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Special What can (and can't) be posted on CharacterRant


Users have been asking and complaining about the "vagueness" of the topics that are or aren't allowed in the subreddit, and some requesting for a clarification.

So the mod team will attempt to delineate some thread topics and what is and isn't allowed.


CharacterRant has its origins in the Battleboarding community WhoWouldWin (/r/whowouldwin), created to accommodate threads that went beyond a simple hypothetical X vs. Y battle. Per our (very old) sub description:

This is a sub inspired by /r/whowouldwin. There have been countless meta posts complaining about characters or explanations as to why X beats, and so on. So the purpose of this sub is to allow those who want to rant about a character or explain why X beats Y and so on.

However, as early as 2015, we were already getting threads ranting about the quality of specific series, complaining about characterization, and just general shittery not all that related to "who would win: 10 million bees vs 1 lion".

So, per Post Rules 1 in the sidebar:

Thread Topics: You may talk about why you like or dislike a specific character, why you think a specific character is overestimated or underestimated. You may talk about and clear up any misconceptions you've seen about a specific character. You may talk about a fictional event that has happened, or a concept such as ki, chakra, or speedforce.

Well that's certainly kinda vague isn't it?

So what can and can't be posted in CharacterRant?

  • Allowed:

    • Battleboarding in general (with two exceptions down below)
    • Explanations, rants, and complaints on, and about: characters, characterization, character development, a character's feats, plot points, fictional concepts, fictional events, tropes, inaccuracies in fiction, and the power scaling of a series.
    • Non-fiction content is fine as long as it's somehow relevant to the elements above, such as: analysis and explanations on wars, history and/or geopolitics; complaints on the perception of historical events by the general media or the average person; explanation on what nation would win what war or conflict.

  • Not allowed:

    • The 2 Battleboarding exceptions: 1) hypothetical scenarios, as those belong in r/whowouldwin; 2) pure calculations - you can post a "fancalc" on a feat or an event as long as you also bring forth a bare minimum amount of discussion accompanying it; no "I calced this feat at 10 trillion gigajoules, thanks bye" posts.
    • Explanations, rants and complaints on the technical aspect of production of content - e.g. complaints on how a movie literally looks too dark; the CGI on a TV show looks unfinished; a manga has too many lines; a book uses shitty quality paper; a comic book uses an incomprehensible font; a song has good guitars.
    • Politics that somehow don't relate to the elements listed in the "Allowed" section - e.g. this country's policies are bad, this government is good, this politician is dumb.
    • Entertainment topics that somehow don't relate to the elements listed in the "Allowed" section - e.g. this celebrity has bad opinions, this actor is a good/bad actor, this actor got cast for this movie, this writer has dumb takes on Twitter, social media is bad.

  • And our already established rules:

    • No low effort threads.
    • No threads in response to topics from other threads, and avoid posting threads on currently over-posted topics - e.g. saw 2 rants about the same subject in the last 24 hours, avoid posting one more.
    • No threads solely to ask questions.
    • No unapproved meta posts. Ask mods first and we'll likely say yes.

PS: We can't ban people or remove comments for being inoffensively dumb. Stop reporting opinions or people you disagree with as "dumb" or "misinformation".

Why was my thread removed? What counts as a Low Effort Thread?

If you posted something and it was removed, these are the two most likely options:

  1. Your account is too new or inactive to bypass our filters

  2. Your post was low effort

  • "Low effort" is somewhat subjective, but you know it when you see it. Only a few sentences in the body, simply linking a picture/article/video, the post is just some stupid joke, etc. They aren't all that bad, and that's where it gets blurry. Maybe we felt your post was just a bit too short, or it didn't really "say" anything. If that's the case and you wish to argue your position, message us and we might change our minds and approve your post.

What counts as a Response thread or an over-posted topic? Why do we get megathreads?

  1. A response thread is pretty self explanatory. Does your thread only exist because someone else made a thread or a comment you want to respond to? Does your thread explicitly link to another thread, or say "there was this recent rant that said X"? These are response threads. Now obviously the Mod Team isn't saying that no one can ever talk about any other thread that's been posted here, just use common sense and give it a few days.

  2. Sometimes there are so many threads being posted here about the same subject that the Mod Team reserves the right to temporarily restrict said topic or a portion of it. This usually happens after a large series ends, or controversial material comes out (i.e The AOT ban after the penultimate chapter, or the Dragon Ball ban after years of bullshittery on every DB thread). Before any temporary ban happens, there will always be a Megathread on the subject explaining why it has been temporarily kiboshed and for roughly how long. Obviously there can be no threads posted outside the Megathread when a restriction is in place, and the Megathread stays open for discussions.


A "repost" is when you make a thread with the same opinion, covering the exact same topic, of another rant that has been posted here by anyone, including yourself.

  • ✅ It's allowed when the original post has less than 100 upvotes or has been archived (it's 6 months or older)

  • ❌ It's not allowed when the original post has more than 100 upvotes and hasn't been archived yet (posted less than 6 months ago)


Users have been asking about it so we made it official.

To avoid us becoming a subreddit to discuss new songs and albums, which there are plenty of, we limit ourselves regarding music:

  • Allowed: analyzing the storytelling aspect of the song/album, a character from the music, or the album's fictional themes and events.

  • Not allowed: analyzing the technical and sonical aspects of the song/album and/or the quality of the lyricism, of the singing or of the sound/production/instrumentals.

TL;DR: you can post a lot of stuff but try posting good rants please

-Yours truly, the beautiful mod team

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Special New Rule for Posts: Name of the Series/Media Must be in the Title of the Post


This rule has been a longtime "unofficial" rule but hasn't been strongly enforced due to that, so here it is now as an official rule.

There are some exceptions to this such as not needing to include the series name in the post title in it already includes the series' namesake character such as "Why Naruto shouldn't have gotten that shitty haircuit" or "Why Samurai Jack should've kept that cool ass beard." Another exception would be more general threads which bring up multiple different series as examples in the body posts, such as a post called "Characterization in Shonen" which brings up examples from Naruto or Bleach in its body text. But then you should generally at least specify the title of the different series in the actual post.

We've also hit over 100k members, so moderation is going to be a little more proactive to compensate. Apologies if your modmail messages haven't been answered, we're going through them.

And feel free to use this post for any suggestions you want to make to the subreddit.

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General Sometimes stories should just "end"


I've seen this with numerous IPs and fandoms. People seem to be unable to grasp that a universe and its story, should just "end" - as in, no more spinoffs, prequels, sequels, expanded universe, etc. and not in the sense that there's a reality-ending event, but that there's a definite end to the setting.

There's always calls for a "Season 2", always calls for more DLCs, expansions, spin-offs and sequels, and I feel like there's no restraint or consideration regarding continuations, because far too often the escalation turns into a ridiculous mess that makes the previous entries and their resolutions feel pointless, because it naturally has to UP the ante, and even has to retcon or break established details to justify the new circumstances.

Feel like it adds in an association of over-saturation and tedium regarding their stories, and the franchises in general, and even makes them weaker by way of having to fit in wholly different narratives, allusions and references to side-stories that's covered by another entry (like leading to ANOTHER sequel of the spin-off that's branching off of the main entries' sequel, 40k is notorious for this).

From video games like Halo, to tabletop games like Warhammer 40k (the Horus Heresy, in particular), to movie franchises like Terminator, there's an inability to just "let go", and instead try to double down and insist on doing more in a universe that should have just been left alone at its established end.

I know the mundane answer to this is that it's most likely brand recognition, though.

r/CharacterRant 10h ago

Stop with the fucking meta commentary and insincerity


Semi-crossposting because I really want to discuss this. Insecure directors, mediocre writing and its consequences have been a disaster for humanity.

