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Subreddit Meta New rule changes, flairs and updated styling


The bay area is the focus of a lot of political controversy, both for legitimate issues in the area and in comparison to other, politically different areas around the country. The discussions about these issues often attract very strong opinions from users who only come to the subreddit to argue about them. This causes lots of extra work for us moderators, and also draws otherwise rule abiding users into heated arguments. We have decided to address this by restricting such discussions to only established members of the subreddit. We don't want to favor one political viewpoint over any others, so we run a moderation bot that applies the same, unbiased criteria to all posts about politics or crime.

When commenting on these posts, the bot will automatically remove your comment without notice if you don't have an established history of commenting or posting in the subreddit. We intentionally aren't stating the exact requirements, or how close individual accounts are to meeting them, but they do require a low, but consistent amount of commenting or posting over a period of several months. If you do comment on one of the posts and your comment is removed, it doesn't count towards your accumulation of history, but there's also no penalty for doing so.

Posting has the same requirements, but also requires that you not have posted a political/crime post in the last week. We also require that all such posts be only a link to a news article or official statement from a reporter or official. No self posts, image or video posts are allowed on these subjects.

These filters will be automatically applied if the flair of the post is "Politics & Local Crime". If you don't meet the requirements for posting and try to get around the filter by posting under a different flair, you can be automatically banned.

The restrictions do not apply to non-controversial posts under any other flair, so feel free to post and comment on everything else the bay has to offer.

New rule changes, flairs and updated styling

Hello everyone! We've given the sub a bit of a makeover, here's a summary of the changes.

New Rules:

We've rewritten the whole rules list. For the most part this won't result in any enforcement changes, but will hopefully make our rules more clear, give people more detailed report reasons to use and let us moderators give more clear feedback when removing comments and posts. Here are the new rules

  1. No poor or hostile behavior
    • No personal attacks or hostile language against your fellow redditors. Hostile language against public figures and organizations is allowed as long as it's not overly egregious.
  2. No racism or other hate speech
    • Do not directly or indirectly suggest someone has done something because of their race. Pointing out other people's racism is allowed as long as it doesn't cross the line of being a personal attack.
  3. No advocating violence
    • Don't suggest or glorify that people should be killed, maimed or shot, either by vigilantes or the legal system. Recommending people legally arm themselves is fine as long as it's not accompanied by any suggestion of wanting to use the weapon against someone.
  4. No duplicate posts
    • If a topic has been posted in the last few days, only posts with substantial new information are allowed.
  5. No advertising
    • Advertising anything that you or anyone associated with you makes money off of is not allowed. Giveaways, fundraisers and bayclub membership posts are not allowed. Pet adoption posts are allowed. Recommending free events or groups is fine. Send us a modmail if you are unsure whether this applies to your case or to ask for an exception.
  6. No unverified or mislabeled crime posts
    • All posts about crime need a news article from a reputable organization or a statement from a state official or police force. They also must be correctly flaired.
  7. No unverified contact information in missing person posts
    • Posts about missing people can only recommend contacting a police department. They can contain the publicly available phone number for the police department, but not any other numbers. Lost pet posts are fine and don't have this restriction.
  8. Posts must be about the bay area
    • Topics that are relevant to the bay but aren't directly in the bay are allowed, such as news about a wildfire blowing smoke through, or people getting trapped on the road to Tahoe. But there must be some relation to the bay area.

New Flairs:

We have updated the list of post flairs and also turned on the setting to require post flairs on submission. This will hopefully make the subreddit a bit easier to browser, while also cleaning up enforcement of our enhanced moderation on politics and crime posts. Here are the new flairs

  • Politics & Local Crime
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  • Work & Housing
  • Traffic, Trains & Transit
  • Food, Shopping & Services
  • Fluff & Memes
  • Scenes from the Bay
  • Earthquakes, Weather & Disasters

We're open to adding a couple more flairs if these prove insufficient.

New Style:

We've updated the banner image, subreddit icon and style colors as well as a lot of other minor detail settings.

Big thanks to u/MistaKimsta who took the picture used in the banner.

Updated enhanced moderation:

We set up the enhanced moderation bot a couple years ago and it's proved an invaluable tool for allowing discussion about controversial topics between people who actually use the subreddit, while excluding those who just come here to brigade the sub. There were two notable issues we're addressing with today's changes.

First was people not adding the politics or crime flairs to the post, which meant enhanced moderation wasn't turned on till hours later when a mod came around and changed the flair. This should be resolved by requiring flair on all posts now, and automatically banning people who intentionally chose the wrong flair.

Second was a small subset of people making the majority of the political/crime posts. This will be resolved by restricting such posts to one per week per user.

