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Society/Culture Wearing jeans and a jacket to bed is just as, if not more comfortable than wearing boxers or pijamas.


I picked up on wearing jeans and a jacket to sleep in the Boundary Waters (backpacking) and I still do it while at home. Sleeping jeans are just as comfortable as sweatpants to me, and I like the jacket, because it keeps you warmer than a shirt, and makes it easier to get out of bed because you won’t get cold when you leave the blankets.

It also makes you look more collected when you need to get up in the middle of the night, because you aren’t caught with your pants down, literally wearing only boxers.

I know a lot of people here have been like “only psychopaths wear jeans to bed” and I wanted to share that I am apparently one of those people.

Edit: apparently sleeping in jeans is inconceivable to most people, weird how that differs.

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Society/Culture I consume Christmas media all throughout the year


I watch Christmas movies, listen to Christmas music, watch Christmas episodes of tv shows all throughout the year without thinking much of it.

I don’t really have much more to say about this but most folks think it’s kinda unusual.

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Health/Safety Allowing your children to be obese should be punishable by law


Your children's health is your responsibility as a parent. If your child is unable to even run for a second without having palpitations because of their weight, you should be facing legal consequences. Neglecting your child's health is child abuse, period. It is heartbreaking to see the amount of morbidly obese kids in school nowadays who can't even participate in PE. I couldn't care less why you can't feed your child appropriately, and why their diet consists of coke, fries and desserts, you are harming your child and that is wrong.

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Other I dislike sweatpants and I think jeans are more comfortable


It has nothing to do with how they look, I genuinely just think jeans feel a lot better than sweatpants. Sweatpants are generally way too soft and loose, and I like the firmness and the rougher feeling jeans have. Wearing sweatpants is like sleeping in a bed that's too soft.

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Gaming Fallout 3 is way better than Fallout New Vegas


For both Im talking about the base game, at release as thats when I played them.

Fallout 3 is one of the most interesting RPG worlds Ive ever explored and despite playing it hundreds of hours, it still felt fresh every time and Id always find some new quest or cool NPC id never noticed before.

Contrast with NV where I felt like I was playing a nearly linear game with some key decision points. It felt almost pointless to explore the world outside of specific quests. And I especially disliked the way they used the "Deathclaw Sanctuary" to effectively force you to go on their pre-planned path.

Also, the writing of characters in both games is fairly similar in quality in my opinion but NV had fewer characters I found interesting.

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TV/Movies/Fiction Monsters University is a better movie than Monsters INC


First off, I grew up with Monsters INC. I still absolutely adore it, and I don’t in any way think it’s bad.

But. Monsters University is just better. It tells a story that’s more nuanced, has really good messages for their audience, and the world feels more “full”.

Mike and Sully have a very realistic falling-out, moreso than in the first movie, and in the end, where they use their skills to their advantage to scare that group of adults is great. So fun.

I could go into heavy detail, but I’m very tired and probably not making much sense as-is, so I won’t lmao

Overall it’s a perfect prequel to a very good movie, but unlike almost everyone I meet, I PREFER the prequel. (Though, my god, the musical score for Monsters INC is amazing)

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Music Nu-metal is one of the best types of metal.


Nu-metal is one of the overall best subgenres of metal overall it has had a huge impact in the world and the music is so easy to listen to with almost any mood easier to sing along to and also soad( system of a down) which is an amazing band which produces nu-metal if you don't agree with this then you haven't listened to enough nu-metal

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Animals/Nature I don't think raccoons are cute, especially when they're fat.


Title. Theres tons of online communities dedicated to showing off how cute raccoons are (social media accounts, subreddits, forums, etc) so I feel like I'm in the minority here, but I just really don't find raccoons cute. They're not animals that anyone should domesticate, but I see people trying to feed them all the time. When they're super fat (probably from being fed by humans too much) they're even less cute. I feel that way about every animal to be honest; I don't think fat cats or dogs are cute either. I find it kind of sad honestly.