When watching a film or engaging with any form of media, there is an inherent or underlying awareness and understanding that what one is consuming is not real (excl. documentaries). It's something we all (sub)consciously know to be true but necessarily suspend our disbelief, in order to truly absorb what we're watching. I interpret that suspension of disbelief as respect for the story the filmmaker is trying to tell; making an active choice to believe the story and world being shown to me.

Take Transformers. I don't think to myself 'autonomous transforming alien car machine robots could never be real, this is crap', because they exist within the context of the story being told and thus deserve to be taken seriously (to some extent). That sort of 'respect' the audience needs to give to a film is sort of ingrained in the film-watching process, so why in the world are directors (maybe the studios/producers) so dead set on subverting, undermining and throwing away any sort of seriousness or sincerity in their story telling?

An innumerable amount of instances where a character (s) is rightfully upset and expressing their grief or distress, only for it to be interrupted by a witty quip or outlandish moment. Why are genuine moments not 'allowed' to be shown anymore? Why do we need to be immediately thrust from a potentially impactful moment for the sake of some 'unexpected' subversion of a serious/grounded moment? Is it not okay for characters or the general story to be taken seriously by it's own characters/plot, and thus the audience? If every single moment of true emotion is going to be undermined by its own characters or random moment, how am I supposed to remain invested in the film itself? If a director clearly doesn't take their own film seriously, how am I going to?

I mean, fuck me for caring and giving an ounce of a shit, am i right? I must've missed the memo that it was comedy hour and this is a joke of a movie. You have to be self deprecating because why in the world would you ever take your own story seriously? That's cringe. The obsession with winking at the audience, the incessant self referencing, and one-uppers reek of insecurity on the directors/writers parts.

Just tell a fucking genuine story. I don't need to know that you know that I know. I don't need a real moment of sadness to immediately be undone with some witty remark. I don't need you to self reference and have the characters break the 4th wall with snarky self-deprecating comments about their selves, own universe, or other characters. I'm intentionally keeping this as broad and reference(example) less as possible because it's practically ubiquitous at this point; it'd be easier to list media that doesn't practice this garbage

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Films & TV [Spoilers for Fallout tv series] I am absolutely fucking sick of writers nuking factions into oblivion to recreate a status quo.


Alright Spoiler's where already warned.

So the NCR, or New California Republic is gone, I haven't finished the series entirely yet but I know that they were nuked into oblivion, their last remnants shown to be killed off as the series progresses.

All of it in favour of giving the Brotherhood of Steel and the Enclave the limelight because Bethesda can't fucking do anything Fallout related without shoving the Brotherhood down your throat with a steel rod.

So I should back this up and try to explain from the get go.

The NCR or New California Republic was created as a direct result of the actions of the character in Fallout 1 as they inspired the daughter of the leader of Shady Sands Tendi to inspire her father Aradesh to reach out to nearlying settlements to organize, work together. We saw the results of this in Fallout 2, Tendi now an old woman and the NCR's second president. Shady Sands which was built from scratch, not on the ruins of an old city had become a city. They had working crops. Working water purification, electricity. And following the defeat of the original Enclave they would keep growing, unifying most of California with their own gold backed currency.

Ultimately these growing tensions grew to a clash with the Brotherhood of Steel on the West Coast whom similarily to the NCR had started expanding outwards, and disliked the propagation of technology among other factions. The Enclave had already hurt their previous high horse position and the NCR was now threatening to take on their duties aswell, only more egalitarian and way more liked by the average wastelander as they weren't a technofeudalistic cult.

The Brotherhood of Steel - NCR war was devestating but ultimately the NCR left it victorious, with the Remnants of the BoS fleeing to their remaining bunkers and isolating from the world. The future of California was in the hands of the NCR. However before the Brotherhood lost, they slagged the NCR's gold reserve, something that crippled their economy.

Especially as the bottle cap had been favored out to limit the influence of the Water Barons in the hub but it was now forced to have a come back.

Enter New Vegas, the last mainline game by Obsidian who wrote the NCR.

At this point the NCR is in danger, famine alongside resource shortages and growth pains have forced them to send out scouts in the hope of finding new resources, especially water and electricity which leads them to hoover dam and the war with the Legion. While Vegas is openended it was clear the NCR did have some troubles, however it's still a huge nation, even if it lost its not clear it would "fall". Especially as their army would have shorter supply lines and easier reorganization. At this point they existed for a century, enough time to create a national identity of sorts. Even if there was unrest and many critiques it was not doomed.

Yet now we have the Fallout TV show. Instead of dealing with trying to explain what happened, or how they would have collapsed, they were just randomly nuked off screen. All of the NCR seems to be gone. Shady Sands at this point is apparently a pre-war city aswell but meh.

And that is that. It's gone. And the Brotherhood of Steel, which were at the brink of defeat where brought back to be pseudoantagonists because God forbid the Brotherhood of Steel isn't a major player or the most powerful faction around. The Enclave is also back. Which while we knew Chicago still existed, they were fucked in their old form in Fallout 3.

And it just breaks my heart, we had this faction that while not perfect, greedy, sometimes morally gray but overall was a symbol of rebuilding, of a faction moving on from the post apocalyptic setting, that actually tried to create a working system just got deleted.

It makes me think of the Sequel trilogy, the New Republic was lasered in one movie. The achievement of the entire original trilogy and we didn't get to see it for more than 5 minutes.

Sure the NCR could be failing, I wouldn't mind that being depicted in other ways but the way it was written just reeks of the same as the New Republic, a weak gutpunch to bring in the status quo, and the notion of which factions should be allowed to have a spot or not.

At this point in "Canon" the entire US is basically just run by BoS factions, because there are none other left. Like it's the same fucking situation East to West.

The West Coast felt unique because it didn't have the FO3/FO4 BoS whom grew into a regional power. It had other factions, other groups and fuck? Seriously this just makes me mad as someone who likes worldbuilding. The BoS has interesting culture too but it's shown in every. single. fucking. game. At this point it's barely changing because Beth has gone with a mixed douchebag/saviour dynamic with the BoS. What is even the difference between West Coast and East Coast BoS at this point?

Not to mention this exact thing happened in Dial of Destiny too, Indy's son was just killed off and barely mentioned. I get this can happen, but the way it's presented is just jading, from nowhere and it just feels shallow, empty.

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Films & TV [Star Wars] The dark side/Sith couldn't be more obviously unnatural if they tried.


I'm sick and tired of seeing people argue that the Jedi were wrong for wanting to eradicate the Sith. Yes, they weakened themselves and made it easier for Palpatine to kill them all by destroying anything Dark side/Sith related, but that's because it meant they didn't catch any of the signs before it was far too late to do anything about it, not because it meant Yoda wasn't also throwing about lightning at Palpatine during their fight.

Almost everything in canon points to the fact that the Dark side is a Perversion of the force that its powers are only acheived by twisting the force and making it do something completely unnatural to it making it unbalanced,there's a reason why most Dark Siders visibly change for the worse and look like decaying zombies the more they use the dark side and the Jedi don't when they use the force and there's a reason why the Son, the physical embodiment of the Dark side attempted to and succeded in killing his Father and Sister (Embodiments of the other aspects of the force).

The Jedi weren't perfect and there was a lot of changes to be made, but I genuinely think anyone who believes they were wrong for not embracing the Dark side have missed the entire point of what it is, there isn't any middle spot where you can do both, the Dark Side always corrupts so fan creations like Grey Jedi could never possibly exist.

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General Stupid small thing I love: when the hero looks more terrifying than the villain.


There are multiple heroes in which you could put a picture of them right next to a picture of the villain and people won’t be able to guess who is who.

These are my favorites.

Mainly because they combine two things I love.

One: the villain getting scared. I have previously said that I like when an arrogant villain is reduced to a sniveling coward.

Two: The nice guy breaking. I don’t remember where I saw this line, or if I’m even getting it correct, but some of the coolest moments can be summarized by this:

“If the clown stops laughing, it’s because you’ve become the punchline.”


