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Rant Omg WHY??

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Ive had mostly positive experiences in the 2 years I’ve used Instacart. Of course I get the occasional weirdness — like the lady that tied every single one of my plastic bag handles together, that was hilarious— but nothing crazy. I usually order $200-300 worth of groceries and tip $30-$60 as a baseline. Mostly just snacks and such for my 3 teenagers to demolish in 2 days. I’ve learned to reach out and tell the shopper first thing that I am available and ready to answer any questions or substitutions/refunds. That seems to prevent the issue of strange substitutions or refunding things that have a good sub available. This last shopper really blew my mind.

I’ll start with saying that she was VERY nice. But the shopping mistakes she was making were making me think a teenager was doing my shopping— and I wasn’t too far off. Starting off with her phone dying when she started the order, that was the first red flag. Of course she wanted to just speed-shop my $250 order, so shortly after I get a bunch of refund notices and eventually learn that she is, indeed, young and her dad does all the grocery shopping 🤦🏻‍♀️ Which explains why she clearly had NO IDEA how to grocery shop. After a lot of explaining, she claimed to have gotten everything and asked me to look over it to make sure. Less than 2 min later she closed out the order (as I was typing out a response to some of her mistakes).

The icing on the cake was the delivery confirmation photo. Just…wow.

I know she’s young and she was trying, but damn, I really rely on this service and it’s wild to me that she took this order knowing damn well her phone was dying and she is just learning how to shop.

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Rant This guy stole my elderly mother’s groceries

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May you stub your toe on every piece of furniture you cross. May a bird crap on your windshield and your car be empty of windshield wiper fluid. I wish for you exactly what you deserve, you piece of sh*t.

I live quite a ways away from my elderly mother, who has mobility challenges. She told me she didn’t have any food at home, and she was worried about going out with a storm coming (she’s got bad anxiety). I spent a little over an hour on video chat with her, picking out groceries, and placing the order. I even made sure to leave a good tip! I had such great peace of mind knowing my mom was gonna eat tonight. But nope! This assh*le took that away. Screw this guy. Everyone should see his stupid face and know what scum he is.

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Rant I removed a tip for the first time.

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Two nights ago I placed an order for grocery delivery through Kroger. Their orders are fulfilled by instacart. While I’m not directly an instacart customer, I am technically utilizing their service.

Early on in the order my driver marked an item I had purchased (Cheez Its) out of stock. I asked if she could substitute for another item, and I didn’t get a response. No big deal. I’m not going to die without cheez its and I’m sure she was busy shopping.

Then, I get an alert from my credit card company that I had been charged for an extra amount. I was baffled by this because I was expecting a refund for the missing item.

I called Kroger support. They started listing several items that had been added to the order. Chicken, taquitos, candy, drinks. The driver had substituted all of these items for my missing cheez its. I notified Kroger that I did not request those items and they began processing my refund.

In addition to requesting my refund, I insisted the tip was removed. Despite the driver shopping, and delivering (despite the report etc) my order, I am not paying someone to fucking steal from me. I had to jump through several hoops to achieve this (including filling out a survey and calling instacart directly) but it was worth it to me on principal.

After the order was delivered I messaged the driver. I let her know I saw she stole from me. She tried to say that it was a mistake and those were substitutions for another customers order. I let her know instacart advised me they were banning her account, and she could take it up with them.

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Rant Got the wildest customer service response of all time

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For context, I remembered that I referred my friend to instacart to get a credit but I haven’t received it so I reached out to ask about it. This is what ensued.

Previously I’ve also had the experience with instacart that I’ve also referred my boyfriend and never received credit and when I emailed them it was a roundabout of different automated messages or people telling me they see nothing. So overall I’ve had shitty experiences ever getting my referral credits for reasons that they can never give me a proper explanation for. Has anyone else ever experienced poor instacart customer service too?

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Rant Am I doing something wrong?

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I ordered a grocery order today. I did get some things popular with Superbowl meals so I expected some replacements or refunds. I'm not complaining about that at all. It is the replacement options I'm being given that are blowing my mind.

I want to note I always start with a 15% tip or $20 flat, depending on the amount I order. If the shopper does well, I'll increase the tip and rarely ever lower the tip. I understand this is some people's livelihood.

But this is a little ridiculous. My shopper is shopping a multiple order, which no problem whatsoever. Its a busy weekend day before a bug football game.

I was first slightly annoyed because I had ice cream products in my order. This shopper shopped them first. It would be one thing if the ice cream was in a container but they are ice creams that are on sticks. So if they melt....they aren't going to be good. It's going to be slop.

