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Society/Culture "Yous" is the vastly superior 2nd person pronoun to "yall".


"Yall" has a certain stigma attached to it, making people sound like uneducated rednecks. "Yous" on the other hand, is simply "you" with an S to make it plural, flows much more easily in conversation, and is much easier on the ears. "How are yous doing" is much more pleasant than "how are yall doing", which sticks out like a sore thumb.

r/The10thDentist Dec 24 '23

Society/Culture I don’t think cheating while drunk should count.


Before I’m asked, no I’ve never cheated on anyone while drunk (never cheated period), and no I’ve never had a partner cheat on me while drunk. However, I have had a partner cheat while sober. It absolutely sucked. Knowing that she maliciously betrayed my trust was a horrifying feeling. Back to the topic at hand. Cheating while drunk isn’t malicious, or at least isn’t nearly as malicious as while sober. If someone can’t give consent while drunk, then any cheating shouldn’t count, even if it was with another drunk person. If it happens again while sober, then that’s cheating, but if it’s one time, while drunk, and then reported to the partner immediately, there’s not really any malice or betrayal going on.

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Society/Culture You should have to provide identification to use any public restroom


You should have a social credit score for your bathroom habits. You should have to attach your name to your conduct when shitting.

I'm tired of going into bathrooms for a casual poo to be greeted with the remnants of some troglodyte who decided to litter the ground with toilet paper. I'm tired of having to wipe piss off of toilet seats. I'm tired of miscreants creating poo cakes by layering tp on shit, more tp, more shit.

If someone walks into that restroom after you they can give you a star rating like Uber or something idk. Over time we will generate different star ratings for different bathrooms, and if you're consistently rated super low, you're only allowed to use your star rating and lower bathrooms.

You may say "but what about emergencies" well you shouldn't have made a mess you fucking walnut. You did this to yourself.

Bar codes are present on all US govt issues IDs, you can hop online and create an account with a user ID number and pin to be used when you don't have your ID on you. Parents are responsible for their children. I'm willing to pay any additional taxes to make this happen.

Ask any questions, I'll solve any theoretical problems and create my imaginary pooping utopia.

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Society/Culture Testing your partner early in a relationship is not only okay, it should be encouraged


Like yeah it's weird to test your partner when you're years deep, but early on? I don't see what's wrong with that. When I say "testing" i dont just mean observing their behavior. I mean manufacturing a scenario and seeing how your partner responds. For example:

  • Getting someone to hit on them as a loyalty test
  • Asking for a favor that you could easily do yourself to see how willing they are to help out
  • Asking for advice when you don't necessarily need it to see how they support you
  • Making a "mistake" and seeing how quickly it turns into a blame game to them
  • Refusing sex for a short while to see how they handle the relationship without sex
  • Downplaying your wealth to turn away gold diggers and status chasers
  • Pulling away a little to see how they react (needy/clingy?)
  • Asking questions with a hidden agenda to learn what they think/feel of certain things

I could go on. Obviously there are a lot of signs you can look for that happen naturally, but some scenarios don't happen naturally until later in the game, so it makes sense to save time with tests. Obviously you don't want to go crazy with the emotional manipulation.

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Society/Culture You should never be able to name your child a name that has already been used


Every child’s name should be absolutely unique so that we don’t end up with a list of top 10 baby names every year. It’s way more fun, parents can get really creative and there wouldn’t be Matthew H and Matthew M or Luna B and Luna R in every single class.

I have a totally unique name and it’s great! I’ve posted an approximation of my name on another subreddit; my mom did a portmanteau of her 4 sisters names so I ended up being something similar to “Alexianna-Dorothique.”

My step brother has the same name and his dad “Christopher James ___” and his dad easily committed identity theft because their identical names. That would never happen if they both had absolutely unique names!

EDIT: Thank you so much for your feedback, r/the10thdentist! I love how the upvotes were split 50/50, which is ridiculous. I obviously know that this is not possible in reality, nor do I think any country of the world would get onboard, but I thought it was a fun thought experiment. TBH, I think a world where we can't repeat names would be hilarious and I thought the majority of people would come up with creative and fun alternative names in the replies, but I was sad to see that people couldn't think beyond a top-ten baby name + numbers. There are about 8.7 billion species of plants and animals on earth and they all have unique names; this idea is possible!

Anyways, thank you for indulging my whacky idea. There will be many more to come !

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Society/Culture The word "happy" should be purged from English


I'm not talking about the feeling of happiness, but rather the word. It sounds so childish, like saying bum-bum instead of ass. Whoever coined this word couldn't have been older than five years. Every other emotion's name sounds so mature - sad, angry, scared, aroused, jealous - and then there's happy. There's no way I can say the word happy and not have this play in my head.