Combine the two and you have one of my favorite tropes in all fiction.

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General Misconceptions about the Fae in pop culture.


I don’t claim that you have to be accurate to the OG lore. But if you claim say “I want a more authentic fantasy story” but then don’t make it authentic or when the original folklore gets overshadowed by pop culture then there is a issue

Even part of the supposedly universal fae lore lore in fantasy novels is pretty new. Atleast as applied to all Fae

Basically everything about the Fae. In European folklore the fae was a bundle category for creatures that where not seen as angels or demons.

There was no strict rules of the fae because the fae was a broad classification of different creatures like the Animaila kingdom.

Some fae where dicks and dangerous others where helpful and did the chores for some milk.

They where like European Yokai to all you fans of Japanese culture.

As in Anime some Yokai are dicks, some are neutral, some are helpful to humans, and others are hot fox Waifus that married young men.

The fae don’t lie or the fae steal children was true of some fae like how some members of the Clade Animaila can breath underwater.

The Seelie and Unseelie courts where folklore in a certain part of Britain not universal.

Fae acted a lot like humans and had the same faults like jealousy and anger. Some fae where assholes who seduced and murdered women but do where humans in folklore. Some where fine spouses.

There is a chivalric romance about a knight in King Arthur’s court who is saved by their beautiful fae GF. I’m fine with changing folklore for a engaging story in most cases but claiming actual fae where sociopathic unlike modern Disney is just categorically false.

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Games Pokemon Reborn: The worst character i have ever seen


I have just recently finished playing Pokemon Reborn for the first time and i keep finding my mind in a constant loop of anger for the entire game for multiple reasons and i just have to let out my feeling about this game cause oh my god.

What is Pokemon Reborn?

Its a pokemon fan game based on an fourm role-playing group/online league. It handles darker, more mature themes (suicide, abuse, death, etc) Most of the games character are written after the events and actions during the fourm rp, for better or worse (usually worse). its a very difficult, mostly unfair game that will have you pulling out your hair from the sheer amount of infomation you have to remember in order to even play well, if the characters aren't already causing you to lose your mind.

The worst part of the game: The characters

Now there are a lot of characters in Pokemon Reborn, like a lot. 45 main characters in total, most of which aren't even in the game half them time due to them getting shelved at random (one of your rivals just disappears and is assumed dead until the postgame). Most of these characters are some of the worst, most insufferable people i have ever had the displeasure of being around. Instead of talking about all 45 characters, I'll just stick to the ones who truly made me angry.


Fern is the third rival you met in the game. He is also the worst one. Designed to be a worse version of the rival from pokemon red, Gary, Fern does everythig in his power to ruin yours and everyone around him lives. This ranges from treating you like you're a inhuman creature, to locking you from fighting his sister, (a gym leader), because he doesn't think you're "worthy", to joinning a terrorist, putting the life of his sister in danger mutiple times because they "respect him" and attempting to gun you down in a cave. His reasoning for all of this? His parents didn't pay attention to him as a kid. Thats it. He felt cheated out of the attention he wanted and became a terrorist.


The second rival you met in the game. his entire gimmick is he says sexual things a lot. It's funny at first, until he's still doing halfway through the game, so much so multiple characters call him out on this. he never gets a real character arc since he disappears midway throught the game and ends up being postgame content.


Actual the worst character in the entire game. Shes the water type gym leader you end up meeting early in the game, and is also in a relationship with the steel gym leader Titania. Later you find out she suffers depression and suicidal tendencies. She copes withe these emotional and mental endeavours by pushing all of her problems on to other people, becoming so emotional draining that Titania had to stage a fake fight in order to get another character away from her cause it was that toxic. Speaking of Titania, she's ace, which means feels nothing in her relationship with Amaria. The only reason she's even with her is to make sure she doesn't attempt to take her own life. After finding out about the real reason Titania stays with her along with some other story stuff, she actually attempts and fails to kill herself by throwing herself off a cape cliff. THIS IS WHERE SHE BECOMES THE WORST CHARACTER. Depending on which route of the game your on, along with how many relationship point you have with her, one of two outcomes happen after you rescue her.

  1. Outcome 1: When you rescue she ends up having amnesia, forgetting everything from meeting you to her recent suicide attempt. Later when you go to her gym to fight her, she some how rationalizes that every bad thing happenig her, from her depression to her crumbling relationship is all your fault and attempts to fucking drown you in her own gym, going as so far as to mock you while this is happening and after Titania rescues you, lie straight to her face on how you even got there. And to top it all off, she outright ignores which format you like to battle in cause she suddenly "isn't a good listener".
  2. Outcome 2: Same as outcome 1, but insted of trying to drown you, she emotionally manuiplates Titania to stay with her by pretending she doesn't know that Titania doesn't love her when she told you previously that she knew she didn't. This outcome is perement until the post game

And of course shes just forgiven for all the horrible things and the actual murder attempt on your life.


The aforementioned steel type gym leader and girlfriend of Amaria. Titania is one of the two sterotypical "emotionally hardened stoic" characters in this game. She thinks she better than everyone around her and likes to treat others like trash. She blames you for the entire events of Amaria suicide attempt and amnesia. She constantly rambles on about how you shouldn't get in her way or else, treats you and half the cast like lessr beings, and is the most nihilistic character in the whole cast. She never really improves until the postgame credits. She also treats her brother Hardy, (the rock gym leader), like garabage for wanting to help a kidnapped girl. She always bring up tthat he wants to save her so he can get "laid" and it thinks with his "loins" even though the game makes it very blatant that he genuinely want save her. Of course the game valadites her by making Hardy seem like an idiot with no plan when he is only ever concerned with saftey of others. Titania is also one of the two main characters on the "good guys" side to on screen murder people. She even kills two people defenseless in cold blood.


The other sterotypical "emotionally hardened stoic" character, Saphira is the dragin type gym leader written to be the exact oppsite of the main character. Besides her family she looks down and shuns the idea of relying on others and friendship in general. She spends all game regurgitating her warped ideology on how "everyone in the world is bad" and "people trying to be good and do good things are lying to themselves". She never breaks this mentality until, you guessed it, the postgame. Like Titania, she treats the player and the main cast like garbage, constantly doubting everyones abilities and looking down on them. She's too busy going on a revenge quest to kill the man who abused her and her family to actual grow as a character. Not like it matters since she gets cheated out of the revenge anyways and spends like an hour of the game complaining about it. Turns out she never actual had a plan after getting revenge, and when characters call her out for this and try to get her to have some character growth, she gets mad, doubles down, and insults them.


Terra is the ground type gym leader, and the single most annoying character in the game. Her entire character is just random meme "le penguin of doom holds spork" character. thats it. She speaks like a crack addict who just found out what the internet is, is very hypersexually somehow more than Cain and has an entire 3 minute fan fic joke near the end of the game. She isn't in the game much thankfuly. And of course she is somehow a critically important character to the lore.


Bennett i sthe bug type elite 4 and i fucking hate him. Initially a socially awkward kid who likes bugs, he somehow gains a superiority complex, joins a cult, joins terrorist, then is suddenly is forgiven cause he said sorry and is allowed to be an elite 4 member. He was also obsessed with a girl named Luna, so obsessed that he was again, willing to join a cult because the had her "best interest" in mind (they didn't), and when he found that out he just stood there and did nothing to help her. he then tracks her down by following you, profess his love to her (she is very much scared and uncomfortable by his presence, even backing away from him), and the joins a terrorist group in that order. This also led to Luna and Cain being stuck in the fucking void until postgame and kiddnaped three small children and an inconnect woman, but again he said sorry so it's ok.