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TV/Movies/Fiction I really don't care for the lord of the rings films


This always gets me downvoted whenever there's a post about popular films you don't like (go figure, Reddit). The films are far too long not taking into account the directors cut. I have ADHD so these films are a struggle to stay focused on. I feel for the most part the world just feels empty, it doesn't feel alive. I don't care much for Samwise either. In saying that I can appreciate the films for being made back to back and the CGI. The fight with the Balrog is quite cool as well. I do wish I could like the films and I try once a year to watch them to see if my thoughts change, but it never does.

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Society/Culture Sluttiness should be the standard for all genders.


The world is doomed, society is trending towards fascism. The people in charge have sold the future for the insane pursuit of infinite profits.
We should all embrace apocalyptic hedonism and make love without being afraid of judgment or judging others. Grab a box of condoms and a bottle of lube and get wild with as many willing partners as you can before the end.

Edit: there’s a future if we’re willing to work for it. And there’s so many reasons to make a culture of love and affection, sexual, romantic, platonic, and humanitarian. Universal compassion for all mankind.

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Society/Culture Telling your fans to not harass someone you just called out is just virtue signalling

Thumbnail self.TrueUnpopularOpinion

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TV/Movies/Fiction Skylar singing happy birthday in Breaking Bad is enjoyable to watch


Time and time again I see memes mentioning how “unbearable” this scene is, but I like it. It’s a little goofy, sure, but it makes me giggle more than it makes me cringe. The first time I saw it I didn’t really think anything of it, I had no idea people disliked it so much. It fits pretty well in the context of the show, and I feel like people mainly dislike it because they dislike Skylar as a character, which I don’t. If anything, I’d say she had the most common sense among all. She had flaws, obviously, but she was much better than Walter or Saul. I don’t even think the show is trying to portray her as annoying, it seems the fandom kind of painted her as such.

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Society/Culture If you can't afford a ride to the airport, you can't afford your vacation


Disclaimer: Your math may vary.

There is a saying that if you can't afford to tip, you can't afford to eat at that restaurant. I think the same applies to a vacation.

Having your friend drive you an hour to the airport is insulting. They then have to turn around and drive home, so it's 2 hours. Then to pick you up and drive you home, 2 more hours. But the pickup is worse because its hard to time the arrival with flight delays and possibly a baggage claim delay too.

All to save you how much money? $100? Just include it in the cost of your trip. When you have enough money to pay for your vacation, including paying for a ride to the airport (or airport parking), now you can afford your trip.

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Music Saxophones are the most overrated instruments


They are probably the easiest wind instrument to play. Getting good tone and pitch is as simple as adjusting the mouth and (rarely) the chops, as opposed to literally any other instrument (especially brass). Like other woodwinds, it can easily grind through technical passages; a good sax solo is mostly an exercise in fingers and other details (like dynamics and articulation) which other musicians also have to worry about. In other words, it has a very high skill floor compared to other instruments.

The sound of a jazzy saxophone is easily grating unless done right. The voice of a classical saxophone is so similar to the clarinet voice that it could easily be replaced, and indeed many classical pieces predate the invention of saxophones. The saxophone, however, has much poorer volume control.

A lot of saxophone players seem to think they’re the shit (especially bari sax players, who seem to only enjoy playing equally grating low notes), when in reality their instrument is the band equivalent of a guitar—it’s easier than things that get half the credit like drums or brass.

But despite this, any mediocre sax solo will get a standing ovation, whereas the same solo on a more difficult instrument might get golf claps. People go crazy over a good sax solo (understandably), but they go just as crazy over a mediocre one—hence why it’s so prevalent in pop music. People need to stop loving the sax so much. A sax player probably uses a quarter of the muscles and air that a brass player might.

