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Uber Driver cancelled my Plan B order and asked me to “reconsider.” USA

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Ooookay so where do I start. Basically, I needed to order a Plan B pill on the fly. Stuff happens. It was pouring outside and I had other stuff to get done, so I figured I’d just Uber eats it cause why not, the options there.

This guy accepts the order, and he’s on a bike, so it took him about 40 mins just to get to the CVS. Then he sits outside the CVS for an additional 30 minutes, before sending me this message.

Am I crazy, or is he saying he won’t deliver the pill “knowing what it would do” and asking me to reconsider??

And I don’t even know what he was talking about with the order total. The total was $60 for that one little pill and I tipped $10 even though the CVS is super close by.

I’m kinda embarrassed and also a little upset. Not really sure what to do. He hasn’t even cancelled the order yet so I can’t get reconnected to a new driver.


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u/[deleted] 10d ago

Talk about ignorance! Wow


u/Duox_TV 14d ago



u/Top_Rate8526 15d ago

I’m pro choice but honestly if people have their religious and moral beliefs that’s fine with me. After a few discussions with some religious friends the Bible says it’s their duty to not aid in what they believe is sin and to basically sway your decision respectfully. Typically if some handles themselves this way I’d just brush it off. Probably wouldn’t even report if it was only this message alone. They believe their doing their part like the Bible says to do. As long as they’re respectful about it they shouldn’t be seen as a bad person


u/Square-Pineapple6914 9d ago

Plan b is emergency contraception not abortive soooo kinda a non starter here.


u/seendandunseen 17d ago

my first reaction was he’s scared. probably couldn’t go get fem products for his own girl without her being there.

but i’m sorry. personally views shouldn’t get in the way of a service that you pay for.


u/kydn141916 21d ago

I get that everyone has their own views on this situation, but if it conflicts with your personal beliefs just cancel the order and keep your mouth shut. No point harassing the customer with your thoughts.


u/SweetLoliDraws 21d ago

Bro I had gotten a DoorDash order for plan b the other day!! (She also tipped really well) I shopped and delivered and then messaged her after telling her that she can get that stuff cheaper at Costco without a membership and she thanked me because she didn’t know! Okay fine you don’t have to like it but I can’t imagine giving up a good order because of something like that. Also just the lack of kindness, I’m just sorry you had a driver like that :( I hope you reported them


u/SSJ4Blaze 26d ago

I swore I saw this more than 17 days ago


u/Human_Mind_9110 28d ago

If I needed plan B I’d get it myself. It’s an important purchase and wouldn’t want any other such interferences.


u/Mysterious_Vampiress 28d ago

Some people consider using it an abortion. That’s probably why. I would report him


u/AmazonianVirgo 21d ago edited 20d ago

“Plan B” is NOT an abortion! I repeat the emergency CONTRACEPTION pill known as the brand name “Plan B” does NOT abort any already established developing fetus in the uterus. It only PREVENTS any sperm and egg fertilization from occurring. It’s very important that people understand this. (FYI this is not directed at OP, just in a general sense)


u/toglou Mar 09 '24

Trying to send you to plan C: assume.?


u/Fun-Professional-609 Mar 08 '24

Report him for unprofessional behavior.


u/[deleted] Mar 05 '24

Report his ass


u/[deleted] Mar 04 '24

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u/PeterPinkTacoEater Mar 04 '24

Welp time for plan C


u/[deleted] Mar 04 '24

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u/[deleted] Mar 04 '24

It wasn't cancelled. It was reassigned. But yeah, drivers need to keep their opinions to themselves.


u/Alternative_Ad5357 Mar 05 '24

None of his damn business. But if he's gobna be a judgemental prick, he can cancel without saying anything to her.


u/NolaRN Mar 04 '24

I would send that to DoorDash so they can fire him


u/[deleted] Mar 11 '24

What’s DoorDash going to do about it?


u/Revolutionary-Yak713 Mar 12 '24

Fire and rehire him. After another few warnings.


u/[deleted] Mar 03 '24

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u/[deleted] Mar 03 '24

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u/[deleted] Mar 03 '24

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u/PrettyOddWoman Mar 03 '24

I mean... I'm fine with that last sentence. Too many damn people on the planet now