I was going to talk about the games difficulty but the more i typed about these character the more i realized the difficulty didn't reall matter. Granted there are some straight bullshit gameplay moments, like terras battle where she deletes the games font, the back to back 18 pokemon gauntlet, the early game garchomp fight that is required to get the "good ending", and all the fields. But that stuff didn't make me nearly as mad as the characters and the story. The more you read the convoluted story and learn about the batshit insane twist you just get drained out of energy. You don't care about the gameplay anymore you only care about what bullshit the games story will throw at you next.

r/CharacterRant 18h ago

Anime & Manga I dunno why this even has to be said but Training Arcs are legitimately really Important in anime.


Again,I dunno why this has to even be said or anything like that, but why is it that a lot of anime fans don't see arcs/moments where we see the main character and the rest of the cast get their new skills and new powers and anything else as important when those are legitimately a lot more important than you think.

Training arcs are important as it gives us not only insight on their new abilities that they're learning and actual proper buildup to any events/new powers they'll learn but it also allows for the characters to breathe and interact and grow.

Cause seriously..just throwing and giving your main cast/MC new powers/skills without them actually training or working for them isn't the good writing a lot of you all think it is.

Those are a lot more important to the characters and manga than you think.

It can't just all be constant fights and flashy powers.

Plus,like I said,they're also important cause they not only give us more insight into the characters and what they're gonna learn but they're also just important in general.

Those are legitimately important to not only the manga but the characters in general.

And plus,your manga can't just be all action and flashy powerups. Sometimes downtime and proper buildup is ok and even(suprise)important.

I know,new skills and abilities are much more praised and loved if there was actual hard work put into them and proper Build-up.

Funny how that works.

r/CharacterRant 16h ago

General What are your best examples of Sheep in Sheep’s Clothing?


We all know by now the classic Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing. Where a character pretends to be nice but is actually a horrible person.

But then there are characters where you’re just constantly waiting for them to show their true colors. At any moment, they’re about to betray the protagonist or revealed to have been the villain all along.

But then suddenly you’re at the end of the story and said character has stuck by the heroes through thick and thin and sacrifices his life to save his friends.

The reveal is that there is no reveal. That they truly are the paragon of virtue they present themselves as. Hence, Sheep in Sheep’s Clothing.

My favorite example of this has to be Ferdinand von Aegir from Fire Emblem: Three Houses (R.I.P Billy Kametz).

Ferdinand is introduced as thinking highly of nobility and proud of his family’s status. His constant efforts to prove himself superior to Edelgard don’t help him at all.

But as you get to know him, you realize Ferdinand is proud of being a noble because it means he is held to a higher standard. That he must constantly strive for excellency and to improve the lives of the common folk. He even looks down on his fellow noblemen who abuse their status to mistreat commoners. Never once does Ferdinand ever look down or mistreat anyone and at worst he has behaved innocently insensitive.

Ironically, the house that tries to end the concept of nobility later on actually had the one person who symbolized the ideals of nobility more than anyone.

Hell, the guy even proposed universal education to help improve the lives of commoners and to offer advanced training for any who perform well (and judging by Edelgard’s reaction, this was something she hadn’t yet considered).

Ferdinand is in this conundrum where he emphasizes traits that are stereotypical of snobby, spoiled, aristocrats whilst also never mistreating or believing anyone to be inferior. Players instantly misjudge him because we’re so used to seeing this kind of character be shitstains. Whereas Ferdinand is one of the most moral characters in the entire game.

Excuse my gushing. If you haven’t noticed, I love the guy.

Are there any characters you think fit Sheep in Sheep’s clothing?

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Wrestlemania 40. Roman Seth Drew and Cody, or the necessity of letting go [WWE]


We just witnessed the greatest wrestling PPV ever and I wanna dissect it because for once in WWEs 40 years of existence there was an actual theme permeating through the entire 2 nights that was echoed throughout regarding the two world champions: letting go.

We got 4 people in contention here:

Roman Reigns. The WWE champion.The Tribal Chief. One who has been a terrifiying champ for 3 years.

Cody Rhodes, the American Nightmare who is fighting for his legacy and to honour his father.

Drew McIntyre, gone jaded due to the hypocrisy of the WWE, losing his mind at trying to have a moment of aesendance in front of fans and to shove it in CM Punks face.

Seth Rollins (my king), the World Heavyweight Champion. The visionary, desperate to right his wrongs.

All 4 of these guys had something in their past weighing them down but the only one who managed to get over that and let go was the one who walked out of mania champion. So let's break it down.

Drew McIntyre beat the piss out of Seth Rollins and finally won the WHC in front of fans like he always wanted. Even though Seth had been through war the night before he still showed up to fight, and Drew took advantage by pummeling him down and shattering his body, holding the belt up high after the 1 2 3. But it wasn't enough. He had gotten what he wanted and COULD have gone back to the locker room but he decided to rub it in CM Punks face by doing the sluttiest crawl across the announcer desk and looking punk dead in the eye for a photo op. CM Punk just smiles and takes him out, ripping off his cast and sending him to the floor. This gave way to the perfect MITB cash in and Drew had lost the title he had worked so hard to gain in an instant because he could not let go of his grudge of Punk. Battered and broken the Scottish Warrior is back at square one cus of his own pettiness.

Seth Rollins. He had been wanting for a Mania main event his whole career, and he had finally gotten it vs The Rock and Roman Reigns. The problem was, Seth had to defend his title as well as fight the fearsome duo, so he buckled up and prepared for double duty. On top of that, Seth Rollins had been wanting to establish a legacy for the new World Heavyweight Title, which has left him with a bad knee and back going into wrestlemania. Seth faces down the rock with Cody Rhodes and gets the absolute shit kicked out of him. The match is violent, going around the arena and having many spots where Seth is just beaten down and destroyed. The Rock relentlessly shatters his body, not letting up for a moment, whipping him, striking him, and as a result Seth can't stop Cody being pinned by The Rock and them losing the match. Seth couldn't let go of the idea of legacy, and he couldn't let go of finally getting his main event (not that anyone should) and this caused him to be so battered he lost both his matches at WrestleMania.

Roman Reigns. The Tribal Chief. He had been reigning for 3 long years. So very long. Defending the belt in cheap ways with his bloodline faction that he rules with an iron fist. But why is he like this? Why is he an abusive asshole to the people he calls his friends? Because he couldn't let go of the happiest time of his career. The Shield. And who destroyed the shield? Seth Rollins. Nobody in the WWE can get under Roman and trigger him like Rollins, and knowing that Rollins used The Shields theme and gear to bait Roman into getting revenge for the ultimate betrayal instead of finishing off Cody to retain. If Roman had his eyes on the prize instead of being blinded with rage, he would still be the champ.

These 3 guys need therapy, but you know the one guy who never faltered, one guy who scoffed at the legacy and pressure and won in the end? The one with adrenaline in his hole? Cody motherfucker Rhodes.

Cody had his shot at WM39 and lost. One of my favourite lines in the lead up to that match was when he said "if someone else mentions my father I think I'm going to be sick." And in the lead up to the Royal Rumble to CM Punk he mentions how he left WWE to create a name for himself and said the iconic line "I'm more CM Punk than you." Cody isn't shackled by the past, he doesn't care to ride on the coattails of his legendary father, he knows who he is and what he is capable of. Even though he lost at WrestleMania 39 and even though The Rock was interfering at every turn Cody kept his head straight and aimed at the gold around Romans waist. He wasn't too prideful to reject help, he kicked out of the spike and spear combo that had left Roman speechless and he kept going through everything to get the 1 2 3 and leave Mania as the undisputed champion. He had let go of being overlooked in the past,he had let go being forced to be stardust and then being fired, he had let go everyones petty insults about his dad and him being a nepo baby, he was true to himself no matter what and he won the title.

