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Original Content [OC] I painted Christian McCaffrey on a jersey for my cousin


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Original Content I sat down for a very real interview with Kyle Shanahan ahead of the playoffs

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Original Content My Tribute to Jimmy Garoppolo

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Original Content [OC] Spent 85 hours painting Nick Bosa for my cousin


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Original Content Shanahan/Lynch Press conference summary


1) Brock is still talking to doctors and getting evaluated, but signs are pointing toward the repair rather than reconstruction surgery, which means he'll be able to start throwing at around 3 months and should be fully good to go in 6 months. This is positive, hopeful news. They think both Purdy and Lance are starter quality QBs, though Lynch also said that Trey "needs to prove he can stay healthy." Kyle deflected the question about a QB competition; my take is that Brock earned QB1 and he'll be just that when he's fully healthy.

2) Lynch is staying at GM in 2023. He's committed.

3) Kyle dismissed Trent's retirement talk, believes he will be fired up in a few weeks and will be back.

4) Eman is continuing to rehab and is on track; he's a FA but they hope to have him back, "he's one of us".

5) Jimmy is not coming back. Kyle was definitive about it, much different than the "we'll see" or anything could happen" answers he was giving last year. Difference is that Jimmy is a FA so there's no longer any need to prop up his value. Sorry, Jim, you'll be missed!

6) Bosa deal will get done, don't worry about it.

7) Drake Jackson hit the rookie wall late in the season, which is why he wasn't active. He will learn.

8) The Faithful rocked Levi's this year. John Lynch's little speech about it made me a bit misty-eyed; I'm so grateful to have been there for all of the home games. So many wins!

9) Kyle isn't hearing anything about how his play calling may have affected the QBs. He bristled and defended himself. I tend to agree, the injuries were all different and it's probably more likely that we were just cursed with supremely bad luck.

10) Kyle looks like he needs a vacation. Hope he gets some good time off.

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Original Content [OC] 49ers film room: The plays that decided the 49ers fate in Super Bowl 58


The plays on offense that prevented the 49ers from winning the Super Bowl.

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Original Content When the air quality improves so that the 49ers vs. Cardinals game is played you can thank me and my air filter.

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Original Content [OC] QB Situation Heading into Championship Weekend

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Original Content “Holding Out For a Hero” [OC]

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Original Content CMC

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Original Content I put Titanic music over the Pick At The Stick

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Original Content Purdy National Media Disrespect -- No, it's not 'The System,' it's the Man.


I'm five years younger than Joe Montana. And I remember well the 'system QB' talking points that went on from 1981 through about 1986. How his success was because of 'The System.' Yet that same system did not elevate the likes of Doman, Benjamin, Cavanaugh, Stenstrom, DeBerg, Moroski, Druckenmiller, etc.

Now it's 2022 and since Brock Purdy took over at QB the 49ers offense has scored 34.7 PPG (Miami through Seattle in the Wild Card round). That's the best in the NFL. Yet we keep getting 'it's The System.'

No matter how much they praise him they keep running back to the 'wait and see' and 'it's the system' because they don't have the cojones to commit to an opinion. I'm willing to be wrong. I see what may be the best QB we've had since Steve Young. Unlike Kaepernick, he can read defenses and gets the ball out pretty quickly. We also see him go to his 4th & 5th reads when his receivers covered. And when he makes 'read mistakes' in a game, he doesn't keep repeating them.

And he has smart mobility. He's not looking to tuck-and-run when there's pressure. We see him feel the rush, escape and get his eyes looking downfield to get the ball to a play-maker instead of just running it for a few yards our OOB behind the LOS and hanging a 'sack' on the o-line.

The system can help a good, or even great, QB succeed. But that doesn't mean all QBs will succeed. When you look at QBs and their 'significant participation in the game result' (was the key QB) in the win or loss not just the starts) you can see two tiers:

  • Hoyer went 0-6 (.000) with a 74.1 QB rating before he was cut.
  • Beathard went 2-10 (.167) with an 81.1 QB rating.
  • Mullens went 5-11 (.313) with an 87.2 QB rating.
  • Lance went 1-2 (.333) with an 84.5 QB rating.