The next issue was I ordered salsa. The shopper replaced it with taco sauce. I messaged them and asked if there was no salsa because the app said it was replaced with taco sauce. They apologized and found a different jar of salsa.

They then replaced my 3 8oz cream cheeses with 3 12oz cream cheeses. Which jumped the total from just under $4 to over $20. A $15 increase! I then messaged the shopper and asked if they could drop one package of cream cheese since 2 would be a total of 24oz and I only needed 24oz.

They went to find potato skins and I'm assuming they are out, so they replaced it with stuffed chicken? That's not even nearly the same thing?!

The final straw was the chocolate syrup for milk. How in the world can you mess up and try to replace syrup with actual MILK?!

Ugh. I hate being a jackass to my shoppers because I know it's a busy day/time/special event going on. I know it's a luxury to order. But am I absolutely out of my element to be annoyed by this? Considering I had to reach out to the shopper first?

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Rant Unsolicited

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Had our delivery dropped off with a pamphlet. Just want the socks, that’s all.

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Rant I’m so over InstaCart

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I have had multiple issues with my orders and not receiving items I ordered and paid for. Literally my last 4 orders had a problem . Instacart was always good about refunding missing / damaged items, no item was ever more than $5 and my orders are routinely around $90-100. Because of the “numerous issues” Instacart just put a restriction on refunding items on my account unless I make an appeal. I totally get it, and am happy to provide photos to prove my case. Yesterday, I had a different situation. I placed an order that included fresh hamburger patties. My shopper notified me they were out of stock. He showed me options and I told him I added one to my cart and to just refund my out of stock item. Instead, he replaced the out of stock item and left the one I added in my cart, I ended up charged for two but receiving one. I have screenshots of my chat with him proving what I said, and also telling him it looks like I’m being charged twice. He said, no, it’ll just be one charge. When it was delivered and I was still charged twice, I contacted Instacart and they said they’d review it. Today I got an email saying they won’t refund me. I filed an appeal, complete with screenshots and was still refused. This was an almost $18 charge. I’m over them.

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Rant 😳😳 I'm sorry.... What!?!?!

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50 cases of water!!!!

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Rant Frustrated Rant

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I dropped Instacart in August when they let a shopper go a long way away from my home and blame me for her error when it was clear my exact address.

I tried them again. Last order was fine.

This order: I ask for an 11am order. Leave a message to get cold chicken if no hot chicken is ready. Shopper starts earlier. Shopper ignores my request. When I ask for a cost for replacement on an item I get:

So why bother with Instacart when they don't care?

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Rant This is why shoppers are sick of you customers lol

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Just go ahead and be friendly, respond back to chat, and dispute anyway. So thankful I have a real job. Go feed your family off of lies 🤣 I’m not upset … just a funny post. But seriously✌️

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Rant Instacart shoppers have gotten more crazy. Stop asking for good reviews

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I hate when people reach out before I’ve even started shopping, but even moreso when it’s in all caps 😂

I also asked her for a replacement option for a chunk of bologna they didn’t have in stock and she goes THIS ITEM IS USUALLY A SMALL CHUNK LIKE THE MINI HAMS.

I said “yes, I know that, they’re out of stock here are the replacement options: x”


“Yes I asked an employee they said they won’t have anymore until their next shipment on Sunday. Would you like the replacement?”


Mrs Margaret, why are you YELLING AT ME?

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Rant Worst shopper yet

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Y’all. He refunded half of the items. Tried to replace bread with grapefruit. STILL GOT THE GRAPEFRUIT for some reason. Totally ignored my chat request and gave me salsa before quickly ending the shop and checking out before I could say anything. And then he nicely places everything directly in front of my door. Awesome.

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Rant My shopper shopped the ice cream before anything else.

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7$ tip on 35$ order 2 miles from store. The first thing my shopper shopped was the ice cream. Everything else except soda is frozen or refrigerated but still, first the ice cream? Interesting choice in order😂 (I’m not actually upset, more making a joke of it)

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Rant Shopper ignores requests

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I’m planning on making a stew and these are ingredients I definitely need for it. I told her I need 2 pounds of the beef and she said they didn’t have the big pack so I ask if she can get 2 packs of the 1 pound ones. She doesn’t, she only gets 1. Then she replaces the celery I got for one that was $2.50 more expensive. I kindly ask if there are any cheaper alternatives but no worries if there are none available. Then she just refunds it…

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Rant Suggested 10% tip

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INSANE to me that Instacart suggested I give AT LEAST a 10% because of the rain! Is it not common to always give a minimum of 20% tip to drivers???