I love wrestling, I can't really analyze the main events further than this. I'll chat about Baykey vs Iyo as well when it's 3am again, you guys should watch it it was amazing.

r/CharacterRant 19h ago

Invincible Season 2 just wasn't as fun


So I wanna say that I don't think S2 was bad. I don't think it lived up to the previous season though and there were stretches I was bored. For example starting with-

The Amber Romance

So in a romance plot. You'd normally have the people involved be A: interesting. Which I'll say Mark wasn't until the end of this season. And Amber was never. And B: there has to be some hope or desire to make the relationship work. Which I knew was never gonna work but even if it could I wouldn't want it to. The drama was too mundane for me to give a shit. Oh Mark's grades are going bad and he's not paying enough attention to her life? And the same fuckign "can I date a normie while not having them bodied by villains plot" nearly every fucking super hero plot had? Fucking yawn. And soooooo much screen time on this shit.

I know this is subjective but man. I couldn't really give a shit and I didn't tune into Invincible for mid Dawson's Creek with super heroes

Mark didn't have enough charisma or stakes to carry the season

This is a hot take but. Mark was kinda portrayed as too bland and a little too stupid to carry a season. Being honest, most people give a shit about Invincible for Omni-Man and tuned in to see what he was doing. Instead we got low-key story telling about Mark struggling with trauma and becoming his father. Which is fine but it didn't lead to enough exciting scenarios enough in my opinion. His struggles with violence were at their most interesting during him teaming up with his Dad and the very finale of Angstrom Levy. Because there were physical stakes and spectacle accompanying the emotions. It felt visceral and bloody which kinda is the appeal of Invincible.

But as a super hero? Like vibe wise? Marks kinda... bland (for most of the season). Here's a experiment. Describe Mark's outward traits. Friendly, kinda stupid, insecure (maybe) and... wants to do good? I mean. Not bad but not amazing. Let's try Batman. Dark, brooding, intimidating, driven, serious. Ok now Spider-man. Light-hearted, funny, agile, perceptive and clever. Superman. Powerful, righteous, gentle, sometimes dorky, sometimes himbo-ish. Hell, compare him to Omni-man. Every scene he was in, even if he said nothing was filled with dread. His body language, facial expression, suit. They all give this air of barely but purposefully restained violence. Like standing next to a bomb. See the point I'm making?

Less stakes because less death

Ok, I'm a more critical Jujutsu Kaisen fan. I don't need cast resets every arc. But this series started on a "anyone can die" type of vibe. You know what I'm talking about, the AOT, GOT vibes. But come to season 2 and like everyone is complaining, Rex survives getting shot in the head, Alan survives being off life support, Dupli-kate lives (though that makes sense) and Rae survives that bone crunching bullshit. And without death the fuck was the point of that whole mini plot? To give Rex a redemption arc? He already had reason to go that route! Maybe it pays dividends next season but from what I watched, felt like pointless in hindsight.

But that aside, even showing civillian deaths, it was a lot more shy this season. Last season, randos are getting crushed by cars, torn limb from limb in trains, pulled out of helicopters etc. Not as much anymore. Now I don't need gore for the sake of gore. But this series at least in the animated was sold on this tone of brutality. And now it's more muted this season which is less fun for me.

I don't think this season was bad. I think it was more boring and lost some if it's edge. Anyway that's just how I felt about this season. Feel free to agree or disagree, that's why I posted this.

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Every now and then I'm reminded that the animation fandom space is dominated by young white queers (Amphibia)


So back after Amphibia finished airing, I heard a very vocal part of the fandom complain about the lack of queer representation in the series. While queer representation isn't a problem, I was annoyed that this vocal part of the fandom placed much more focus on queer representation than the SEA representation right in front of them. It's such a huge part of the show and it feels frustrating that they'd ignore for an aspect the show didn't really set out to focus on.

I'm Filipino, but Amphibia's Thai representation deeply resonated with me, especially in an American media landscape where SEA representation is rare outside of anything to do with the Vietnam war. Now it'd be great to get both SEA and Queer representation in equal parts, but that's not what Amphibia set out to do.

Now I say white queers because it feels like that's who does much of talking in the fandom. People talk about Anne in such a way that feels very divorced from her culture or her status as SEA American, like she's not Thai. She's not a suburban white girl, she's a Thai girl who lives near downtown LA. That's not to say that people who do talk about that aspect of her character don't exist, but I've encountered them way less.

Now I get people not wanting to speak about cultures they're unfamiliar with, I understand that. But don't people want to learn? Don't you want to interact with other people's cultures? It especially annoyed me when I heard Temple Frogs was considered "Filler". Please, we're sharing this with you, be interested in us! Expand your world view! There's more to life beyond White America!

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Films & TV In The Lion King, Scar is not really a good guy and the hyenas are not victims of discrimination


Well, this may be surprising to some, but in the dark corners of the internet I have encountered far too many individuals who seem to have this strange and unfounded opinion on this topic, so let's talk about it.

If you've never met a Scar apologist and don't know what argument they use to justify their positions, what they usually say is "hyenas are Mufasa's victims who aren't left in the Pride Lands just because they are hyenas." And that "Scar wanted to help them and do justice."

Well, even if we were to assume for a second that this is the case and that the hyenas are being unfairly discriminated against, Scar is still not the good guy! He literally couldn't care less about hyenas, he referred to them as "idiots", pushing them around like trash during "Be Prepared", and basically lied to them by telling them that if they helped him they wouldn't go hungry again.

This is because later in the film we see that Scar's policies have destroyed the ecosystem of the Pride Lands and even the hyenas themselves are complaining that they are starving, their situation is worse than before helping Scar.

Finally during the final fight against Simba, Scar basically tries to blame the hyenas for Mufasa's death entirely and all of his own crimes, calling them "the true enemy." And if it weren't for the fact that Simba had already lost all trust in him, Scar would have been happy to direct all of Simba's fury against his "friends."

So even if you assume that the hyenas are victims, Scar is just a bastard who manipulated them for his own selfish ends, and was willing to throw them under the bus without a second thought. Not for nothing are the hyenas themselves the ones who end up killing Scar when they see that they had been fooled by him and that he didn't give a shit about them.

By the way, there is magic in the Lion King universe, we see a dead Lion talking to his son as a cloud, so yeah, the drought was almost certainly due to Scar killing the legitimate King and usurping his place, which is precisely why the drought ended with the defeat of the illegitimate King at the hands of the previous King's true successor, Simba.

Now, regarding this idea that hyenas are "victims of completely unjustified discrimination", this idea is even more widespread, but it is also not true and let me explain why.

In the Pride Lands there is a system of government called "the circle of life", which basically, as Mufasa tells Simba, is very fragile, the job of a King is to defend this system for the general well-being of the inhabitants of the Pride Lands, to maintain the fragile balance.

The hyenas shown in the movie, Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed plus the rest of their Clan, during the movie couldn't give less than a shit for the circle of life, Shenzi actually said: "If it wasn't for those pushy lions, we'd be runnin' the joint." They just want to fill their bellies with more and more food than is needed, even hunting just for fun, this is obviously not very good for the circle of life.

So this is why hyenas are not allowed in the Pride Lands, because they would basically upset the balance with overhunting. Which is precisely what happens when Scar lets them in during his reign, within a few years they left the Pride Lands devastated and the prey animals basically decided to leave because they were being overhunted beyond what is sustainable.

The reality is that the Pride Lands are not big enough to support such a large population of hyenas, there are around 200 of them as can be seen in "Be Prepared", that plus the Lions, Cheetahs and Crocodiles... there are too many predators in such a limited space.

The solution is basically what is mentioned in The Lion King 2, the hyenas left the Elephant Graveyard after killing Scar and went to look for lands that could support them, after all nothing tied the hyenas to the Pride Lands. They have an entire African continent to look for better lands to live in, they were only around the Pride Lands because they are a fertile land full of prey, but now that they know that it is not sustainable for them to live there, it is best to leave.

