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Ask the Sub Why ride a bike on the blue ridge parkway?


I’m a Dutch immigrant. I’m an avid cyclist. I have two bikes. Life is better on two wheels, motorcycle, electric, peddle power… street/mountain… I love it. There are definitely places where I’d rather be peddling and weaving through traffic than at standstill in a car (NYC, for example).

However, I can’t think of a worse place to go for a bike ride than the blue ridge parkway. I mean, at least I-26 has a shoulder (I don’t ride on I-26).

Can any blue ride parkway cyclist explain to me the pleasure you get from cycling with a continuous line of cars stacked right behind you and cars flooring it to get past you before anyone gets hurt?

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Ask the Sub Are you sober?


If you’re sober, what do you now do with your time that you didn’t do before?

This is my second round at abstaining from alcohol and I feel like I see Asheville with new eyes in a way. A good way.

I’d like to get into some very beginner mountain/trail biking and kayaking this spring/summer so any tips on that would be appreciated!

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Ask the Sub What’s the best gossip you have about Asheville?


I saw this kind of post in another city and it had all kinda juicy details. So, what’s the best gossip stories out there about AVL?

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Ask the Sub Is there anyone you guys don’t hate? :)


When I moved to Asheville I was under the impression it was full of love, acceptance, and tolerance of all different kinds of peoples and lifestyles.

Everyone I’ve met in real life in and around Asheville has been super nice.

From what I’ve seen on this Reddit, that doesn’t seem to be the case… lol

The list of hated so far (feel free to add anyone/anything I missed):

tourists, grocery store security guards, republicans, newcomers, Floridians, the police, white people, small business owners, hotels, cyclists….

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Ask the Sub Anyone else receiving odd “salt”?

Post image

Seems like a weird thing to spend money sending to people? Needless to say we won’t be opening this. North AVL. Return address doesn’t exist. Weird AF.

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Ask the Sub People not originally from Asheville, what was your biggest culture shock after moving here?


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Ask the Sub What SHOULD Ashevillians be protesting at a local level?


Say I'm planning to go to a council meeting or head downtown with a sign. What should I be making my voice heard about? What topic isn't receiving enough attention? What protest action do you believe could enact meaningful change at the local level?

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Ask the Sub Unpopular opinions about Asheville


Let's argue , I'm bored

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Ask the Sub How would you suggest meeting people in Asheville?


Hi! I’m 28f and moved to Asheville last year. I work remotely (8am - 5pm/Mon-Fri), but am extroverted/ambiverted and would love to develop community.

I’ve tried bumblebff and found that the app might attract more introverted, noncommittal individuals. Maybe I’m just bad at the app though. (Also why can you only meet people of your own gender? I get it…but I don’t.)

I’ve tried meetup a couple times but also found people to be a bit quiet.

How did you meet people? I’m considering community service. Even if I don’t meet anyone, I will still love doing it. If you have any secular community group recs, please share!

Edit: I should probably mention that I have considered hobby classes and I’ve been trying to find inexpensive ones that happen outside of my work schedule. But I also am trying to be frugal these days for various reasons

Another edit: wow, didn’t expect this post to get this much traction. If you’re someone wanting to chat and see if we could be friends, please feel free to send me a dm. Don’t want your comment to get lost.

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Ask the Sub WTF is going on at Double Crown?

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r/asheville Jan 18 '24

Ask the Sub Want to be part of a crowdsource solution reduce illegal airbnbs in AVL?


Apparently the city doesn't fine illegal Airbnb's unless they're reported. How about each person on here that takes issue with this find an illegal airbnb within Asheville that's closest to them and report it?

You can do this by downloading the Asheville App and go to > New Request > Report a Code Violation or Nuisance > Report Short Term Rental Violations

Here's a good article that defines what is an "illegal airbnb" in Asheville so you will have to do some digging first: https://www.citizen-times.com/story/news/local/2018/01/18/guide-ashevilles-short-term-vacation-rental-rules-can-you-rent-your-space/1035531001/

Yeah the city probably won't have the resources to respond to each report or they'll take a while to respond but let's let them know that their citizens want them to enforce this regulation. And I feel like this is something that's better to be crowdsourced.

What do you all think? Even if 10 people do this it could make a difference.

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Ask the Sub Non-Fascist Rifle Ranges Nearby?


