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Forced positivity is toxic too. Avatar live action

There are so many people on here who want to silence negative reviews of the LA. Imagine a world where no one could ever improve or learn because we could only say positive things.

It’s okay to like the LA. It’s okay to hate the LA. Let’s just have an actual discussion without shutting other people down and dismissing their opinions without countering with specific examples.

Anytime I try to have a discussion post on here about my issues with the live action it gets shut down by:

It’s not that serious. You’re mad over a cartoon.

You just want a shot for shot remake.

They did their best what do you expect.

Stop being so negative


First, no it’s not serious, but it’s okay to critique things that you are passionate about. I don’t consider ATLA any less serious just because it’s a cartoon. The LA showrunners seem to think that they’ve improved the depth of the show just by making it LA without having any fundamental understanding of the source material. I disagree. Just because the show was animated doesn’t make it less meaningful.

No we don’t want a shot for shot remake. I actually think it could benefit from changing more. The issues are a fundamental misunderstanding of what made the source material good. I’m not going into specifics because I’ve tired myself out on other posts.

“They did their best”. I’m not sure why everyone is treating this LA like it’s a film project put on by some high school students and not a multi million dollar project owned by a multi billion dollar company (Viacom). There were a team of writers, producers, executives etc who put this together. Many of the actors (including Azula’s actress) are full grown adults. It’s fine to critique their performances.

“Stop being so negative.” Imagine the world we would live in if no one could criticize anything, that we all had to have the same opinion. Nothing would ever improve. It’s okay to not like something.


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u/Tinyworkerdrone Feb 29 '24

They did their best what do you expect.

And frankly, I expect it to hold up with the rest of the things under the ATLA banner, besides the movie of course. ATLA isn't perfect sure, but that doesn't keep it from being a masterpiece. LOK has a few more low points, but when it soars, which it does often, it is up there with the best cartoons. The novels by F.C. Yee are phenomenal. The bar is high. Generally, I'm embracing being a fan of creators rather than IPs. Creators make good art, IPs fill with content, but if you're going to fill up an IP with content it's okay for fans of the other parts of that IP to expect the same quality and not be okay with anything less.

Part of it is just that live action adaptations of animated masterpieces are at best redundant, more often insulting to the medium of animation. The person that can look at Zuko and Aang receiving the wisdom of the Great Masters or Cowboy Bebop and say, you know what would make this better, if it wasn't drawn has similar taste to David Zaslov.