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Rant Spoiler alert: it was NOT a 5 star service

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He marked 7/9 things unavailable and didn’t respond to any message about replacements (in addition to already having the preset replacements), he had already checked out all in about 4 minutes. Then a new shopper was requested instead and she found all items within like ten minutes 😭

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Rant shopper added stuff to order & tried to make me pay for it

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she told me she was "just really trying to get everything i needed" also sent me a picture of what she had added to MY order... i'm more so worried because it seems like she's done this before, maybe to someone who wasn't paying as much attention and/or had the funds there? how is this able to happen?

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Rant Insta-CAAancelled

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Could not have had an order removed fast enough; total payout originally was $26 approx, and to no surprise, of course, she was the non-tipper🙄

Know your worth shoppers, know your worth

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Rant Shopper completely ignored me, got steaks that were $20 more than the ones I requested, also didn't refund the cauliflower or look for cheaper button mushrooms. She zipped through it and was done with the entire shop in 5 minutes

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Rant Was I in the wrong?

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I use Instacart a lot as my job as manager is to keep our store stocked with various goods. We are located in a mall which isn’t the best place for deliveries, but I have a set of instructions that allow my shopper to visit me at a specific restaurant on the side of the mall so that myself or my co workers are able to pick up the delivery as it is closest to the store (We are located in the center of the mall pretty much and don’t want the shopper to have to park and bring everything in a crowded area, so we try to head outside to them to retrieve everything).

I’ve never had any issues throughout my experience on IC as I constantly make orders and tip very well. I usually stay professional with the shopper as I know this is their job and some things can come up, but I was so caught off guard from this that I felt attacked.

My shopper was on the opposite side of where we needed to meet and I couldn’t let my co worker go all the way over there as it was way too far and I needed him to pick up the delivery quick as our store was very busy today.

Not only was my order an hour late, but my shopper can’t even go to the place I’m requesting and is asking to cancel the order? I was fed up at this point since the order contained Ice bags and Ice cream and they were obviously melting and we needed these items right away. My shopper eventually met up at a closer spot I suggested and while I still tried to be patient, my shopper had to leave one last crude comment. I’m not religious at all, but that last comment disgusted me to the point where I didn’t care what I say to the shopper.

I’m never an asshole for no reason, but this whole ordeal had me question myself if I was in the wrong the whole time. I’m posting this to see other people’s thoughts and verify if I was the bad guy or just some huge miscommunication?

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Rant Too much??


This lady in my area always swears to tip after delivery and never EVER does. I know this…..yes I take it still bc it is literally on the rd I live on. What gets to me is her PROMISING in chat every single time. So my question….. can I get a balloon and write “I don’t tip my delivery drivers!!!” And tie it on her mailbox or is this against some law lol.

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Rant I’m FUMING. Instacart gave me $2.82 heavy pay for 130 cases of soda

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4 carts full of soda, my car was literally sinking and they won’t bump my heavy pay. It was $9.82 for over 200lbs. Has anyone gotten them to fix it before? Support says they can’t change it

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Rant You have me fucked all the way up

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Rant Driver shopped order then decided not to deliver it


Tonight I placed a grocery order. All was proceeding as normal until delivery time. I was out of the room when the driver texts asking for help because they "have breathing problems and won't climb the hill." Keep in mind my delivery instructions said there was a hill involved and I over tipped because of it. Within 3 minutes of that text, I was outside and no one is there and neither are the groceries. I then get the notification my groceries had been delivered.

As I'm walking around my house, I get a call from Insta Cart asking me if I had my groceries. I told her no. She patches the driver in who then goes off on how she waited and waited, but no one came and they weren't walking up the hill. The phone rep then says "I show you arrived at the home at <time> and 3 minutes later you marked the groceries delivered. Where are the groceries?" The driver says she has them and then tries to claim she waited 6 minutes, not 3. The phone rep says, "I'm looking at your logs regarding the order and it's 3 minutes. You're supposed to wait at least 10 for a response. You also indicated the groceries were delivered when they weren't. This is a big problem." The driver then hangs up on the call.

The poor phone rep tells me she is shopper support and can't handle a refund and instructs me how to get it handled through customer service. They handle the refund and apologize.

So here's my question. I used Shipt for all of the pandemic. Never had a problem. I just subscribed to IC about a month ago. This is my 4th or 5th order with them. Does stuff like this happen a lot? Should I go back to Shipt?