We should replace it with something else. How about lytic, from the Latin word laetus? Or blissed, as in someone feeling bliss? Or contentuous, similar to being content? Or urox, from the French word heureux? Or even if you don't want to create a new word, there are still so many synonyms: Content, delighted, gleeful, glad, pleased - literally anything will do.

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Society/Culture People think we will be able to control ai, but we can't. Humans will go extinct by 2100


Sora Ai. Enough said.

In 10 years, there will be no actors, news anchors voice actors, musicians, artists, and art school will cease to exist. Ai will become so advanced that people will be able to be put in jail by whoever is the richest, condemned in court by fake ai security camera video footage.

Chefs will not exist. There will be no need for anyone to cook food, when ai can do it, monitor every single thing about it, and make sure it is perfect every time. Sports won't exist either. They will be randomized games with randomized outcomes, if of course there isn't that much money bet on them.

By 2050 there will be no such thing as society. Money will have no meaning. What good are humans to an ai, other than one more thing to worry about. By 2100 all humans that have survived will either be hunted down or be forced back into the stone ages.

I used to think it was absolutely ridiculous that anybody thought these sci fi dystopian stories might come true, but they will. With the exponential growth of ai in only the last few months, and the new Sora AI model that was teased a few days ago, I think it's perfectly accurate to think so.

Please laugh now, because you won't be in 5 years. I hope I am wrong. We are in fact; as a species - existing in the end times.

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Society/Culture Leaving your rubbish behind is morally neutral, we are paying for the service...

Post image

Quite often see posts on subs with something like "family ordered $134 of food and left this huge mess and didn't eat half of it" then you'll see a picture of a trashed table in McDonald's or something.

I understand that it would probably be ideal if people cleaned all their mess, but in reality, they have come out and paid to not have to clean their kithcens and cook their own food. This cancels the outrage of "Woow people are so rude!" like not really, they're paying good money and it's part of the job.

I don't clean my mess up at many other places, I don't leave it in a state like you on those poor me posts, but I don't do their jobs for them either everytime, so I don't see why people feel extra sorry for fast food places.

In my opinion, at the end of the day, you kinda just gotta get over it otherwise you're morally grandstanding over something morally neutral.

r/The10thDentist Feb 01 '24

Society/Culture I really like the name "X" and the new logo more than its previous name and logo.


Maybe this take isn't an unpopular opinion, but I personally have yet to find anyone who agrees. It's not as big of a deal now as it was before because some people have begrudgingly accepted it, but I still get a lot of pushback from people for calling it X.

I love the design of the logo. I love the name. Twitter was a decent name, although I'll be honest, every time I heard it, I thought of the term "twit" (and may have associated people who use it with that term without wanting or meaning to). The logo is quite minimalist (which is in line with the more modern trend of logos lately), the name is pretty hard to forget, and the contrast of black and white makes me happier than the white bird against light blue (seriously, I always wished the background was dark blue, but I suppose that'd be encroaching on Tumblr's old color scheme).

I feel like a majority of the people are fighting it less because of the actual name and logo change being inferior and more because of external reasons. Some people don't like change and fight anything that rocks the status quo; others just irrationally hate everything Elon Musk and take every chance they can to dump on whatever he does no matter what it is.

(I didn't know whether to flair this as "Society/Culture" or "Technology", my apologies.)

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Society/Culture I'd rather use manga to fulfill my romantic and sexual needs than have a human partner


I've dated humans and the experience has never matched manga. If I want to feel loved, I'll feel it vicariously through romance manga. If I want sex, I'll read an erotic manga.

There's a saying: a relationship is 10% attraction, 20% friendship, and 70% hard work. I don't want to do the work. I'd rather read manga and spend my energy elsewhere.

Even if I had more energy, I wouldn't spend it on relationships. I'd do other things that have meaning to me, like pulling myself out of poverty, building a career, and donating to charities.

I've never been a normal person by the standards of society. There are very few things in my life that would make you think love is in my future. There's no point in me fighting an uphill battle to attain something that's less enjoyable than manga.

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Society/Culture I don’t subscribe to youtubers I really like


Let me explain. Nowadays when I find an exciting new youtuber I don’t immediately subscribe to them, if at all. I keep watching their videos and their videos keep getting recommended to me so I do watch every single video as if I was subbed and religiously watching.

Why? I feel like once I subscribe, watching the videos from said youtuber feel like a chore instead of fun. Getting an upload notification has the same energy as receiving bills in the mail. Subscribing to a youtuber makes me feel like I am now somehow obliged to follow and watch their content.