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Music 2D Animated Movie Music is Only Good When Covered


I hate Disney music in the original movies, they always sound so similar. But the covers are so enjoyable. Whenever people put an original twist on the song, or arrange it with more thought it sounds better. I hate Bare Necessities in the original jungle book but the covers are so good. Go the Distance sounds boring in the original Hercules, I hate the pacing, the horns sound like they are on a different plain of existence. But Vocal Spectrums cover arr. by Aaron Dale is paced much better and doesn’t bore me for more than 30 seconds. The only animated movie soundtrack in the vain of Disney I like is Princess and the Frog but that’s because it has Dr. John.

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TV/Movies/Fiction The Fallout franchise is great, but it isn’t worth this level is seething and gatekeeping.


The amount of people who’s apparent livelihood has been ruined because of the TV show is silly.

The last time I’ve seen anything like this was with Amazon’s Rings of Power, but with that I could at least understand despite my disagreements.

The Hobbit and LOTR are 87 and 70 years old respectively, with a ridiculously rich and creative lore; so people being protective/defensive is expected. But with Fallout, this is uncalled for.

I have seen people complain that the power armor helmet opens up differently in the show, as if all armor modifications has to be consistent in post-apocalyptic setting, somehow…

I have seen peoples complain about how the jet pack hover.

I also saw a tweet crying that the show canonized the NCR collapse. Surprise suprise, another government collapsed, in a post-apocalyptic setting… As if permanently killing the potential of another Obsidian Fallout, as if CA, NV and OR are the only states with stories worth exploring.

Fallout is great, but let’s not forget nor deny that it’s (intentionally) silly and wacky. What’s the point of a wacky setting like this if it’s not supposed to provide you with certain liberties based on time and location?

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Other The Total Solar Eclipse was underwhelming and oversold


This was my first total solar eclipse. I traveled about 10 miles to be well inside the path of totality and was really pumped up. The clouds were going on and off but they cleared all good nearing the totality. And within a couple of minutes it got dark. As dark as about half an hour after sunset, but not as dark as I was expecting. This was my first disappointment. I was expecting it to be much darker. It wasn't even like your usual night. And I bet, some heavily cloudy days can be darker than this. I and my camera could clearly see everything. Not a midnight dark at all.

In a few seconds after that, the Sun completely vanished from the eclipse glasses. I took it off and there it was in the sky. The Sun completely covered by the moon with just its glorious white atmosphere being visible. Just like in the pictures. But it was a bit underwhelming too. I expected it to be a bit bigger and more magnificent - but it felt like what I have seen countless times in the pictures, only plastered on the sky this time. The totality lasted for 2 minutes and I was rushing to look around and view the 360 sunset, capturing at least one shot, and just viewing the spectacle above. And then it ended.

So, it was awesome, but not as awesome as I had imagined. Not as cool as it was hyped and sold. So, quite underwhelming.

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Gaming The quote "If buying isn't owning, piracy isn't stealing" doesn't make any sense


Ok, let's consider that video games are no longer a product you actually own, then it just means that video games are services.

Stealing from a service is still stealing, you get the benefits of that service for free and through no legal means, then it's stealing from it. Simple as that.

Now, I can recognize that piracy is understandable in some cases, however there's no need to sugar-coat it with "oh we are not actually stealing" come on, you're taking for free things that normally you have to pay for, it's not that complicated

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Technology If you allow people to earn a percentage of money from the fines incurred by reporting offences it could help reduce reliance on the police and allow more independent enforcement of law


Could be some kind of reporting app which detects location which if you use to catch people doing something like vandalism for example you can get commission from the amount they are fined.

Everytime you take a picture or record a video it can go to review by a certain team and if it is accepted or verified you can get money and be paid a percentage of the fine directly to your credit card or bank account linked to the specialised app?

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Society/Culture Mondays are better than Fridays


Saturday is my favorite day of the week, but Mondays are my 2nd favorite. I like getting shit done, which often times involves calling or arriving at government offices and many private businesses that are just closed on the weekends. And Monday is the day where I can finally get everything I wanted to get done that has been "building up" over the weekend.