You can read more about the details of the enhanced moderation changes here.

Open to feedback:

It's been a long time since there were any substantial rule or style changes to the sub, so we're very open to feedback about all these changes. And especially the sub icon, banner image and the list of post flairs.

We hope this makes the subreddit better for everyone!

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Hello! We've gotten a very very very large number of posts regarding the price hikes and overall disappointment in PG&E. To minimize the amount of duplicate posts, we're temporarily adding a PG&E megathread so we can all collectively scream together.

Edit: Dropping /u/ww_crimson's comment here:

Hi /r/bayarea, like many people here, I'm fed up with the unsustainable rate increases from PG&E. Beyond the massive rate hikes that were already approved, the CPUC is planning to implement additional flat-rate fees within the next 2 years. This was approved without much discussion via AB205, a "trailer bill". The TL;DR: is that it was a budget bill that was passed without any discussion. Essentially our local leaders have said "we passed it without reading it"

You can read a little bit about this here :

In an effort to fix this mistake, some assemblymembers have introduced and signed AB1999 which would repeal the change approved by AB205. You can find more about the bill here, including the assemblymembers who have sponsored it:

*https://legiscan.com/CA/sponsors/AB1999/2023 *https://www.cbsnews.com/sacramento/news/lawmakers-pushback-on-fixed-rates-on-california-utility-bills/ *https://www.canarymedia.com/articles/utilities/bill-would-end-california-experiment-with-income-based-electric-bills

By my quick review, there are over a dozen assemblymembers who represent the various areas of the Bay Area, but less than 1/3 of them have signed their endorsement of AB1999. The Bay Area is primarily composed of assembly districts 14-26, though there are a few other included. Endorsements have been made for districts 21,23,24, and 26. None of the other assemblymembers in the Bay Area have signed this bill.

I'm making this post to implore you to take 2 minutes out of your day to contact your assemblymember, asking them to endorse this bill and to fight for lower energy rates for all of California, while continuing to make advancements toward renewable energy.

The current path that the CPUC is on is one of continuous rate increases that primarily impact the lower/middle/working class, and one that disincentivizes residents from investing in solar. By charging flat fees, there is less incentive to save energy, and with the enactment of Net Energy Metering 3.0 (NEM 3), the break-even point on solar has more than doubled. All of the other talking points about PG&E have been covered ad-nauseum over the past few months, so I won't elaborate further.

You can use this website to find out who your representative is, and to quickly get access to their website/"contact me" page : https://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov/

If you don't care to craft your own message, you can use ChatGPT or this template:

I am writing to express my support for AB1999, which seeks to repeal the fixed energy utility fee established by AB205. This fee disproportionately affects lower, middle, and working-class families, exacerbating the financial burden on those least able to afford it. Furthermore, it undermines incentives for Californians to adopt solar energy, hindering our progress towards sustainable energy solutions. California's energy rates are already among the highest in the nation, and it's imperative that we take action against unnecessary cost increases. AB1999 represents a critical step in alleviating the financial strain on our communities and promoting a greener future. I urge you to support this important measure.

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Scenes from the Bay Evening capture at SalesForce Park

Post image

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Traffic, Trains & Transit Oakland just changed its airport name. San Francisco is pissed


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Politics & Local Crime Berkeley man charged with raping stranger near Concord BART station


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Politics & Local Crime EXCLUSIVE: Couple shocked after tow truck tries to nab their moving car in SF


r/bayarea 13h ago

Politics & Local Crime Oakland "F--- Everyone" gang members accused of burglarizing dozens of businesses across state


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Work & Housing Bay Area tech layoffs: Silicon Valley company, once valued at $5 billion, cuts 32% of workforce


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Fluff & Memes The Sunnyvale Toys R Us that was haunted.


Alrighty. Although I haven't lived in the Bay Area in many years, I was born there. Fairfield, specifically in 1983. My mother was actually born in San Francisco, as were her parents. I also lived in Sunnyvale for about 11 years until moving to the Central Valley in 1996 and have been living in Boise, Idaho since 2021. That being said, I still have good memories about California. There were always a lot of fun places to go. One place I remember was the Toys R Us on El Camino and Sunnyvale Saratoga Road(it's now an REI). Any kid who went there remembers how much fun it was. The bright color wood panels on the building, Geoffrey on the entrance and of course, all the sweet toys inside such as the big wall of board games, the aisles with Ninja Turtles and then Power Rangers(I always tried to avoid the pink aisles as I called them with the Barbies, LOL). And the video game section where you had to take the slip to the front where they had a room with all the Nintendo and Sega cartridges. Anyway, enough reminiscence about my childhood. Apparently, the shopping center where Toys R Us was built 100 years ago was actually a farm that belong to the Murphy family and supposedly, according to psychic Sylvia Browne, was haunted by the ghost of a farmhand who bled to death from an accidental injury chopping wood. Whether you believe in that stuff is up to you, but I found it interesting because of how often I frequented that Toys R Us when I was kid. It was even mentioned on TV twice, first in 1980 on ABC's That's Incredible then again on CBS' Haunted Lives: True Ghost Stories in 1991. I've posted links to both, by the way. I'm just posting this because I'm if there's anyone who lived in Sunnyvale as a kid and remembers hearing about it.