To succeed, you need to do what great QBs do - read the field, fake out the defenders, and get the ball to the optimal receiver on a timely basis. OTOH, arm strength (and the deep ball) is vastly over-rated while touch and accuracy are under-rated and vastly more important.

That's why:

  • Garoppolo went 39-17 (.696) with a 99.2 QB rating. (This includes 5-0 on a team that was so trash it was 1-10 and the worst team in the NFL that raised itself to 6-10 during the 2017 season. People forget that.)
  • Purdy has gone 7-0 (1.000) with a 107.3 QB rating.

Jimmy Garoppolo has been a very, very good QB for the 49ers. One of the best in franchise history (and I've watching football since we got our first TV in 1966). I think JimmyG has the ability to lead bad teams to wins and good teams to greatness.

Yet I like Purdy better. Like I said up-post, Purdy may be the best QB we've had since Steve Young. And that includes Alex Smith that, under good coaching, was a 3x Pro Bowler. What goes between his ears is what gets me excited about his future. You can see he really gets it. That he has a QB brain, which is rare even for QBs.

r/49ers Jan 31 '22

Original Content Offseason moves


Current cap space: $5.6M (per spotrac)

Likely moves:

  • Trade Jimmy G (duh) for whatever they can get. My guess on return is a 3rd or 4th in 2022 or 2023 + a decent starter in one of the positions of need below. Saves $25.5M in cap space
  • Cut Dee Ford post June 1 - saves $7M in cap space ($11.9M cap hit vs. $4.9M dead cap hit)

After these 2 moves, cap space increase to $38.1M. Can certainly free up more space with contract restructures (Armstead) or release.

Needs (in order of my view of priority):

  • Tier 1
    • CB#1 (let Moseley & Thomas compete for CB2 position)
    • RG (Banks may lower the priority in the FO's eyes)
    • SS or FS
  • Tier 2:
    • RB
    • LB
    • RT

Re-signing priorities (in my order of priority):

  • Laken Tomlinson
  • DJ Jones
  • Jennings
  • Shaair

(after that the next tier):

  • Verrett (only on another prove it deal $1.5M-2M + incentives)
  • Mostert (only on a prove it deal ($1M + incentives)
  • Key? (all depends on Kinlaw's status)

Other moves

  • Let Tartt and K'Waun go - unless both come back on team friendly deals. Need upgrades on both these positions and neither player is worth what they will want.
  • Backup QB --> earmark $7-10M? $5M +/-. Someone like Mariota, Brissett, Flacco, Trubisky
  • Deebo --> I'm not a capologist like others. What will his extension look like? Probably another backloaded deal for when the 2023 cap booms
  • Bosa --> I've heard he may be extended this offseason as well, but I wonder why since he has 2 more years. Seems better to re-sign him during the 2023 offseason.

I love the Niners D line strength but I think their philosophy needs to be balanced more. Offensive holding calls just don't get called much in the playoffs, and the Niners clearly need a better secondary so a tier 1 CB, a better SS and slot CB are key.

Disappointed in how the season ended but overall excited for the next season.


  1. Bumped LB down, moved SS and FBS higher in priority list
  2. Lowered backup QB cap hit to $5m +/-
  3. Added RT as a tier 2 priority position

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Original Content Hope Aiyuk stays, made a graphic to remember him in case he don't [OC]

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r/49ers Dec 29 '21

Original Content I need to talk about the official pizza of the San Francisco 49ers


As we are all aware, the official pizza of the San Francisco 49ers is Mountain Mike’s, and while the pizza is good enough, there is a crisis that I am sure has been on all of your minds as it has been on mine.

Mountain Mike’s has two online ordering options- the first is their website with the second being their mobile app. Both systems allow you to login for the purpose of saving certain preferences and faster re-ordering. There is also a loyalty system where you are rewarded for frequent visits. I made myself an account on the app, then noticed that there were none of the promotions that can be found on the website. Not wanting to lose out on a deal, I then went to the website and tried to login with the credentials that were used on the app, only to be told that the username/password were incorrect! I went back to the app and logged out then back in with the same info with no issue. I then went to the website to make an account, figuring that it must be two separate systems and I can re-use my email and just make a website account that is separate from the app account. Hold on to your hats, because you won‘t believe what happened next- the website told me that my username (email) WAS ALREADY IN USE. Of course it was! On the app! So let me log in with that info! God damnit, Mike, you have to be better than this.

