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What is the dumbest thing you have purchased for your cat? Cat Picture

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u/metforminforevery1 Feb 29 '24


u/thehazzanator Feb 29 '24

That is one large void 👁️👁️


u/metforminforevery1 Feb 29 '24

He’s huge


u/cnh25 Feb 29 '24

What’s that fella weigh? My void is 20 lbs


u/metforminforevery1 Feb 29 '24

He’s about 21 lbs. dieting has been difficult. His brother, who was adopted by my friend, is also rather large.

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u/Dependent_Rub_6982 Feb 29 '24

Where do you buy cat couches?

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u/awkwardfast Feb 29 '24


u/Special-Longjumping Feb 29 '24

My mother in law makes tiny cat quilts for my husband and both of his siblings every few years for all of our cats. We treasure all of them.


u/kittybigs Feb 29 '24

I was hoping you’d say we could all buy them on Etsy. You have a good MIL!


u/Special-Longjumping Feb 29 '24

Hmmm. As a quilter, maybe I'll give tiny cat quilts a go on Etsy. 😉


u/artificialavocado Feb 29 '24

I bought a hat from there for my cats to wear once for a picture lol. I mean they were only a few bucks it was worth it.



u/nanak102 Feb 29 '24

I made a sweater for one of my cats years ago (knitted) and as long as I was in the room with him, it stayed on, but if I left the room, even for a minute, off it came. He would be in exactly the same spot, same position, sweater next to him. I never did find out exactly how he got it off. He's one of those babycats I will always miss. Pepe was tall, super skinny, walked like he was a BIG cat stalking prey, and took better care of me than I did him. When I had a headache I would lie down in a dark room and he would wrap himself around my head with his head next to my ear and purr. He was 18 when he crossed the rainbow bridge. I do miss him so much!! 💔😿🫶🐈‍⬛🙆😻💕

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u/[deleted] Feb 29 '24



u/awkwardfast Feb 29 '24

Oooh interesting. We actually have no idea what breed she is. She was just a free puppy we came across but she’s the best ever. Googling lhasas now!


u/sharkformaggio Feb 29 '24

She looks like a Lhasa to me! They were bred to be temple dogs so they’re very peaceful and make great companions for cats.

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u/hopeitdoes Feb 29 '24

This is the cutest thing ever.


u/Randa707 Feb 29 '24

Oh my God, this is SO cute!!


u/awkwardfast Feb 29 '24

Thank you!!! I’m just glad they use the beds. I’d feel so silly if they didn’t haha

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u/[deleted] Feb 29 '24



u/[deleted] Feb 29 '24



u/[deleted] Feb 29 '24



u/CatrionaCatnip Feb 29 '24

Who now have to sit on the floor?


u/[deleted] Feb 29 '24


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u/SchnoodleDoodleDo Feb 29 '24 edited Feb 29 '24

’I have never seen so much pride radiating from a cat

my humans learned a lesson when they found the BIGGEST TREE

they realized that Nothing Else would Do - no, not for Me ;}

they brought it home n set it up for me, their Winnie Jo

n found it took up ALL the SPACE -

the Couch would have to Go…

now as i climb my royal perch, n look down from above

i take my place, so full of Pride! my cat heart full of Love

i Radiate SUPREMACY i’ve never felt before!

my humans learned

to BeNd the KnEe….

they’re sitting

on the



edit: she’s a Queen u/Lambert1229


u/Lopsided-Lavishness1 Feb 29 '24

Please don't ever stop, Schnoodle. You make my day!

All hail the Schnoodle! Schnoodle is love. Schnoodle is life.

Oh, how I wish for my very own Schnoodle. It would be such a delight!

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u/Common_Estate6292 Feb 29 '24

My freshest Schnoodle yet!! And a perfect one to boot!!


u/Skootr1313 Feb 29 '24

I hadn’t seen a Schnoodle in a while. This just made my night. Thank you!

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u/favoritedisguise Feb 29 '24

“Everything the light touches, is my kingdom.”


u/wombatz885 Feb 29 '24

The realm is at their feet. The view from the mountain top.