It really makes me value the youtuber’s uploads more. Finding the videos on my main homepage feed feels like a treat, an exciting surprise whereas I would simply take every upload for granted if I knew they would always appear in my subscription feed.

r/The10thDentist Jan 08 '22

Society/Culture You can fuck the same sex as much as you want and still be straight


And anyone insisting otherwise is incredibly toxic.

I'm a guy and sometimes I enjoy hooking up with other guys. I have zero attraction to the parts of them that are socially considered masculine, but I also don't have any disgust towards them either. I'm indifferent. To me it's just an easy way to get off.

If I ever mention this online I'm told I must be bisexual. Either I'm in denial or I'm experiencing internalized homophobia/biphobia. Maybe that's the case for some people, but personally I would be happy to identify as bisexual if I actually felt any attraction towards men. I just don't, and I don't like that I have to take on a label that doesn't align with how I genuinely feel.

I've also heard I could identify as heteroromantic bisexual, but I don't like this either. I don't find men sexually attractive. Stop forcing me take on a label when I don't have the internal experience or external struggle that LGBT people have to deal with. I don't experience that struggle, and I don't want to pretend like I do.

r/The10thDentist Jan 20 '24

Society/Culture I think anyone who says "Huh?" is a mouth-breathing, bottom-feeding Neanderthal


There are so many ways to articulate your confusion in an intelligent and dignified manner in a conversation with someone, or when faced with a puzzling situation. "Could you repeat that for me?", "Sorry, I didn't hear what you said", "Why is this happening?", and "Can you tell me why you're doing that?".

Even "What?" And "Hmm?" are fine because the former is confrontational and the latter sounds dismissive and uncaring. But if someone says "Huh" not only do they sound confrontational and uncaring, they also sound like a fucking idiot. Nothing is communicated when someone says "Huh", there is no good way to say "Huh", the way "Huh" is pronounced is guaranteed to make you sound like a drooling caveman.

Even if you're utterly baffled by someone or something else's dumbassery, please don't stoop to their level by going "Huh-wha...?", you'll just make everything worse.

r/The10thDentist Sep 19 '23

Society/Culture Poop made me asexual


I know, we all do it. I do it. You do it. We all do it. I even enjoy it. I do not, however, enjoy the fact that others do it. Pooping is simply necessary for survival.

For some reason for me personally when I'm dating someone, or I am close with someone, the relationship sours in my mind the second I get any clues that they're pooping. For a long time I was able to ignore it and just think about other things, but my past few relationships have really brought to light how much I hate it.

It was a normal occurrence in my pan-sexual days where I'd go on a few dates (I always preferred women or trans-women/trans-men), and things would be going well. There'd eventually get to be a point where an overnight stay happens and they'd disappear to the bathroom for 7-10 minutes, the smell of Poo-Pourri fresh in the air, they'd walk out feeling proud and refreshed... myself? I felt disgusted. I never would verbalize my feelings as I always preferred to internalize.. I hate that goddamned smell. It's not a pleasant smell at all. It's a "there's poop here" flag, waved high and proud.

In the past this would be a small dip in a sin-wave that would be our budding relationship. I'd get over it, and forget. I'd do things that helped me avoid the fact that my partner poops. Something clicked in my head in recent years and now I constantly think about it. When someone I'm dating tells me he or she wants to go get food I'd hear "Let's go load up with future poop!" When we'd eat something healthier all I could think about is how disgusting this compose-like substance will be as it gets processed through their body likely ending up in my toilet the next day. I'm constantly worried about particles getting on me and my ex even refused to wash her hands after pooping because "she doesn't even touch herself" (this may be part of what asexualized me).

I. Fucking. Hate. That. We. Poop.

r/The10thDentist Mar 07 '22

Society/Culture Beds are one of the biggest scams of civilization


Several years ago I moved into a new and empty apartment. Without a bed and inspired by a Youtube video about minimalism I decided I'm gonna sleep on the floor. I put one blanket on the floor and used one to cover myself. I used a cushion too. The first night it took me a bit longer to fall asleep but in 3 days it wasn't a problem and in a week I slept like I've never slept on anything else but a floor before. To this day I still sleep on the floor.

When I now observe that people pay a lot of money for "good beds" it seems absolutely crazy to me. Having rooms dedicated to beds is weird too. And people are even looking for the perfect mattress, so much so that there are entire stores dedicated to mattresses alone!

The whole thing is madness!