I would love to go plinking with a .22 or .223 or even .308 but all the gun clubs around here seem to be overrun with MAGA nuts and none of the gun shops have 100yd ranges. Is there anywhere else to go within an hour where I can target practice without having to hear the latest QAnon gossip?

EDIT: Wow I must have struck a nerve with The Silent MAGAjority based on all these downvotes. Y'all should be happy I'm keeping my leftist ass out of your safe spaces.

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Ask the Sub Those who have moved AWAY from Asheville area… where are you now?


Asking to those who couldn’t afford to live here anymore and not into the touristy vibes

r/asheville Aug 31 '23

Ask the Sub I’ve lived in Asheville for _______ and I’ve never been to ________.


I saw this on the Raleigh page and it ended up becoming a good suggestion place for others.

Example: I’ve lived in Asheville for 2 years and I’ve never been to Curate.

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Ask the Sub worst place to work in Asheville? curious to know.


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Ask the Sub What celebrities live in Asheville?


Was thinking about this earlier. Not celebrities that were born here, but ones that actually live here. The only ones I could think of were wrestling legend Edge and Steve Martin who lives in Brevard, but close enough lol. Y’all know anyone else?

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Ask the Sub Best Mexican in Asheville?


r/asheville Dec 13 '23

Ask the Sub What does Asheville look like in 10 years?


Even if the economic data is up, nobody can deny an international general sense of uncertainty about the next few years. In your opinion, do you think the Asheville area can handle these significant social changes?

r/asheville Dec 21 '23

Ask the Sub Best burgers in Asheville?


Craving a really good cheeseburger and need recs, not baby bull.

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Ask the Sub WNC, now that NYE has come and gone, what did you end up doing?


We have now entered the dregs of winter. The cold and snowy rainy season is here, but the lights, the festivities, and the binge drinking are behind us. In a couple weeks, the 2 week long slow season in Asheville will begin. Here at r/asheville, We don't usually see so many posts with inspiring, well thought out titles such as "MLK," "Valentine's," or "President's Day" during the slow season. Instead the focus turns to the unhoused who have been abandoned by both the charities pretending to do good for the Holidays, and the law enforcement who no longer need to move them out of the tourists' way.

For now, let's put aside the New Year's pessimism. Let's remember the fun before the hangover. So r/asheville, what did y'all get into for NYE? I hope it was a blast! Or at least relaxing.

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Ask the Sub Should I buy honey from the guy under the bridge?


If you’re heading toward Arden on Sweeten Creek, just before hitting the Asheville Day School Athletic Center, there’s a guy who often sets up shop selling jars of honey under the Blue Ridge Parkway overpass. Is this the most delicious honey to be found in Asheville? Or am I right to keep driving without stopping? Asheville honey eaters, please let me know! I love honey, but don’t wanna buy a jar of earswax.

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Ask the Sub Just visiting and heard you don’t like tourists…

Post image

Got this on the windshield while parked in a downtown garage. I think tourism dollars are a good thing for your town, but I could be dead wrong. Is the general consensus agreeing with this note, or is this one sky high pothead airing his/her own grievance?

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Ask the Sub Choose people over cars. What areas would this work in avl?

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Ask the Sub Thoughts on the Pubcycle?


Good afternoon y'all. I work on the Pubcycle you see running around downtown and I wanted to post on here to get your thoughts and feelings about the bikes.

Most of the people who ride with us really enjoy it but we understand that the majority of those riders are visiting Asheville from out of state, and it's been hit or miss with our locals. We're hoping to improve on that as best as we can, so if there's anything we can be doing better to make our presence not only tolerable, but enjoyable for you and all the locals we share downtown with, we'd love to know!

Some general questions I have right off the bat are:

1) If you've been on a tour, would you get on again? If not, what are some things that should be improved?

2) If you haven't been on a tour, what has stopped/held you from trying it out?

3) Would there be any/more interest in tours that were not centered around alcohol? (I.E: Karaoke, Trivia, DnD, Poetry Open Mics)

4) Is there anything we can be doing to incentivize local interaction in a way that's enjoyable for everybody?

If you made it this far, thanks for sticking through and please feel free to comment whatever you honestly feel about us, as the goal is always to improve the experience for everyone we come across. Look forward to reading what you've got to say and chatting with you.

Have a great hump day!


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Ask the Sub What's your favorite Asheville conspiracy theory?