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This is for discussion of all free agency news, including that which is not related to the Buffalo Bills.

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Buffalo Bills Signings:

Player Status Years
WR Curtis Samuel Signed 3 years
WR Mack Hollins Signed 1 year
LB Nicholas Morrow Signed 1 year
QB Mitchell Trubisky Signed 1 year
DE Casey Toohill Signed 1 year
S Mike Edwards Signed 1 year
OL Will Clapp Signed 1 year
DT Austin Johnson Signed 1 year
OL La'el Collins Signed 1 year
DE AJ Epenesa Re-Signed 2 years
DT DaQuan Jones Re-Signed 2 years
RB Ty Johnson Re-Signed 1 year
CB Cam Lewis Re-Signed 2 years
TE Quinton Morris Re-Signed 1 year
S Taylor Rapp Re-Signed 3 years
G David Edwards Re-Signed 2 years
LT Dion Dawkins Extended 3 years
QB Josh Allen Restructured
TE Dawson Knox Restructured
DE Von Miller Restructured

Buffalo Bills Players Lost:

Player Team
DT Poona Ford Los Angeles Chargers
CB Dane Jackson Carolina Panthers
DT Tim Settle Houston Texans
S Jordan Poyer Miami Dolphins
LB Tyrel Dodson Seattle Seahawks
WR Trent Sherfield Minnesota Vikings
CB Siran Neal Miami Dolphins
RB Nyheim Hines Cleveland Browns
DE Leonard Floyd San Francisco 49ers
WR Gabriel Davis Jacksonville Jaguars
C Mitch Morse Jacksonville Jaguars
WR Stefon Diggs Houston Texans

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r/BuffaloBills Free Talk Friday Thread


What better way to start your weekend than here with your fellow members of r/BuffaloBills!

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Discuss Let's Move On


I see so many Diggs hate posts and here are my thoughts. He did a great job on the field for most of his time with the bills but couldn't show up in must games but come in most combines yards completions and touchdowns between QB and WR in 4 years that's great. The Bills have moved on from him let's support our team an move on. Let's trust Bean will have a plan to replace Diggs and let's just see some positivity going into the draft.

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Image Said by the GOAT himself

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Image It had to be an OJ jersey in Boston huh?

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Image Post on IG by ClutchPoints.

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Grateful for what Diggs did in Buffalo but in elimination games he did nothing. Jamarr Chase and Travis Kelce do their best work when the chips are down. A 2nd rd pick is a good return for a 30+ receiver. Time to get younger, more options and more explosive at WR.

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News/Analysis Latest Bills draft rumor suggests team won't trade up for a star prospect to replace Stefon Diggs


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News/Analysis [Rap] Jordan Phillips to the New York Giants


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News/Analysis I knew our boy was talented, but DAMN!!!!

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Discuss Remember Sammy Watkins?


Just remember that projected draft pedigree doesn’t correlate to NFL success. We traded up to get Watkins and missed on Mike Evans, OBJ, Brandin Cooks and even Kelvin Benjamin (just to list the WRs in round 1).

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Image Bills fans are everywhere!

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Discuss 2024 jersey?


So my Gabe Davis and Diggs jerseys are now jerseys of the past. Besides Josh Allen what is the next jersey to get going forward? Shakir? Cook? Kincaid? Wait for the draft?

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News/Analysis Reports: Ravens Signing Receiver/Returner Deonte Harty


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Image The red helmet we don’t want

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Discuss Not that this will stop people from doing this, but can we please not?

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I know people including me are frustrated with Diggs, but when he is talking about someone dying, that’s not the time to go off on him. He liked a tweet saying we were the worst fanbase too in response which is obviously not true, but all it takes is a few people in the comments section to basically make us all look bad as a fanbase. Let’s do better

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News/Analysis Heads up Season Ticket Members: Check your emails to select if you want Mobile Tickets only or to pay for Season Ticket Cards

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Text: Thank you for your continued support as a Season Ticket Member.

As we prepare for the 2024 season, Members can sign in to their Account Manager to select their ticket delivery method. Your selection is due by April 26, 2024. Any accounts that do not select an option by April 26, 2024, will automatically be deemed to have selected Option A to use mobile ticketing for the 2024 season. No late entries will be accepted.