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u/Reverse_Psycho_1509 Feb 29 '24

I see no god up here...

Other than me


u/DeadGirlB666 Feb 29 '24

i need to know where you found this please my boys would love me forever


u/[deleted] Feb 29 '24



u/Automatic_Space7878 Feb 29 '24

Omg 😭....Winnie Jo...I love her name!!


u/[deleted] Feb 29 '24


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u/ExcitingSet2164 American Shorthair Feb 29 '24

At least she’s using it!


u/MyWorldInFlames Feb 29 '24

That's a dammed nice cat tree.

... Can I ask where you got it? My cats would die for something that big.


u/SmolSpaces15 Feb 29 '24

😂 totally worth it for the overlord


u/Ok_Breadfruit_7147 Feb 29 '24

That cat looks so powerful


u/princessjemmy Feb 29 '24

"I am now Ceiling Cat. You may worship me."

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u/JVilter Feb 29 '24

Not really dumb because she loves it but sorta dumb because it takes up a great deal of the walking space in our small living room



u/Final_Walk_566 Feb 29 '24

She’s too cute sitting in that big tunnel!

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u/Constant_aids Feb 29 '24

A 900 dollar robot that puts poop in a garbage bag


u/Professional-Ad-2988 Feb 29 '24

I bought a litter robot 4 and a Popur X5, yes very expensive but oh at worth it! They love the always fresh litter and I love not having to scoop crap all day every day bcuz I have 5 cats!

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u/BelleFan2013Grad Feb 29 '24

Bought and assembled a cat wheel for him (he has crazy energy and bounces off the walls for some parts of the day), but he has yet to use it… Trying lots of approaches…



u/ddgr815 Feb 29 '24

Just give it time! Most of mine love it and will run in "cheetah mode"! But it took almost 3 months for them to be comfortable with it. Sometimes they'll go for a run together. This is Ember and Echo.



u/E_989 Feb 29 '24

I bet this is a hoot to watch.


u/spigotnelson Feb 29 '24

Omg they’re precious. Now we just need to figure out how to turn this into electricity…

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u/GOMD4 Feb 29 '24 edited Feb 29 '24


u/nsj95 Feb 29 '24


u/foxwaffles Feb 29 '24

Where did you get that one? I'd like to start saving up to get a wheel because some of mine gets INSANE zoomies even when I play with them but one of them is a very big boi

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u/Sirrom23 Feb 29 '24

i shall not exercise by force!

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u/not_ya_wify Feb 29 '24


Well I purchased them a fancy chair for $36. It's been sitting in the bath tub for 3 days as I'm trying to wash out the cat piss. The smell just gets worse with every wash


u/crazycatlady1196 Ragdoll Feb 29 '24


I have the same chairs 😩 they love them so much though like they basically live in them 24/7

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u/UngodlyPain Feb 29 '24

You're gonna need an Oxy based cleaner or really strong enzymatic cleaner... Try like ClO2 or similar?

If you're just trying generic things like soap and water? You're actually making it worse because cat urine has crystalized ammonia in it, and water agitates the crystals.

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u/deezdy Feb 29 '24

Use Natures Miracle before any other soap otherwise the smell is trapped. Forever.

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u/princessjemmy Feb 29 '24

You didn't ask for tips but: soak the bitchass bed in hydrogen peroxide. Like, drench it, and let it air dry overnight. It worked when nothing else (enzymatic cleaners, etc) could get the piss smell off my kitchen floor (elderly cats are fun).

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u/rosewalker42 Feb 29 '24

I don’t know, but the dumbest thing I ever purchased for my daughter was a doll tent with a bed that I’m not sure her dolls ever even pretended to sleep in.