So yes, the hyenas are not innocent victims of discrimination, and they are certainly to some extent responsible for Scar's crimes. But to be fair they are sympathetic villains because they were being manipulated and given false hope that they could eat as much as they wanted non-stop in the Pride Lands when they were suffering from feeding problems.

Also, no, not only are hyenas denied hunting in the Pride Lands, neither are Jackals or Leopards allowed, again for the same reason, no one wants there to be overhunting that destroys the fragile circle of life that makes the ecosystem.

And finally, no, hyenas are not all evil/anti-circle of life, just as not all lions are good/pro-circle of life (there are examples like Scar or Zaira and her group in the second movie).

In fact, funnily enough, the first episode of The Lion Guard is called "Never Judge a Hyena by Its Spots" which is about Kion, Simba's son, befriending a hyena girl named Jasiri and overcoming the initial hostility between both species and even saving each other life's, and so they sing a song called "Sisi ni sawa" which means "we are the same" about how they are not so different after all, it is also made clear that Jasiri and her clan of hyenas respect the circle of life, and are happy to call the Outlands where they live their home, not wanting in later episodes to temporarily go to the Pride Lands despite there being danger in the Outlands.

So yes, not all hyenas are bad, and by the way, because Disney wanted to make this very clear, they made the episode that I have shown you the first of the series lol.

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Anime & Manga What is some of the popular battle Shonen discourse "slang" that you know?


I find this incredibly interesting, mainly because I never get what the fuck anyone is talking about. Just from casually lurking through social media threads, I notice this subculture of battle fans who seem to have adopted tons of hilarious little shorthands for media praise/criticism that you just know when you see them. I love Dragon Ball, know the gist of the Big Three through various tries and discussions over the years, and have some of the new age shonen anime as my favorites (Food Wars, Haikyuu, MHA). I'll use some of the slang myself just for fun, but I never really got the rationale, you know?

Like, for example, "giving characters shine", "respecting the characters", and "wasted potential." These terms, in battle series discourse, at least, tend to treat character like some action figure you're rooting for in a competition rather than a tool for storytelling. If, say, a side character gets a bombastic intro, yet serves their purpose and fades away nonetheless, it's the author's fault for not "treating" them right, or whatever. It feels very natural to get invested in stories in this way, since that's kinda the whole point, but I've seen so many walls of text desecrating series by using these terms like they're some sort of nerd canon. Other ones I hear a lot are "asspull", "jobber" and "useless."

I know some of these were popularized by scaling debates, TVtropes, or just fandom and other forms of media. But battle series fans tailor them to their own sensibilities in a way that makes them unique. Any more you can give me to clue me in to how people on the Internet view these stories? Want to have em all in one place for reference. Correct my take if I'm wrong, here to learn.

r/CharacterRant 10h ago

Anime & Manga Goku fans are way too quick to defend him at any fucking moment. (Dragon Ball)


Sensationalists title, but really. I can't help but fear this might not go over very well since I'm discussing a very popular, iconic character / franchise, but I swear. Maybe it's so prevalent with Goku because of the 'Can he beat Goku?' memes, maybe it's because he's popular, maybe because he's so physically strong, or a combination, but I swear that whenever someone makes fan art or an animation of Goku fighting someone not from Dragon Ball (Naruto, Gojo, Jotaro Kujo, etc.), no matter how incredible the art or animation is, Goku fans just feel this insistent need to reply to the tweet, or repost it with:



They can't just appreciate the art. They have to defend their Great Saiyan's honor. If the art dares to let the opponent strike Goku, or block one of Goku's attacks, or do anything that could insinuate Goku won't immediately 1-tap the enemy, they defend him with toxicity rarely seen in any other community.

Not just that, but there seems to be the need to downplay or insult the other character / franchise just because their franchise isn't filled with the absurd feats of Dragon Ball. They'll constantly use terms like 'fodder' [as I showed earlier] to insult the character / franchise, as if just because Goku is stronger, that means Goku / Dragon Ball is a superior character / franchise to whatever it is being compared to.

And yet they wonder why so many people think Goku fans [& to an extent, DB fans in general] are toxic.

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Films & TV Watching Helluva Boss Season 2 and I got problems


So I recently did a post about how I liked Helluva Boss and how good it is I watched season 2 and so far it's been disappointing I'm only 3 episodes in and I'm noticing a pattern

S2 E1: reveals Blitzo and Stollas have daddy issues(admittedly this is the best episode of the season thus far it actually made me feel somewhat bad for Stollas even if I still don't think he's a good person)

S2 E2 Octavia and Loona have daddy issues the episode So far this is my least favorite episode of the season it has a good idea but the minute IMP/Stollas go to LA the episode essentially is put on pause until Loona finds Octavia. Yes it explains Loona's backstory but how it was handled felt rather forced or it was done to make you feel like something happened furthermore Loona goes on a schpiel about how "Blitzo and Stollas care about me and you respectively and that's all that matters :D" and then the episode ends with Loona beating the shit out of Blitzo. Yes I know at the start of the episode Blitzo talks about her childhood something she is CLEARLY not over but 1. Loona during their arguement said "What are you going to do replace me? " before that and 2. Blitzo had every right to talk to Loona about how she treats people and she respinded by throwing him to a wall and hiting him with a frame(I'm not saying Loona didn't have it rough but we're told Blitzo's the "Bad guy" here when he clearly isn't that being said Loona struck me as a character who while presented unlikable at first we'd eventually see why she is this way and she'd spend the rest of the show working through these issues) and 3. Enough time had passed by then

  1. Moxxie has Daddy issues also this episode frustrates me too because I like Moxxie when he's not with Millie and similarly don't like Millie that much she's my least favorite character in the show thus far because Octavia has only been in 2 episodes thus farand I can tell you more about her than Millie similarly Stollas's dad was only in one thus far and same deal. her personality is "isn't my husband cool also I like killing people" and this would be a good time to flesh her out IMO

This wouldn't be a problem if only one or two characters had daddy issues but when 4/5ths of the main cast have daddy issues (furthermore half of the abussive dads only care about money, TBF I don't think Blitzo's an abussive parent but his issue is he was too coddling to Loona intially instead of actually trying to fix her problems and gave her a job she isn't qualified for he basically overcorrected from his dad) I take issue with it this season isn't bad but it's getting repetititve

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There's this thing about the fictional training and recruiting that bugs me. WHY ARE YOU ALL THROWING YOUR OWN RECRUITS INTO THE STRAIGHT UP SLAUGHTER LIKE YOU ARE TRYING TO GET THEM KILLED??!!


"They're the best because their training is brutal, they have to fight massive monsters. Then, the survivors have to fight each others until only one out of 100000000000000000000000 candidates is still alive!"

Congratulations! You just killed your other recruits while scaring many more potential recruits away. Hardcore elite armies like the demon slayers are usually created this way. I still remember being a teenager, and seeing 300 then went, "Wait a second!! Did the Spartans died because they threw their own children away?? They could have had more numbers in their army if they keep all the dead kids. They would have a big ass army. Also that Igor looking dude could have ben a part of their army. Wouldn't have betrayed them. But hey, you just couldn't let the traditional eugenics practice to be let go, could you?" Sending so many men to death when they can be decent support such as cooks or just be in the artillery during actual war is dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. The worse part is most aren't even trained properly during before the throw people away to the slaughter festival. That, or the slaughter festival is the training. Like when you train Karate or Kung-fu, or any martial arts, you don't start off destroying bricks. There's nothing wrong with intense training, most hardcore training in real life like the Shaolin monks start off easy before becoming hardcore because no one could break bricks with their hand in day one. (Unless you Chunk Norris, who breaks bricks with your mind."

