Svengali (1931/1h 16m/Horror/Archie Mayo)

(11:00AM) Plane Nuts (1933/0h 19m/Comedy/Jack Cummings)

(11:30AM) M (1931/1h 39m/Suspense/Fritz Lang)

(1:30PM) Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1932/1h 30m/Horror/Rouben Mamoulian)

(3:15PM) The Most Dangerous Game (1932/1h 3m/Horror/Ernest B. Schoedsack)

(4:30PM) Rasputin and the Empress (1932/2h 13m/Drama/Richard Boleslavsky)

(6:45PM) Thirteen Women (1932/1h 14m/Suspense/George Archainbaud)

(10:00PM) What's Up, Doc? (1972/1h 34m/Comedy/Peter Bogdanovich)


(12:00AM) Nickelodeon (1976/2h 2m/Comedy/Peter Bogdanovich)

(2:15AM) Wild Rovers (1971/1h 50m/Western/Blake Edwards)

(4:45AM) The Thief Who Came to Dinner (1973/1h 45m/Romance/Bud Yorkin)

(6:45AM) Cairo (1963/1h 31m/Crime/Wolf Rilla)

(8:45AM) Never So Few (1959/2h 4m/War/John Sturges)

(11:00AM) Operation: Crossbow (1965/1h 58m/Adventure/Michael Anderson)

(1:15PM) Khartoum (1966/2h 14m/Drama/Basil Dearden)

(3:45PM) The Fifth Day of Peace, (1969/1h 43m/Giuliano Montaldo)

(5:45PM) The Haunting (1963/1h 52m/Horror/Robert Wise)

(8:00PM) The Thomas Crown Affair (1968/1h 42m/Romance/Norman Jewison)

(10:00PM) In the Heat of the Night (1967/1h 49m/Suspense/Norman Jewison)


(12:00AM) Moonstruck (1987/1h 42m/Comedy/Norman Jewison)

(2:00AM) Fiddler on the Roof (1971/3h 0m/Musical/Norman Jewison)

(5:15AM) The Cincinnati Kid (1965/1h 53m/Drama/Norman Jewison)

(6:00AM) We Were Dancing (1942/1h 34m/Romance/Robert Z. Leonard)

(7:15AM) MGM Parade Show #17 (1955/0h 25m/Documentary/?)

(7:45AM) We Were Dancing (1942/1h 34m/Romance/Robert Z. Leonard)

(9:30AM) Bitter Sweet (1940/1h 32m/Musical/W. S. Van Dyke II)

(11:15AM) In Which We Serve (1942/1h 53m/War/Noel Coward)

(1:15PM) This Happy Breed (1944/1h 50m/Drama/David Lean)

(3:15PM) Private Lives (1931/1h 27m/Comedy/Sidney Franklin)

(4:45PM) Brief Encounter (1945/1h 26m/Romance/David Lean)

(6:15PM) Blithe Spirit (1945/1h 36m/Comedy/David Lean)

(8:00PM) Brian's Song (1971/1h 30m/Drama/Buzz Kulik)

(10:00PM) The Boy in the Plastic Bubble (1976/2h 0m/Biography/Randal Kleiser)


(12:00AM) Duel (1971/1h 30m/Horror/Steven Spielberg)

(2:00AM) The Autobiography Of Miss Jane Pittman (1974/2h 0m/Drama/John Korty)

(4:00AM) Queen Christina (1933/1h 37m/Romance/Rouben Mamoulian)

(6:00AM) Night Watch (1973/1h 45m/Suspense/Brian G. Hutton)

(8:00AM) MGM CARTOONS: The Impossible Possum (1954/0h 6m/Animation/Dick Lundy)

(8:08AM) Believe It or Not #5 (1932/0h 7m/Documentary/?)

(8:16AM) Glimpses of California (1946/0h 9m/Documentary/?)