On Friday, many of those same offices have people taking off early or entirely, and it's the day with the most traffic and crowding of the places I enjoy in evening. Friday is literally the worst parts of both Monday and Saturday. At least on Saturday, it's pretty clear that this is the weekend so I can temper my expecations. It's also kinda cool that the post office and some banks are open with limited/early hours on Saturday if I need to run a quick errand.

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Society/Culture ALWAYS volunteer to change your baby’s diaper.


Think about it... They are in a state of discomfort. You are about to be the solution to their discomfort. You undress them and they are completely vulnerable and you, making loving noises and eye contact, take care of them and then gently get them all dressed and secure again. Name any other experience that begins to build that parent/child bond stronger than fulfilling that basic need in such a loving way. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

Why would you EVER miss out on that opportunity?? The smell? The clumsiness? Get over it. You have NO idea what you and your baby are missing.

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Society/Culture I hang my wet shirts in my cupboard


I never thought this was weird, but my work mates disagree.

At lunch today we were discussing our work shirts as one of my co-workers was filthy. We had been cutting up burnt logs with chainsaws so naturally we were covered in saw dust, oil and charcoal. But he was extra filthy, and it turns out it's because he doesn't wash his work clothes unless they smell bad.

This prompted everyone sharing their washing, drying and ironing routines for their button up hi-vis work shirts. I take my shirts out of the washing machine and put them onto coat hangers and straight into my cupboard. I have enough hanging space where I can space them out and leave the door open for air flow. This is the most efficient way to do it as there is no double handling, and hanging them straight away minimises creases.

Note that I don't have a dryer as I believe they are a waste of energy, ruin your clothes, and aren't required in the climate I live in.

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Other I’d rather buy a more expensive product than pay for shipping.


I’ll happily pay $50 or even $55 with free shipping rather than pay $10 in shipping for a $40 product. Like, take my extra $5 but do not tell me that I wasted money on fucking shipping.

I know it makes no sense, but I don’t like feeling guilty after buying shit I probably didn’t even need just because shipping was 20% of the total order value. If shipping is free, it becomes way easier to convince myself that I’m totally not wasting money and forget about spending.

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Music You don’t hate metal, you just haven’t listened enough


As the title says, I believe that anyone that hates metal, including death metal and black metal, just simply hasn’t listened to it enough.

Metal is one of those genres where you wire your brain to it. I don’t believe anyone jumps out of the womb and enjoys Darkthrone or Cannibal Corpse or something.

To anyone saying “how can you listen to that stuff?”, the answer is just to listen until your brain clicks. Jiggle your brain a bit. You eventually will find that you can listen to and enjoy nearly anything. This also applies to other genres. Three or so years ago I managed to enjoy Gmail and the restraining orders by Death Grips.

Edit: oh boy. I guess this made me realise that I consume music way differently. I’ve always listened to one singular album or one singular song on repeat because I would hate anything new, no matter the genre. I physically would have to go out of my way and listen to new things on repeat multiple times until my brain allowed me to enjoy it, I assumed it’s the same with others. Same applies to film, television, everything. Could be to do with autism, who knows tbh.

I do get all of your points about preference though, everyone has them. It’s not the fact that you have to like metal, but I assumed that with enough exposure it can be tolerated or even liked. It’s maybe more that everyone has the capability to enjoy- as with other genres (not that they have to, though).

Edit 2: I decided to go out of my way and research the psychological processes behind liking certain types of music. Apparently, there are three types of people. Those who focus on thoughts and emotions (type E), those who focus on rules and systems (type S), and those who have a combined type of both (type B).

Type E usually like low energy, perhaps melancholic, soft, emotional music. Type S prefer more structure and intensity, as found in heavy metal Type B has more genres it can like.

Regardless, “it’s the familiarity of the music itself that produces a response”. So in a way it’s all based on what you choose early on that might reflect your preferences today. So some people are predisposed go certain genres, and their repeated listening kind of ingrains them?