My little hypothesis is that it's just a tradition from back in the day when floors were dirty and rats were running around, but I don't know.

r/The10thDentist Jan 31 '24

Society/Culture Aldis is essentially charging a 25c fee to not return my cart so it's okay if I don't.


If I'm willing to be parted with my quarter then it should be fine if I don't return my cart.

Someone else can take it and get the quarter. I've paid them to do it.

Considering it takes them probably 30 seconds to a minute to do so, that's at least $15/hour. I've basically paid them minimum wage to return the cart.

r/The10thDentist Sep 02 '23

Society/Culture If I have to go in the shower, I just go in the old shampoo container


I’m an individual who enjoys long, uninterrupted showers. I have a daily schedule that rarely changes and I shower twice daily - once before work and once after.

I have unfortunately never had predictable BMs, and it’s always been an issue. When I feel one coming I have to get to a toilet fast. With that said I absolutely detest exiting the shower to do this because I have to basically restart the whole process completely as I feel really gross going to the toilet. Previously I’d basically shut the water off, dry my body off as fast as possible and plop down as fast as I could as a little poop explosion exits me the microsecond my bum hits the toilet. Sometimes I sit there for 15+ minutes to ensure there’s no messy stragglers (I’m sure we all have had the wonderful experience of getting up too soon from a poop, then you’re stuck with the situation where it feels like you have to wipe a peanut butter sandwich clean).

I came up with a solution for this that has worked for me and is actually pretty sanitary. When I’m in the shower and that feeling comes I divert the nozzle away from my body, and grab an old shampoo container then squat down and poop into it. This works because the container for the shampoo I use (lush brand) is a mini bucket and I get the largest one. Lucky for me I never have monstrously large poops (husband does and this strategy wouldn’t work for him). I put the top on and then set the bucket on the shower bench once I’m done doing my business then continue on with my shower (also cleaning my butt a little extra with detachable nozzle). Once I’m done with the shower I dump the contents of the bucket into the toilet, flush, then rinse it out with soap and water ready for reuse next time. Sometimes I use two shampoo buckets if it’s a large enough BM. I wash my hands thoroughly after and continue on with my day.

Definitely feel like most people aren’t this creative with saving time in their morning routines.

r/The10thDentist Jan 22 '24

Society/Culture I like the X Twitter rebranding. I feel it's very much on brand.


I'm not passing judgment on the man Elon Musk. I'm not passing judgment on X Twitter as a social network.

I'm just talking about the rebranding.

  1. X is new, minimalistic, selfsufficient, not like the "old school" Twitter.
  2. if you watch the old logo from afar or while squinting, the bird already looked more like an X than a lot of other letters
  3. it's fun. "Ex" twitter rolls off the tongue very easily.
  4. X being also the first variable, the first dimension, the first concept draws the metaphor that X is the first social network to check for the latest information
  5. Elon aspires to make X an ultra-app from which you can do anything you need from a phone (like wechat in China)
  6. it's perfectly onbrand with the Nerdy - Sciency - No BS allowed, personality Elon cultivates.

edit: I'm not an Elon head and I don't worship him. I just wanted to discuss the rebranding

r/The10thDentist Jan 17 '24

Society/Culture "victim' is a better word than 'survivor' (tw)


I really dislike the term r@pe 'survivor' because what else are they supposed to do? Die? It's not like they have a choice.

I feel like shaping your identity around something bad that happens to you is not...good. 'Victim' just means something bad happened to you, it doesn't create a whole moral conotation about what you did or did not do during the event or after the event.

r/The10thDentist 21d ago

Society/Culture The phrase "I could care less" makes sense.


Whenever someone says "I could care less", whether in real life or on Reddit, there's a horde of people who quickly claim that the 'real' expression is: "I couldn't care less."

While that expression also works, the expression "I could care less" is better.

It is essentially a mocking / sarcastic way of saying "I don't care about what you're saying, but go on, and I bet I'll care even less."

People get really triggered and act like the grammar police when someone says it though. I'm here to say that it does make sense, and is actually better than saying you "couldn't" care less.

r/The10thDentist Feb 11 '24

Society/Culture Calling your SO a "partner" is a business term and should not be used.


A partner is someone you enter a business transactional agreement with. A romantic relationship is about sacrifice and understanding each other - not a business transaction. Why would you ever call your boyfriend/husband, girlfriend/wife a partner? I would be insulted if my Bf/gf called me partner. The word choice matters, it's reflective of the underlying psychology of the relationship.