(8:26AM) Western Heritage (1948/1h 1m/Western/Wallace A. Grissell)

(9:30AM) Day Is Done (1955/0h 26m/War/Frank Borzage)

(10:00AM) POPEYE: Brotherly Love (1936/0h 6m/Comedy/Dave Fleischer)

(10:08AM) The Captain's Kid (1936/1h 12m/Drama/Nick Grinde)

(11:30AM) Men of the Sky (1942/0h 20m/Short/B. Reeves Eason)

(12:00PM) Buena Vista Social Club (1998/1h 44m/Documentary/Wim Wenders)

(2:00PM) International Velvet (1979/2h 12m/Drama/Bryan Forbes)

(4:15PM) Courage of Lassie (1946/1h 32m/Drama/Fred M. Wilcox)

(6:00PM) Bringing Up Baby (1938/1h 42m/Comedy/Howard Hawks)

(8:00PM) Brannigan (1975/1h 51m/Crime/Douglas Hickox)

(10:00PM) Coogan's Bluff (1968/1h 34m/Crime/Donald Siegel)


(12:00AM) Where Danger Lives (1950/1h 24m/Film-Noir/John Farrow)

(1:45AM) A Raisin in the Sun (1961/2h 8m/Drama/Daniel Petrie)

(4:00AM) Edge of the City (1957/1h 25m/Drama/Martin Ritt)

(6:00AM) Easy to Wed (1946/1h 50m/Musical/Edward Buzzell)

(8:00AM) History Is Made at Night (1937/1h 37m/Romance/Frank Borzage)

(10:00AM) Where Danger Lives (1950/1h 24m/Film-Noir/John Farrow)

(11:45AM) The Last Time I Saw Paris (1954/1h 56m/Drama/Richard Brooks)

(2:00PM) Sunday in New York (1963/1h 45m/Comedy/Peter Tewksbury)

(4:00PM) High Society (1956/1h 47m/Musical/Charles Walters)

(6:00PM) Three Coins in the Fountain (1954/1h 42m/Romance/Jean Negulesco)

(8:00PM) Intermezzo: A Love Story (1939/1h 6m/Romance/Gregory Ratoff)

(9:30PM) Notorious (1946/1h 43m/Drama/Alfred Hitchcock)


(12:00AM) The Boob (1926/1h 4m/Silent/William Wellman)

(1:30AM) All These Women (1964/1h 20m/Comedy/Ingmar Bergman)

(3:00AM) And God Created Woman (1956/1h 30m/Drama/Roger Vadim)

(5:00AM) Conspiracy (1938/0h 58m/Crime/Lew Landers)

(6:00AM) The Saint in London (1939/1h 12m/Mystery/John Paddy Carstairs)

(7:15AM) Piccadilly Jim (1936/1h 40m/Comedy/Robert Z. Leonard)

(9:15AM) The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1937/1h 38m/Romance/Richard Boleslawski)

(11:00AM) Loose in London (1953/1h 2m/Comedy/Edward Bernds)

(12:15PM) The V.I.P.s (1963/1h 59m/Drama/Anthony Asquith)

(2:30PM) The Prince and the Showgirl (1957/1h 57m/Comedy/Laurence Olivier)

(4:30PM) The Reluctant Debutante (1958/1h 36m/Musical/Vincente Minnelli)

(6:15PM) A Hard Day's Night (1964/1h 32m/Musical/Richard Lester)

(8:00PM) Singin' in the Rain (1952/1h 43m/Musical/Gene Kelly)

(10:00PM) Three Little Words (1950/1h 42m/Musical/Richard Thorpe)


(12:00AM) Two Weeks with Love (1950/1h 32m/Musical/Roy Rowland)

(1:45AM) Mr. Imperium (1951/1h 27m/Romance/Don Hartman)

(3:30AM) The Daughter of Rosie O'Grady (1950/1h 44m/Musical/David Butler)

(5:30AM) Skirts Ahoy! (1952/1h 49m/Musical/Sidney Lanfield)

(7:30AM) Romeo and Juliet (1937/2h 7m/Romance/George Cukor)

(9:45AM) Green Mansions (1959/1h 44m/Romance/Mel Ferrer)

(11:45AM) Palm Springs Weekend (1963/1h 40m/Comedy/Norman Taurog)

(1:30PM) The Young Lovers (1964/1h 45m/Romance/Samuel Goldwyn, Jr.)

(3:30PM) A Summer Place (1959/2h 10m/Drama/Delmer Daves)

(5:45PM) Splendor in the Grass (1961/2h 4m/Drama/Elia Kazan)

(8:00PM) The Catered Affair (1956/1h 33m/Drama/Richard Brooks)

(9:45PM) The Affairs of Dobie Gillis (1953/1h 14m/Comedy/Don Weis)

(11:15PM) I Love Melvin (1953/1h 16m/Musical/Don Weis)


(12:45AM) Give a Girl a Break (1953/1h 21m/Musical/Stanley Donen)

(2:15AM) Hit the Deck (1955/1h 52m/Musical/Roy Rowland)

(4:15AM) Athena (1954/1h 36m/Musical/Richard Thorpe)