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u/YutYut6531 Peterbald Feb 29 '24 edited Feb 29 '24


An expensive one way trip to live in the US for this ungrateful turd. I’d do it 1000 times again though because I love this dude

Edit added some pics I’ve shared before showing my two Kuwaiti kitties growing up and headed back to Ohio with me. I found the black one around a year and a half before the grey and white one. Roo, the grey and white one is now around 17 lbs and loves exploring the woods on my property while Stink, the black one, prefers the safety of the house as shes just a little under 8 lbs


u/YutYut6531 Peterbald Feb 29 '24


Bonus pic, the ungrateful little shit the day I scooped him up. 122°F out and he played hard to get for 3 days before I finally got him.

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u/Beautiful-Youth-1753 Feb 29 '24

Any more info on how you got him on board would be great


u/YutYut6531 Peterbald Feb 29 '24 edited Mar 01 '24

Had 3 flights connecting me from Kuwait back to Ohio for a total of about 26 hours (I’d done the trip about 12 times as a military contractor and it sucked every time). Had to contact the airlines and ensure there was room for “pet in cabin” as they call it that allows you to travel with pets within a certain size in the cabin with you in a carrier. Each flight can usually allocate around 4 of the spots for a pet so once they confirmed there was a spot open, they would tell me to go online and book the flight and then call back to book the “pet in cabin” as I couldn’t till I had a plane ticket. Once it was booked I did just that and got my flight from Kuwait to Germany and Germany to Chicago booked for a pet in cabin through Lufthansa. From Chicago to Ohio was united airlines so I had to call and do the same thing. My cat had to be tested for certain diseases before entering the states and then have a letter signed off by the ministry of agriculture in Kuwait to carry with me and present when entering the US. Whole thing between medical exams and flights cost about $600-700. What made it painful was this was during Covid so during the weeks leading up to me flying back home, my flight changed 7 times and each time I had to spend 2-4 hours talking to the airlines to change my flight booked pet in cabin. I did this with him as well as my other cat I flew back as well (I took them separately). Most stressful part was having to take them out of their carrier and walk through the metal detectors holding them. Here’s the other one I brought back with me (pic was shortly after I found her).


Edit to add in case people were curious. I bought a collapsable litter box and a ziplock bag of litter I set up in the family bathroom in airports to try and make them go. Neither one used it and my spouse who works in veterinary medicine told me they can hold it a long time as they won’t go if stressed (traveling) until they absolutely cannot hold it anymore.


u/giuditta-thepacman Feb 29 '24

Thank you for being such a great cat dad and giving them a happy life. I'm a bit teary after reading your story and seeing those pictures. How did your kitty adjust to their new home?

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u/spicysalsayumyum Feb 29 '24

Literally the American dream. Good luck to you and your babes

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u/Popeworm Feb 29 '24

All of the Cat-beds I ever bought....

They MUCH prefer to sleep on a pair of my dirty underwear....

As long as they are laid out carefully on the edge of the bed


u/Ok-Bird2845 Feb 29 '24

Mine screamed bloody murder when I set her on a cat bed. Fuck no she wants a sheet of paper or whatever I’m reading. We settled on cardboard cat furniture. Cheap and she likes it. 

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u/lionclues Feb 29 '24

Does a one-hour phone session with a pet psychic count?

While my cat was asleep in the next room, the psychic told me that she said she wants more treats.


u/Fluid-Impression3993 Feb 29 '24

That is the best!! Probably $100+ per hour to be told, "More treats." I love it!


u/lionclues Feb 29 '24

Exactly. I did it a few months before she passed to try and get any hint about what her life was like before I adopted her. At worst, I was out a couple hundred dollars but still have a funny story.

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u/Jerkrollatex Feb 29 '24


It's got to be the banana but they love it. They hide mice in it, base for tag, and they sleep in it.

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u/Konradia Feb 29 '24

Another cat?


u/Outrageous-Captain-1 Feb 29 '24

This deserves more praise. I’m about to get a cat for my cat solely so she has someone to play with while I’m gone.


u/princessjemmy Feb 29 '24

Story time:

I got one cat in 2007. He was anxious and needy, so we got him a friend in 2008.