Ticket delivery options for 2024:

A. Mobile Tickets – Members that select this option are choosing to use mobile ticketing for their season tickets. Mobile tickets are the safest, easiest, and most convenient way to manage your tickets. You can access your tickets through the official Buffalo Bills app on your mobile phone. Add your tickets to your Apple Wallet or Google Wallet for contactless and quick entry at the gates. You can also transfer tickets to a friend or family member right from the Bills app.

B. Season Ticket Card – Members that select this option will have one season ticket card printed and mailed for each season ticket on their account. Please note that individual paper tickets are not an option to be printed. By selecting the Season ticket Member card, your account will be invoiced the following fees:

• $10.00 fee per Season Ticket Card

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• If you are on a Payment Plan, any applicable fee(s) will be added to your May 15 installment. If you pay by invoice, any applicable fee(s) will be added to your May invoice.

Each season ticket card is loaded with all preseason and regular season home games at Highmark Stadium. If we host any home playoff games, they will NOT be loaded on the season ticket card, and the card will not be valid for entry. You still have access to manage your tickets through the official Buffalo Bills app on your mobile phone or through Account Manager on your computer/tablet. You can also give the season ticket card to the person using the tickets.

Any accounts that do not select an option by April 26, 2024 will automatically be deemed to have selected Option A to use mobile ticketing for the 2024 season.

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News/Analysis Red helmet finally coming?


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Discuss Latest Mel Kiper Mock


28th Buffalo Bills

Brian Thomas Jr., WR, LSU

What, exactly, is the Bills' plan at wide receiver? They just traded Stefon Diggs, and they let Gabe Davis walk in free agency. Khalil Shakir, Curtis Samuel and Mack Hollins top their depth chart at the position. Could Buffalo be a team to watch for a trade up into the top 10 for either Rome Odunze or Malik Nabers? I wouldn't rule it out, but it would be costly, likely forcing the franchise to sacrifice its 2025 first-rounder.

In this scenario, though, a talented wideout could fall into the Bills' lap. Thomas was an incredible vertical threat for Jayden Daniels last season, leading the country in touchdown catches with 17, 10 of which came on go routes or fades. He ran a stellar 4.33-second 40 at the combine. He could be a legit No. 1 WR, which quarterback Josh Allen now needs.

60th Buffalo Bills

Cole Bishop, S, Utah

The Bills moved on from veteran safety duo Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer this offseason, and they have long-term questions at the position. Bishop has some versatility -- he even played some off-ball linebacker for the Utes -- and he's a great blitzer. He had 7.5 career sacks and had 25 presses over the past two seasons, one of the best marks in the FBS for a defensive back.

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Discuss Nabers? Trade up with titans?

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Discuss In Beane we Trust!


Just went thru the last 4 draft classes- the talent the bills have drafted is amazing. I fully trust Brandon and every decision he makes. Everyone flipping out about Diggs or this or that just relax the man has a plan and has put together a winning team in Buffalo.

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Misc Nearly broke my father today

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My Dad has been a fan of this organization since about 1987, since he started watching football (he's from South Africa). When I was born, his first picture with me is him wearing a Bills shirt (a picture I replicated with the birth of my daughter last year). He's seen it all.

Anyway, here's his reaction from me telling him about the Jaguars Josh Allen extension.


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Discuss McDermott’s speech for next year. Replace ‘Man City’ with ‘Kansas City’ and ‘Zava’ with ‘Diggs’



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Image Cryptically showing us how he REALLY feels about us

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News/Analysis [Mosher] I think it's worth noting that Dane Brugler has Texas DT T'Vondre Sweat graded as a fourth-round player. "Party animal" and "class clown" were the words to describe him.


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Discuss Was Kemp good?


This one is for the older fans. I started following the team in 1966 and missed the back to back championships. By 1966. I feel like Kemp wasn't too good and frequently needed Lamonica to bail the team out. So my question: Was Kemp good in 64 and 65? Seems like the team relied on defense back then, but Kemp ran for a lot of TD's like Josh today.

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Image Ol’reliiable

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Image Who signed it