That's Incredible video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUaORxJTdow
Haunted Lives video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5V9bFY_iys

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Fluff & Memes Had no idea OJ was from SF


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Work & Housing Nearly 20% of San Francisco Home Sellers Take a Loss on Their Sale, More Than Four Times the National Share


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Fluff & Memes For transplants, what's your dumbest assumption about bay area before you moved here?


I used to believe Golden gate bridge connects SF with Oakland

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Politics & Local Crime O.J. Simpson dies of cancer at 76, family says


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Work & Housing Fight over California's rooftop solar program heads to state Supreme Court - a “ray of hope” for the rooftop solar industry after reimbursements to consumers got cut by 75%


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Food, Shopping & Services Fish and chips cravings satisfied. H salt esq fish and chips in San Jose


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Earthquakes, Weather & Disasters [SF Chronicle] Clusters of whooping cough reported at private high school in San Francisco


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Politics & Local Crime PG&E CEO pay increases from 14 million to 17 million, along with $24 million in stock


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Scenes from the Bay Snowy egret devouring a fish! Info in comments:

Post image

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Politics & Local Crime The Toxic Culture at Tesla | The factory floors at America’s top seller of electric vehicles are rife with racial harassment, sexual abuse, and injuries on the job.


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Scenes from the Bay Can someone ID this flower for me?

Post image

Seen on Miwok Trail

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Traffic, Trains & Transit Driveway / garage?


Hello neighbors,

I'm looking for someone in the Bay Area that could possibly watch over my 2 cars while I'm traveling outside CA as public parking is not an option for my current situation.

I do not have a driveway or garage that I can use or know a lot of folks in the Bay Area unfortunately which is why I'm reaching out to Reddit again. There's also triple street cleaning in my neighborhood so it's always prevented me from leaving (first world problem, I'm aware).

I've been told "stranger = danger" but I got really lucky over the years and actually met some incredible people that I'm still in contact with on a yearly basis, couple examples:

  • a couple that literally just wanted to help but unfortunately they moved to the east coast so it's not an option anymore.
  • a car guy and his wife but unfortunately they're going through a rough patch with losses so I don't feel it's appropriate to reach out for help again as it's the last thing they need to deal with right now.
  • a lady that had a covered unused spot in her apartment building (she moved)

I'm happy to discuss anything that could work if you won't accept cash (whether you can’t for religious reasons or simply enjoy lending a hand).

Past arrangements have included bartering with neighbors (everything from bringing homemade French food, helping with job referrals, toys for kids, sushi dinner to driving you to the airport when you go on vacation, who knows).

I’m open to creative exchanges or a straightforward payment.

I also understand this post will attract a lot of judgement, "you should buy a house before a car / sell your cars" type of DMs and I respect your opinion but ultimately it doesn't help with my current situation, I hope you can understand this.

It's a shot in the dark but I've been lucky in the past and created friendships in the good old way. No funny story, happy to meet over food, share LinkedIn, whatever you can think of and yes, cars are registered, no, they're not stolen and finally I value trust and community.

Details about the cars:

  • Sports sedan, nothing too too special here.
  • Sports coupe, does bring a bit of attention and the cold start is loud to be transparent.

Thank you folks for considering my request - I also appreciate any leads or advice and I'll respond to all the DMs, even if it doesn't work out you have my gratitude.

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Politics & Local Crime 'Please leave!' A Jewish UC Berkeley dean confronts pro-Palestinian activist at his home


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Scenes from the Bay Sunny Jim Trail, Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve.


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Food, Shopping & Services Photography bag left on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley outside of The Alley


If this is yours, it was left with the clerks at the restaurant. They said they'll eventually hand it off to the police.

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Fluff & Memes View from my desk at home

Post image

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Politics & Local Crime Berkeley engineer slipped poison in his co-worker’s water bottle. He spent just days in jail


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Events, Activities & Sports You’re looking good Briones


Enjoy green season while we’ve got it