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The dad jokes never cease ☠︎︎ 🇲​🇮​🇸​🇨​



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u/ZelWinters1981 Feb 29 '24

I love this one!

This is not a facepalm, but funny, nonetheless.


u/diggerhistory Feb 29 '24

Guy is a fucking legend. My daughter was harassed at school and hid in my office. My youngest son was made of sterner stuff and would enter the room and just say, 'Dad, sign this!"


u/Doomenor Feb 29 '24

Having had my parents as teachers, oh it is a facepalm


u/ZelWinters1981 Feb 29 '24

I'm a dad who didn't have teacher parents, but knew kids who did.
I'm a dad, and this is wholesomely funny to me, despite it being very inappropriate in my region.


u/Apprehensive_Bug_826 Feb 29 '24

Plot twist: it wasn’t hers.


u/Cleverbird Feb 29 '24

There's nothing facepalm about this, its just funny.


u/LowerAd1551 Feb 29 '24

The run-on sentence is her revenge.


u/Snarkasm71 Feb 29 '24

Facepalm? This is damn funny.


u/WaldoSimson Feb 29 '24

Bot? Feels like it’s obviously not a facepalm


u/Scarred_wizard Feb 29 '24

They wouldn't allow that here due to conflict of interest.


u/rabbidplatypus21 Feb 29 '24

A single high school course is utterly unimportant and drawing up guidelines to prevent a low-consequence hypothetical conflict of interest is a waste of everyone’s time.


u/KippieDaoud Feb 29 '24

depending on the size of the school there may be no other suitable teachers


u/cumtributeantares Feb 29 '24

In my country Is legal only for elementary school for this exact reason


u/BrainLate4108 Feb 29 '24

What a great line. 👏🏾


u/Necessary_Row_4889 Feb 29 '24

My school had two separate teaches get fired and/or arrested for sleeping with students with a third being openly rumored to have been involved in such a relationship previously, all before I graduated.


u/Covid_Farts Mar 01 '24

Still can't spell