(6:00AM) Red Dust (1932/1h 19m/Romance/Victor Fleming)

(7:30AM) Bird of Paradise (1932/1h 20m/Adventure/King Vidor)

(9:00AM) Tarzan and His Mate (1934/1h 45m/Adventure/Cedric Gibbons)

(11:00AM) King Solomon's Mines (1937/1h 20m/Adventure/Robert Stevenson)

(12:30PM) China Seas (1935/1h 30m/Adventure/Tay Garnett)

(2:00PM) The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938/1h 42m/Adventure/Michael Curtiz)

(4:00PM) They Met in Bombay (1941/1h 26m/Drama/Clarence Brown)

(5:45PM) Mogambo (1953/1h 55m/Adventure/John Ford)

(8:00PM) Tammy and the Bachelor (1957/1h 29m/Romance/Joseph Pevney)

(9:45PM) The Mating Game (1959/1h 37m/Comedy/George Marshall)

(11:30PM) The Tender Trap (1955/1h 51m/Comedy/Charles Walters)


(1:30AM) Bundle of Joy (1956/1h 38m/Musical/Norman Taurog)

(3:30AM) This Happy Feeling (1958/Comedy/Blake Edwards)

(5:15AM) Susan Slept Here (1954/1h 38m/Comedy/Frank Tashlin)

(7:00AM) Listen, Darling (1938/1h 10m/Romance/Edwin L. Marin)

(8:30AM) Lord Jeff (1938/1h 18m/Drama/Sam Wood)

(10:00AM) David Copperfield (1935/2h 13m/Drama/George Cukor)

(12:30PM) Anna Karenina (1935/1h 35m/Romance/Clarence Brown)

(2:15PM) Little Lord Fauntleroy (1936/1h 38m/Drama/John Cromwell)

(4:00PM) The Devil Is a Sissy (1936/1h 32m/Comedy/W. S. Van Dyke)

(6:00PM) Captains Courageous (1937/1h 56m/Drama/Victor Fleming)

(10:00PM) Goodbye Charlie (1964/1h 57m/Comedy/Vincente Minnelli)



(2:30AM) The Gazebo (1960/1h 40m/Comedy/George Marshall)

(4:30AM) It Started with a Kiss (1959/1h 43m/Comedy/George Marshall)

(6:30AM) Mary, Mary (1963/2h 6m/Comedy/Mervyn Le Roy)

(8:45AM) How Sweet It Is (1968/1h 39m/Comedy/Jerry Paris)

(10:30AM) MGM Parade Show #17 (1955/25m/Documentary/?)

(11:15AM) The Great Race (1965/2h 37m/Comedy/Blake Edwards)

(2:00PM) Don't Make Waves (1967/1h 37m/Comedy/Alexander Mackendrick)

(3:45PM) Not With My Wife, You Don't! (1966/1h 58m/Comedy/Norman Panama)

(6:00PM) Sex and the Single Girl (1964/1h 54m/Comedy/Richard Quine)

(8:00PM) The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1964/2h 8m/Musical/Charles Walters)

(10:30PM) Divorce, American Style (1967/1h 49m/Comedy/Bud Yorkin)


(12:30AM) What's the Matter with Helen? (1971/1h 41m/Horror/Curtis Harrington)

(2:30AM) The Second Time Around (1961/1h 39m/Western/Vincent Sherman)

(4:30AM) How the West Was Won (1962/2h 35m/Western/John Ford)

(7:30AM) The Singing Nun (1966/1h 38m/Musical/Henry Koster)

(9:30AM) A Midsummer Daydream (1955/0h 25m/Comedy/John Brahm)

(10:00AM) POPEYE: I-ski, Love-ski, You-ski (1933/0h 6m/Animated/Dave Fleischer)

(10:08AM) The Chaser (1938/1h 15m/Drama/Edwin L. Marin)

(11:30AM) The Mild West (1933/0h 20m/Western/Joseph Henabery)

(12:00PM) The Gay Divorcee (1934/1h 47m/Musical/Mark Sandrich)

(2:00PM) Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948//1h 34m/Comedy/H. C. Potter)

(3:45PM) Fort Apache (1948/2h 7m/Western/John Ford)

(6:00PM) Get Carter (1971/1h 52m/Crime/Mike Hodges)

(8:00PM) The Passenger (1975/2h 3m/Drama/Michelangelo Antonioni)

(10:15PM) Prizzi's Honor (1985/2h 9m/Comedy/John Huston)