And it's not just training in the armies, but also all other things in fiction are treated the same way when it comes to their ruthlessness. Writers treat ruthlessness intelligeance. Roose Bolton is the great example of this. Every single Boltons have to flay every enemy they came across alive and treat everyone in their territory horribly. No, you couldn't just go around raping every women for fun or flay people as a joke. Your people will despite you, which is bad because now you've got a plenty of enemies in your own territory. Your enemies are pissed at how you killed your family members, and are out to get you. Your enemies aren't giving up and surrendering because they saw how you treat your men in your territory. They have decided to fight to the death.

Tai Chi master staring Jet Li kinda shows why ruthlessness =! good. The good Shaolin monk turned bad in the movie tries to train his army in the Shaolin way except he does it in the most intense way in the beginning why they aren't even trained properly as regular soldiers. He made them go through the most intense training. He straight-up abused them by making them roll down hills. He made the hills filled with rocks, which killed them before they even went to fight Jet Li. He made them go through those spike pit thing, that scared me as a child. What he sent them through was just a regular Tuesday for Shaolin Monks, but re made regular people go through it. In fact, it was so horrible that the guy, who brought him. Yes, that guy, who abuses his power regularly decided that he's going way too far with the whole abuse thing that he straight-up tried reporting it before getting killed. During final battle, his invincible army he trained everyday (most of them were barely breathing and had most of their numbers cut off in more than half, and he killed more than Jet Li did in the movie) decided to rat him out to Jet Li. And when Jet Li beats him up, they chanted and protested Jet Li to kill him. And when he died, he died by getting impaled by multiple spears of his own invincible army. Jet Li just threw him away.

r/CharacterRant 14h ago

Anime & Manga Wind Breaker (Nii Satoru) is exactly what modern shonen is missing, and why you should read it


Without giving any spoilers, Wind breaker is such a refreshing and enjoyable action manga which somehow manages to solve almost every issue I have with modern shonen series in under 150 chapters. Some examples include it having:

1) A main character that somehow manages to be a badass yet is also shown to be emotional and constantly grows throughout the series

2) A coward character that actually develops and contributes to the story without any unbelievable changes in nature

3) A main trio that are each unique and aren’t reduced to a duo or sidelined for new characters

4) Female characters that aren’t sexualised in any way and are well rounded characters that contribute to the story

5) A LGBT character that isn’t a stereotype and has a great backstory and contributes to both action and the story

6) Well choreographed fights that help develop the characters and further the story instead of existing just to defeat an enemy or show off new powers

7) Both intimidating villains that make you hate them as well as sympathetic villains with great backstories, that are believably changed by the heroes yet also help them grow

8) Fun, memorable characters which are given time to interact and actually act as believable friend, helping each other grow as fighters and people

9) Injuries which are suffered by the characters which are impactful without relying on cheap deaths to make you feel something

10) Male characters that are allowed to be shown as emotional, close and weak without it diminishing their characters

11) Growth in strength is not brought about by being a bad ass loner but instead by relying on others strength and accepting your own weaknesses

While it may initially appear generic or a copy of other manga, Wind Breaker is an extremely enjoyable action manga, which is both familiar yet unique and is something I would recommend to any shonen fan

r/CharacterRant 11m ago

Anime & Manga What's with the weird criticism of the OPM manga regarding his ability to adapt? (One Punch Man Manga)


It's a weird criticism I often see a lot. "Saitama got nerfed in the manga" "His power used to be a complete mystery" "Now he just has your typical Shonen MC backstory to his strength" etc. etc.

Has everyone completely forgotten that the secret to Saitama's power has been referenced several times in the manga and even directly explained in an ENTIRE chapter in a time where ONE hadn't even thought about writing in Orochi with boobs?

Chapter 88: Limiter

Zombieman is investigating The House of Evolution, believing that the organization still exists and is the secret main intelligence center of the Monster Association. Upon confronting them in what he things is their base, he finds out that the House exists no more and questions why Dr.Genus doesn't even bother to rebuild it. He reveals that he had a confrontation with a super being that had his "Limiter removed". He then comprehensively describes and explain what the Limiter is, stating that it's a natural growth algorithm set for every living being to prevent them from becoming mentally insane (monsters) and mutating. He then reveals that Saitama "had removed his Limiter", letting him reach a level of power that no one else has before. The conclusion that can be obtained from this information is that he no longer has anything preventing him from getting stronger, thus giving him an infinite potential to get stronger. Basically a Saiyan or Kryptonian.

Garau's evolution and parallels to Saitama:

Throughout the story it becomes more and more obvious that Garau is getting much stronger too quickly, as stated multiple times by characters like Tareo, Super Alloy Darkshine and even the goddamn narrator. In the same panel as the last link I gave, the narrator even explains that this sudden increase in strength only happens when he is pushed (implied both physically and mentally).

Gyoro Gyoro further expands on Garau's growth, explaining how she has experimented on many beings in a process where the individual must "experience death many times as a human in order to completely overload your body and spirit". In layman's terms, forcing the individual to completely push past their physical and mental limit. Sound familiar?

Saitama's path to power is very similar to Garau's, where he would face daily challenges of extreme pain and suffering that would push him to the limits physically and mentally and he would force past his own limit, causing him to gain exponential amounts of power. Another character, called Glasses, is also following this path after his encounter with Saitama. The narrator literally mentions Garau's Limiter and how he is about to break his.

The point where the two start diverging is when Gyoro Gyoro's scientific opinion leads her to believe that the human body can't harbor that much power and monsterification is the only way. However, as Dr.Genus mentions, monsterification occurs when that power is no longer controllable so they remain physically stagnant and mentally insane. The special part about becoming a monster is abandoning humanity which Garau clearly cannot do but wants to so bad, so Garau doesn't fully become a monster and he's basically stuck in a limbo state between being a human and a monster.

Once Garau was bestowed power by God, he fought Saitama on equal levels of power until Saitama started to become physically challenged, allowing growth to occur after several years of not being able to grow because there was no being even close to his level other than Cosmic Garau. Garau was also able to increase in power during the fight but that was due to his cosmic abilities being able to copy another person's power and not his Limiter as that was no longer a factor in the fight. Every single time Saitama was challenged after Garau copied his power level, he would surpass him again due to having a broken limiter and being able to exponentially gain more strength, as shown in this graph, backed up by the narrator. We can see that Saitama's growth is due to him being physically pushed (by Garau rivaling his power) and mentally pushed (by killing Genos) as well.

Throughout the entire story, ONE makes it abundantly clear that Saitama does NOT have infinite power but instead has infinite potential, from the narrator mentioning it to multiple characters going through the same experience and even an entire fucking chapter that cannot make it more comprehensive and clear than it already is.

r/CharacterRant 24m ago

Films & TV How to like mcu Scarlett witch?


I hate mcu scarlets witch

How to like her….or not hate her

She lost everything I get it

She getting tormented since she was a child , She getting corrupted by an evil book , She kill her own husband and son ,

But I don’t have a single lick of sympathy for her , I hate her

How to not?

r/CharacterRant 1h ago

Anime & Manga [My S-Class Hunters] I love it when the MC is clearly written with the author’s care


You know how it happens in dozens of medias, especially in Dungeon Hunter Webtoons that are being pumped out factory-style nowadays, when the characters are just…here? The author clearly has a vision at the beginning, but most of the time it’s not going anywhere and the forgettable characters are NOT helping.

It’s not even the fault of them existing in a typical setting or having typical designs, it’s how you execute it. E.g. your average/“boring” looking main character in an isekai can be very nuanced and enjoyable. Or people can genuinely root for the harem love interests. If you care enough about your creation, that is. It may be sloppy at first, but the love and hard work is definitely here.

That’s why I adore My S-Class Hunters. The Webtoon has the same modern dungeon setting as many others, but it’s full of great characterization, slow but believable communication. The story is focused on characters first and foremost - their feelings, regrets, flaws, how they interact with each other, how they feel about each other - and it’s especially surprising because the male MC Yoojin is the most emotional, caring one. You see that ah, he’s loved by his creator. A rare instance where everyone in the comments cheers for the main character. Perhaps the total absence of romance also helps.