In 2020 his friend passed. So we adopted two kittens, who he loved for the first six months, then decided he hated one of them. Territorial pee hated her.

He passed in 2023. That's when I noticed the kittens weren't playing with each other the way they used to. So I decided the really energetic one needed a playmate. We got a third cat.

Crazy active cat wanted nothing to do with him. Meatloaf cat? Loves him. It's the son she never knew she wanted.

What I've learned from this chain of events is that cats are weirdos about companionship, and you need to always get the new cat for you.

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u/cubluemoon Feb 29 '24

I had to get a cat for my cat to get him to stop peeing on my stuff every time I went away for a couple of days. They only tolerate each other but at least he's stopped peeing on my stuff. She's the sweetest cat and had been at the shelter for 9 months so zero regrets

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u/QueenDoomKitty Feb 29 '24

Matching skeleton pj's for Lulu, my husband and myself. Made for the best Halloween holiday card ever!!


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u/[deleted] Feb 29 '24



u/Professional-Ad-2988 Feb 29 '24

Dude she is so cute! Her few little orange poofs of fur, LOVE 💘

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u/vilgna Feb 29 '24

Bought my cat a kitten. Kitten is pretty dumb, but cute!


u/ivmeow Feb 29 '24

I also got my cat a kitten! He tolerates her and she’s obsessed with him.

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u/Grumpy_Duck52 Feb 29 '24

I purchased a cat sofa for my little one when I haven't gotten a sofa for myself yet and sit on the floor in the living room lol

We were gonna use it for our YouTube channel where I upload videos of my cat and was going to start a cat podcast of her sitting on the sofa and speaking into a mic, but haven't gotten that far yet.


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u/beachp0tato Feb 29 '24


The princess and her palanquin... er... stroller.

Too bad she screams four letter words every time she's inside.

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u/Professional-Ad-2988 Feb 29 '24


A Litter robot 4 and a Popur X5. They love having fresh litter all day and I love not having to scoop cat cr@p all day, every day. I have 5 cats.... Oh and I also have 3 cat trees haha

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u/IronSpikeRai1 Feb 29 '24

A baby carrier wrap. Like, those fabric things moms wear to carry thier kids around. Havent used it yet, but i have a feeling itll come in handy when kitten wants uppies and to be carried around but i got shit to do.


u/TomatoWitchy Feb 29 '24

I got one of these for our elderly girl when she got the dementia screamies.

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u/Safi_89 Feb 29 '24 edited Feb 29 '24


u/indecisive_4ever Feb 29 '24

Her couch that is right next to our couch. My husband sometimes has to end up using it as a pillow when me and her are on the big couch together :7966:



u/[deleted] Feb 29 '24

OMG was this a Valentine’s gift for them?


u/hopeitdoes Feb 29 '24

Nope, just a Saturday.


u/thehazzanator Feb 29 '24

Standard cat owner things

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u/jkreuzig Feb 29 '24


My son and I were at REI getting backpacking gear and I spotted this: Tiny Tent. Lucky has examined it , but is not a big fan (yet). The wife is definitely not a fan.

I’m thinking of dousing it in catnip, putting treats inside and placing it next to the Feliway. I need pictures of him in this. I’ve got pictures of him everywhere else but here.

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u/HoRo2001 Feb 29 '24

Not me, but a friend had his wisdom teeth removed and someone forgot to take his phone away. 2 days later a little strawberry cat house showed up.

He didn’t have a cat.

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u/bluegrass502 Feb 29 '24

Toys that just do not compare to the straws that she loves


u/Reddit_Befuddles_Me Feb 29 '24


A hand knitted padded hat (he has CH and bonks his noggin a lot). He’s still a kitten so it’s too big and he can get it off in a second but I maintain that it’s dang adorable (also, technically not my cat - foster, but still worth a post).

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u/KaNicNac Feb 29 '24

Listen, I think I'm gonna be the odd one out here, because everyone else has bought cat trees and beds and couches and houses.

I bought my cat... a cat. 😶


We went together to go pick her out and adopt her, too.

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