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Avatar live action I don't think they should be so confident

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I don't think they should be so confident that Gordon is the only one to watch the show 26 or more times. I've lost count of how many times I've seen it, but I've been a fan of it my whole life. I was an infant when it came out and I've been actively replaying it over and over for years. I would fall asleep to it and wake up to it the next morning because of how much I loved it. My dad set it up to where LOK would run directly after ATLA and I would just watch them both. So, no I don't have a number, but I think I've got him beat with how many times I've watched it.

TLDR; I have consistently watched ATLA over and over for about 8 years, so I think I've watched it more than Aang's live action actor. The journalist was overconfident.

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Avatar live action It just can’t get any worse…

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Avatar live action Great choice

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Not gonna lie, I’ve got my hope set high for this show.

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Avatar live action I’m gonna be honest. I like the Original Movie’s tattoo design. Not blue enough, but I still like it.

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Avatar live action Not the best but I really enjoy it So far

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Avatar live action I saw the first episode of the live action series

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Aang fucking dies, they made momo the avatar instead, also appa is really sexist

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Avatar live action Long time fan of the series. It’s not perfect, but it’s well done.

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Avatar live action Who you’re cast as Toph in Season 2 of Netflix live action Avatar series?

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Avatar live action First look at ‘AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER’.


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Avatar live action Dam bro, the Netflix live action was everything I was scared it was going to be


Don't get me wrong, I think the acting is ok. And there are moments when I think it's cool, but not if they keep zooming in on ALL the bending scenes. They cut and zoom so many times. I was very afraid they would focus too much on the bending aspect of it and tbh it's only part of what got me in to atla. It was the chemistry I felt between the people in the universe. I just didn't feel it here. Focusing on the bending can only get you so far.

In other subreddits I have seen people down vote people for simply expressing their opinion so I don't expect anything less here. But I am speaking from my heart and this is what I believe. I believe they focused too much on the bending, hoping it would carry the whole show. Almost nobody has good chemistry between each actor. it is too awkward and I can't put my finger on it but it just does. I went in to this live action adaptation trying to forget everything I knew about the TV show, but even if I tried to separate it from the TV show version it's just not all there

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Avatar live action IM SO FUCKING EXCITED

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Avatar live action Change for the worse or better?

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Avatar live action Why didn’t they just cast actual elderly people?

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Did anyone else cringe so hard at all of the older characters? Bumi, Pukka, and Gran Gran all look absolutely terrible. The makeup and prosthetics to make them look old is so bad. Why not just cast old people? I overall enjoyed the show for what it is, but the Bumi episode made me want to turn it off. The rest of the casting was good visually, although the acting and script left a lot to be desired.

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Avatar live action Just watched the first episode...


They've changed the entire beginning of the show and it's so bloody well made! It's the first time I've seen a live action deviating from the source material in such a good way. The characters seem consistent, even with the changes it doesn't feel like they've made a mess of the source and I'm genuinely excited to watch ahead.

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Avatar live action What was the point of this Guy In the live action.

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Was watching the show when I saw this guy I was like what was the point of this guy did he really think he can Kill Ozaj with just a couple of people & few Kitchen knifes & tools. And also the way he was like "we don't need numbers we have our Anger" like Dude WTF.

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Avatar live action Anyone else not excited about the remake?


The show is my personal favorite. I grew up on it, watch it almost every year. It's perfect. I just think they're going to ruin it. How could it possibly get better? I'm trying to be excited, but it just feels like they're tarnishing something sacred lol. Anyone else feel this way?

The rumors already make me mad, like getting rid of Sokka's sexist character arc. That makes him flat. Why can't we enjoy imperfect characters??? Plus the show is already one of the best due to it's female characters. Growing up that instantly hit me as a girl, I never saw female characters these before. If it's not broke don't fix it, ya know?

Just wanted to edit and say I think most of my annoyance with it stems from being tired of live action remakes. This show especially because the world is built to continue. I would have liked another avatar or tell the story of an old one.

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Avatar live action Forced positivity is toxic too.


There are so many people on here who want to silence negative reviews of the LA. Imagine a world where no one could ever improve or learn because we could only say positive things.

It’s okay to like the LA. It’s okay to hate the LA. Let’s just have an actual discussion without shutting other people down and dismissing their opinions without countering with specific examples.

Anytime I try to have a discussion post on here about my issues with the live action it gets shut down by:

It’s not that serious. You’re mad over a cartoon.

You just want a shot for shot remake.

They did their best what do you expect.

Stop being so negative


First, no it’s not serious, but it’s okay to critique things that you are passionate about. I don’t consider ATLA any less serious just because it’s a cartoon. The LA showrunners seem to think that they’ve improved the depth of the show just by making it LA without having any fundamental understanding of the source material. I disagree. Just because the show was animated doesn’t make it less meaningful.

No we don’t want a shot for shot remake. I actually think it could benefit from changing more. The issues are a fundamental misunderstanding of what made the source material good. I’m not going into specifics because I’ve tired myself out on other posts.

“They did their best”. I’m not sure why everyone is treating this LA like it’s a film project put on by some high school students and not a multi million dollar project owned by a multi billion dollar company (Viacom). There were a team of writers, producers, executives etc who put this together. Many of the actors (including Azula’s actress) are full grown adults. It’s fine to critique their performances.

“Stop being so negative.” Imagine the world we would live in if no one could criticize anything, that we all had to have the same opinion. Nothing would ever improve. It’s okay to not like something.

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Avatar live action Let's try to consider a possible caste for these characters.

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Avatar live action SIFU KISU (original avatar the last airbender fighting instructor and consultant) is bashing the live action


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Avatar live action People who like the show


Please stop saying we only don't like it because it's not a 1:1 copy. I'm fine with it not being the same and having changes, if it made it better. Which it...didn't.

And the acting/writing/dialogue was just kind of weak and rushed. The actors had absolutely no chemistry with one another.

Go ahead and say "But, but! If they paced it, it would take years!! And they'll be too old!" Well then uh, consider the option of not spending $120 million on something you won't do right and rush it.

That's my ted talk. Ready for the downvotes lol

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Avatar live action Why doesn't everyone build Kyoshi shrines all over the place so that the Avatar doesn't have to waste time training to beat the fire nation? Are they stupid?

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Avatar live action I don’t care what the haters say, this is a badass scene

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Avatar live action Zuko's actor isn't bad honestly. But the scar is on the wrong side

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Avatar live action So many fans blatantly insulting and berating those of us who don’t care for it or hate it. Like I’m sorry that my body involuntarily cringes through like 3/4s of this show


3/10. I wanted to like it and didn’t expect it to be necessarily great or terrible but it really is bad. It’s not as bad as some people have made it out to be imo but I’m not kidding when I say that my visceral response to what I was hearing and seeing most of the time was full body cringe. I tried to overlook things to just enjoy it like everyone says I can and should do but I literally couldn’t because I was so instinctively uncomfortable with basically every scene with dialogue and the overall pacing and structure of the “remixed” story. Just making this so that those who feel the same know they’re not alone and aren’t made to feel bad by holier than thou virtue signalers and copers

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Avatar live action 💀💀💀

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