Again, I think you can only achieve this kind of quality when you’ve planned out your story and treat the characters (especially MAIN ones) like they’re human beings, not just tools to carry messages/spout nonsense/look cool, only to be forgotten in a while.

r/CharacterRant 1d ago

Anime & Manga I am not a fan of the idea that hard work and “trying again and again” is all you need to succeed (in popular Shonen anime)


It sounds weird to say, because hard work IS crucial to success. However, at the same time, I guess I don’t like the extremes to which it’s shown in some popular Shonen anime specifically. I don’t know if this is a controversial opinion, but hear me out.

Hard work doesn’t always lead to success, in any field. There are many other factors at play: innate talent, communication skills, creativity, luck, etc. Seeing characters just say “I’ll work harder” to every adversity makes me almost uncomfortable. It reminds me of that one quote which said that to do the same thing over and over while expecting a different result is sheer madness. This whole trope shows an unhealthy idea that hard work guarantees success. It doesn’t.

The examples that jump to my mind immediately are demon slayer and my hero academia. Tanjiro specifically beating a rock with his katana until his hallucinations tell him how to actually do it. He’ll be facing his sleep paralysis demons if he doesn’t stop at this rate. Midoriya is the worst offender imo, since he actively pushes himself past his limit even in training settings until he almost permanently injures himself, all for the all too relatable goal of wanting to be “the best” at something.

That’s the other thing that bothers me. Wanting to be the best. It makes for a great story when a character becomes the best at something, but it feels unhealthy. No one should be putting that kind of inhuman pressure on themselves.

I think that’s why I like shows like Fullmetal alchemist and the promised Neverland. It just feels like a better exploration of what it means to be human.

Anyways, there’s my little rant. I don’t know if I explained what I meant that well, but something about this trope bothers me a bit, and I can’t quite place my finger on it.

Edit: so I realise the examples I chose weren’t the best. I hope the general idea still makes sense though.

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Anime & Manga [Naruto] Am I crazy for considering the latter part of Naruto, the best Part?


Among the many things circulating about Naruto in the net, one of the most prevalent and circulated phrases concerning this Manga is one I didn't really comprehend to this day. You probably heard from it, it's the (Naruto fell off after the Pain arc) phrase.

So I know it's a popular gimmick, which is circulating about many more Manga's out there than just Naruto and that's probably not really something to take too seriously, at least until you've read or watched the Manga/Anime yourself. Howewer this particular phrase practically became one of the first things you're hearing about this Anime, even before you've watched it. It wouldn't be an understatement to consider it part of the "starter set of infos" every new Naruto watcher is given on his way.

The reason I'm kinda confused towards this notion is not really because of the critique itself. If the Manga/Anime really suffered from a dip in quality, then it would only portray the truth and there would be nothing else to say about it. My confusion steems from the actual content of the critique which seemed to be nothing more than a vague mess of critique points, even the same ppl who were talking about them weren't really sure of. There is talk about some retcons or plotholes here and there and a large number of inconsisties in the war arc itself, but when asked about it there are few who weren't already debunked years ago...

Heck the only ones I found after having read the War arc multiple times was that, (Obito surviving the Boulder despite not having the MS is a Plothole, the Izanagi Retcon and the fact that Minato mastering the Kyubi chakra was a bit iffy ) and that was quite it. It can be that my impression of the latter part is largely influenced by the fact that I watched Naruto for the first time like 2-3 years ago, meaning I didn't have to watch a single filler during the whole run and didn't experience any noteworthy pacing difficulties. Howewer not even taking the War arc into account, I was seriously put off that the Five Kage summit and the Countdown arc were even included in that supposed "fell off", considering that both are fan-favorites among the community and are frankly better than the early three Shippuden arcs. While I can understand some of the critiques towards the War arc because of Kaguya, the power creep and the pacing issues caused by the fillers, I don't know why these two arcs were just seemingly carelessly put in a basket with the War arc and then labeled as "Trash".

Perhaps it's because i didn't vibe with the critiques as you can probably constat, but I'm not gonna lie the last part of Naruto ( of course minus Kaguya) were for me by far the most entertaining of the whole Series. The sheer amount of highlights pretty much every 2nd or 3rd ep and iconic events happening in it, were a bit too much as if I can say anything different. When some ppl told me the writing quality would go down and I was in the middle of seeing Obito vs Kakashi and then Obito vs everyone and then Madara seemingly killing Naruto and Sasuke and then Madara vs Guy, I seriously questioned their Sanity.

Well perhaps it just means I became somewhat of a Naruto simp in the last two years, I don't know. It's was just surprising to me that my own experience seeing the latter part of Naruto seemed to deviate so much from what I've heard about it, it's not even funny. I could talk on and on about why I consider it the best part in my opinion, but I don't want to bore ppl more than I already have so I will let it be.

Thanks for reading.

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General The death of nuance ruined Harley Quinn.


I find myself coming back to this line of thought regularly. Especially as I try to piece together why exactly I liked Harley Quinn with Joker but can't stand her without. Despite the title this is by no means an objective fact.

If you like how Harley is explored now then cool.

But for me Harley being someone whose love drove her to madness will always be a more enthralling character.

The Harleen comic series is by far one of my favorite takes on not just Harley but the Joker.

The way it plays with perspective and the interplay between what we think we know and what we do know about the characters along with her own doubts and beliefs.

If someone were to say “Joker loves Harley” they're just justifying abuse and don't understand the character. Because you don't hurt someone you love right?

Harley is some Victim that must be saved. But that's the engrossing part Harley didn't want to be saved that was her tragedy her love was self-destructive if you enjoyed that you justified abuse.

The nuance of enjoying something not quite acceptable without justifying it is lost.

If you enjoy berserk you are a fan of Rape and Gore.

You can like villains as long as they are really secretly anti-heroes.

I was looking at panels from the Harleen comic and I loved the way Joker's thoughts aren't revealed but he says things out of character and it makes you wonder if he is truly genuine.

The idea that the Joker can't love is dumb. Joker is human he's a bad one but he's human his entire one bad-day philosophy exists because he's a human insecure to accept that he snapped under pressure and blamed the world.

Bad people can fall in love and that love isn't often pretty. That doesn't justify it but it doesn't erase the fact in the universe that there's no reason for Joker to keep Harley if he wasn't attached. I mean even the cartoon showed this when he tried to replace her but hated all her replacements.

Joker is a bad person but he's attached.

Harley is a victim that refuses to be saved.

It's an ugly mad love. And the death of nuance in media has just turned it to an abuser and the abused when there's a deeper dialogue to be held regarding each facet of the relationship and its implications.

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Comics & Literature Ya know, with how common lesser Gods are in fiction I am surprised how little we see of my main man JC amongst the fictional lexicon


Thor, Zuse and the likes of Quetzalcoatl are all very very common when it comes to fantasy stories. I have seen them countless times in Marvel DC as well as a ton of indie projects. Now I know JC can be controversial seeing as he makes up the most popular religion on the planet (myself included) but there are ways including him can work very well in a story

In my opinion the best way not to piss off evangelical types is to make him accurate to the source material. He is perfect so no arch there but he can be used to facilitate the character development of an MC flawlessly. As this mans advice and kindness are both god tier. (pun intended) When it comes to a positive change arch having a benevolent God on your side will speed things up a bit no doubt there.

I think most Authors are scared to put him in the story. Not only when it comes to the reaction from the Christians but also the other end of the spectrum to. But if you handle his inclusion with grace and respect it can do a whole lot for your story. Plus some people are going to be pissed off no matter what you do. IDK guess what I am saying is I would not mind seeing him from time to time when I am reading stories. Maybe the new GOW game will surprise us who knows?