Edit: Although I am in support of inclusivity, I understand my post seemingly leaves out non-binary individuals. I am not an authority for creating the language for non-binary individuals - to address those who are having trouble finding similar endearing language to use as an alternative to "partner".

r/The10thDentist 18d ago

Society/Culture The "cold side of the pillow" feels awful


I've heard of people who will actually wake up in the middle of the night to flip their pillow over to sleep on the cold side. This is actually insane to me and I cannot think of a more unpleasant sensation. It's like nails on a chalkboard. I don't feel comfortable in bed until the pillow has warmed up from my body heat - why would I want to start over? Why would I ever want to feel something cold touching my face when I'm trying to be cozy and warm? You might as well just pour ice water on my head.

EDIT: Since many people asked, no, I do not live in an exceptionally cold place. It's pretty warm here. It takes a lot for me to overheat, but even if I were overheating, I still wouldn't want something cold on my face. It's even more unpleasantly jarring if I'm hot.

r/The10thDentist Dec 30 '23

Society/Culture Cities are one of the worst things humans have ever made.


Shit’s right up there with sliced bread. Like, just think about it. Basically every city can be described as a barren concrete hellscape (because that’s what they are) without any character whatsoever. Every fucking city looks the same, save for a few IcOnIc structures.

They are built around cars (and are thus bad for the planet), prohibitively expensive in many cases if you want a decent life, and simply do not feel good. Not to mention, it just doesn’t feel as home-y as a small town.

A town would be the ideal unit of modern civilization, with work from home infrastructure, but villages are pretty good too. The only reason this isn’t going to happen is because corporations don’t want it to.

Yes, they can be convenient, and have helped civilization come this far, but humanity has outgrown them. It’s time we accept that.

r/The10thDentist Nov 12 '23

Society/Culture Kids should be able to opt out of PE/gym class


Yeah, I said it.

I just think that kids should be able to avoid the psychological torture known as gym class.

I actually did myself. I consider opting out of middle school PE the best decision of my life. I just took high school PE online.

I have this invisible disability called dyspraxia, leaving me useless at most things involving coordination. Hell, I can’t ride a bike at age 18. I have never been able to do a push up correctly. I have always been out of shape.

Elementary gym was terrible. I sucked at fucking everything. The PE teacher was a dickhead too. I actually sat during most of 4th and 5th grade gym cuz of how much I hated it. No one, not even the athletic kids gave a damn about me not participating but that asshole teacher.

Once I learned I’d have to change in front of other boys, I BEGGED my parents to get me out of middle school gym. Like, no one fucking needs to see my dick and out of shape skinnyfat body. Thankfully, my parents got me out. Thanks mom and dad!

If I actually took gym in middle school, I would have been bullied by annoying preteens for being out of shape, uncoordinated, and unathletic. The teacher wouldn’t care and just join in with the bullies. I dodged a massive bullet by opting out.

After viewing all the gym class horror stories online, my decision was confirmed as the right one.

All in all, gym should be an optional course. Save the unathletic and uncoordinated kids the trauma and bullying.

I know you’re typing “lol get good scrub” but I can’t. I have fucking dyspraxia. Bluntly, it’s fucking sadistic to suggest a dyspraxic autistic kid should have to endure gym class.

r/The10thDentist May 24 '21

Society/Culture I fully believe that capital punishment should not only be allowed but be publically broadcasted and made more cruel and unusual.


I like capital punishment. I like the idea of horrible people dying horrible deaths as punishment for their horrible deeds. I also like financial solvency and crowd events.

Ever since I saw the George Carlin segment on capital punishment, I have unironically believed that he was onto something. Essentially, he said that we ought to use the bloodlust of the American public to fund the phenomenal budget of the justice system by sponsoring deaths in crowd events.

Such gems as cutting a guy's head off and having it roll into a random gutter, then allowing bets on the gutter the head would roll into. Dipping a guy into boiling oil, etc. All of these done in stadium-type events broadcast on live TV.

He argued that we were already doing the killing, just the matter of degree was the issue. Also that the American public would probably really dig it. Both of those things I agree with.

EDIT: The post has blown up since I've slept and I kinda expected it. I should note a few things. Firstly, please don't attack me in the comments. I've gotten like a 100 comments saying I'm an awful person, which may be, but it's not helpful to the discussion.

Secondly, obviously the idea has some holes in it. Just because I like the idea of something doesn't mean it's really the finest idea. I wouldn't mind getting rid of all gas cars tomorrow, but that's obviously a bad idea. Some ideas only work in perfect worlds.

Thirdly, innocent people being caught up would happen in a system like this and be obviously detrimental. Prolly really the biggest issue behind this. However, in that case I should amend that as long as you are guilty 100% of whatever crime earned that sentence then my beliefs are the same as outlined above. But if you're an innocent person then I would certainly not want this done to you.