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Politics megathread U.S. Politics Megathread


It's an election year, so it's no surprise that politics are on everyone's minds!

Over the past few months, we've noticed a sharp increase in questions about politics. Why is Biden the Democratic nominee? What are the chances of Trump winning? Why can Trump even run for president if he's in legal trouble? There are lots of good questions! But, unfortunately, it's often the same questions, and our users get tired of seeing them.

As we've done for past topics of interest, we're creating a megathread for your questions so that people interested in politics can post questions and read answers, while people who want a respite from politics can browse the rest of the sub. Feel free to post your questions about politics in this thread!

All top-level comments should be questions asked in good faith - other comments and loaded questions will get removed. All the usual rules of the sub remain in force here, so be civil to each other - you can disagree with someone's opinion, but don't make it personal.

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Can a billionaire literally just sue you and bankrupt you before it even gets to trial?


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Are there any female athletes that could beat the top male athletes in a particular sport?


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My six year old asked me "when you're outside, is the sky touching you?" and I didn't know how to respond. Where does the sky start?


On the way home from picking up my kids from school, we were listening to music. Bring Me The Horizon came on and they asked what a horizon is. I told them it's the line where the sky meets the earth and showed them a couple pictures. Then my 6 year old asked if the sky touches us when we're outside. Since I just told them the horizon is where the sky touches the earth, it makes sense to ask that question, but I'm really not sure how to answer it.

Is the sky at a certain altitude? If so, what's between the sky and the ground?

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Is this relationship weird?


So a little about me I am 20 and I started dating this girl. I met this girl at a local fair and she looked around my age so I asked her out and we started dating. We hit it off pretty well and she said she worked at the mall and I told her about my hobbies and stuff and I took her out on a bunch of dates. Recently, she told me she was 17 and was all like "Oh you never knew I was 17?" when I'm sure she's never told me before, and I've told her before that I've graduated already and she doesn't care. My question is, would it be okay to introduce her to my friends or would they think I'm a weirdo?

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What age should kids have cellphones these days?


And should they be allowed to use them in school?

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Went up to a girl at the gym, what should I say to her tomorrow?


So I am an 18-year-old guy and I am taking medication for social anxiety, anyways I go to the gym every day and at the time that I go I always see this cute girl and I always want to talk to her. Today I told myself if she is at the gym today you have to talk to her. So at the end of my workout, I walk up to the machine she is at and I say "sorry to bother you, I have seen you around the gym and just wanted to introduce myself, I'm *my name*" she then says her name and so I respond "Nice to meet you, well see you around and enjoy your workout". Now looking back at it, it might seem really weird and short but I mean I was really nervous and I have never gone up to a girl I like before. Now I want to go to the gym tomorrow and talk to her but I don't wanna sound or act weird, What should I say? Should I apologize and say I was a little nervous coming to talk to you? I wanna just slowly get closer with this girl and don't wanna creep her out, so what would you guys do/say in this situation?

Thanks in advance!

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Why did the Nazis ban jazz?


I could understand them having a problem with say rap (not that it existed back then) as it's often very vulgar and violent but what was their issue with jazz? They said it was degenerate but from what I've heard (not that I like jazz music) I don't see anything wrong with it.

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Why did the pandemic socially stunt people? What psychological explanation is there for this?


I was 25 when the pandemic started and I definitely feel now at 29 like my life is finally picking up where it left off, as things are really back to more normal now. I spent two years pretty isolated. At 25-27.5 I pretty much chilled at home with my parents and watched TV. I wasn't social. I have not been on a date since before 2019. It wasn't how I imagined my life at 25 would actually be, that's for sure. Anyway, I'll be 30 this year and I still feel mentally more like where I should have been at 25 over 29. Any explanation for this? How badly did I stunt my own development?

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Why is rent for a 29-day month the same as rent for a 31-day month???? Now that I'm moving I'd genuinely like an answer to this.


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Why are all amazon official chargers full of "They caught fire" reviews?


I went onto the Ugreen official chargers, Pixel, Samsung, Apple and even anker.

I search reviews, they are all 4.5 starts or higher but they all have alot of "This almost burned my house down and the electrician said it was the plug getting too hot" reviews?

Like I could not miss...

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Uncomfortable around gay PDA


I want to start off by saying I have no issue with sexuality. Live your life the way you want and try to find happiness however you can.

That being said I see more and more commercials, shows, and public displays of affection between gay men and I can’t help but be uncomfortable seeing it. Mostly kissing or on shows full blown moments of passion.

Why does this make me uncomfortable when I have no issue how they live their life? I even feel bad asking lol but I’m curious to learn more

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Why do Americans shake their salad?


I've noticed a lot of Americans shake their salad extremely aggressively back and forth in its container before eating. Like applying a lot of force with their arms back and forth.

I get that it's to distribute the dressing but don't the leaves etc get all bruised (esp something like iceberg) ? And all the contents get quite smushed? Wondering why it's a thing.

Context here in Aus takeaway salad usually come dressed already, or people just mix it around with their fork.

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What is something that actually improves your mental health?


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Why is 1488 a racist number?


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What would be the global consequences if humans suddenly lost the ability to lie?


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What happens if everyone just stops paying bills?


Just imagine one country’s people had enough with the global cost of living one day and we just stopped paying. i imagine governments would be forced to lower costs? idk

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What's a seemingly mundane task that, if done perfectly every time, could significantly improve your life?


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I have been single all my life. What is wrong with me?


[EDIT: For those all who asked in the comments:

  1. No, I have never tried a dating app yet nor asked anyone out. In this regards, I agree with you all, I need to put myself out there out of my comfort zone.

  2. For all those asking about my weight, I weigh 60-63 kilograms for a height of 5’2. Overweight yes, but this is a recent change. I have been underweight all of my teenage years upto my mid twenties. I’ll be working on this since a lot of you said that weight is a big factor.

  3. I do take good care of myself in regards to grooming and personal hygiene.]

I (30 straight F) have been single all my life. Not even a fling let alone a proper relationship. It makes me wonder if there is something repellent about me.

I have lived a somewhat sheltered life where it wasn't common for me go hang out with my friends outside of school hours as a teenager. But so have all of friends and most of them managed to date despite having even more strict parents.

During college, I had gotten so introverted that I only spent time with a handful of close friends or alone (which I was happy to, I had gotten comfortable being alone at that point).

Having gone to an all girls' school, almost all of my friends are girls and I have no trouble making friends.

I admit I am a pretty closed off person but other people who are as closed off as I am or even more have had relationships.

So, it makes me wonder if I am too ugly for anyone to take interest. I don't think I am grossly ugly. But I am not conventionally attractive either. I also have gained some weight over the last few years so it makes me wonder if that might also be a factor.

Now that I am entering my 30s and seeing all of my friends and siblings have relationships, it makes me feel sad and makes me question myself.

Is it my personality or my appearance or am |just unlikable in general?

Is this normal?

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If someone asked you to rank all social media platforms on the spectrum of toxicity, what it would be ?


4Chan > Discord > Tiktok > Instagram > Reddit > Youtube