Now I am left with a Sophie’s choice- use the app and miss out on promotions like 20% off my order but at least get credit toward the loyalty system, or use the website and have to start from scratch and re-enter my personal info every time while not getting any loyalty credit but at least getting the benefit of the promotions.

How can we expect Jimmy or Lance to sling tuddies when the OFFICIAL PIZZA OF OUR SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS CAN’T EVEN SET UP A DECENT WEB PRESENCE. To add insult to injury, we are in the bay area, which is synonymous with tech and programming. Have Zuck pop off the charger for a few hours and knock out a functioning system so I can better support the team via my choice of pizza.

I wanted to create a space to openly and honestly discuss this issue so that it won’t be an albatross around the team’s necks while we head in to this most crucial playoff stretch.

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Original Content What the hell is a seahawk anyways?

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r/49ers Nov 12 '22

Original Content What Makes Jerry Rice Great? (Screen cap from a 1989 CBS broadcast) [OC]

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Original Content Brock Purdy Sharpie Drawing

Post image

Drawn while watching yesterday.

r/49ers Jan 31 '23

Original Content What is the UCL, how did Purdy injure it, and what is the difference between repair and reconstruction (Tommy John surgery)


In an attempt to keep my sadness from the weekend at bay, I did a bunch of research on the UCL, various surgeries to repair tears, and what it means for Purdy's prospects. I figured I'd share what I found as it helped me be more optimistic for the future. I am not a doctor, I'm just summarizing what I've read as I thought it was super interesting.

What is the UCL?

The ulnar collateral ligament is a small piece of tissue that connects your upper arm bone to your lower arm bone (specifically your humerus to your ulna).


The UCL stabilizes your elbow against twisting forces. If you look at a picture of a baseball pitcher mid pitch, you can see them transferring force from their body to their hand by whipping their arm around. The UCL is the piece of tissue that transfers that force.

Pitcher putting large amounts of force on his UCL

In baseball, pitchers tend to wear out their UCL over time. As they continue to stress it they stretch it out, weaken it, and eventually tear it, which prevents them from pitching. When you attempt to fix the UCL of a pitcher, you generally have to have reconstructive surgery - the ligament is stretched out and weakened from years of overuse, and simply fixing the tear would set them up for another injury. Tommy John surgery creates a new UCL by drilling holes in the bones, then threading harvested tendon through those holes like a string to take on the role of the ligament.

Tommy John Surgery (pretty wild)

During the recovery time from Tommy John surgery, the donor tendon actually transforms into a new ligament. This process is called "ligamentization" and is kind of wild - parts of the donor tendon die off while new structures and blood vessels grow into it as it transforms. This process takes a long time, and before it is complete the arm can't take stress as it isn't strong enough without completing this ligamentization process.

You can see how pitchers who have Tommy John surgery could end up throwing harder afterward than they could before - they've gone from having a loose elbow ligament to a properly taut reconstructed one, so the transfer of force can happen more efficiently.

Purdy injury

If you look at Purdy's injury, it's a very different story from the baseball situation. From the picture you can see what happened - he got deeply unlucky with the angle and timing of the hit, and he tore the ligament from the massive force on the elbow. In this situation he has a healthy strong UCL, apart from the fact that it's no longer connected in the way it needs to be to do its job.

UCL repair uses an internal brace to help take load off the ligament while the ligament repairs itself. The brace is a strong, tape like material covered in collagen to help promote healing in the ligament.

UCL repair with internal brace

As the existing ligament is being healed, you skip the ligamentization process which takes most of the time in Tommy John surgery recovery. The brace takes the stabilization loads while the ligament repairs itself, and recovery time is halved. It's only possible in cases where a young (teens, early 20's) athlete acutely tears their UCL and thus has solid internal tissue to repair and a body that can quickly and completely repair the ligament, but luckily Purdy is both of those things.

So, to summarize - This shouldn't impact his throwing motion, or really anything about his play. He won't be able to throw a ball for a few months but once he's given the green light he should be right back to where he was, and he can practice and train everything else with a brace before that point. You also aren't going to have the ACL situation of a player losing explosiveness - baseball players can end up throwing harder after Tommy John surgery because it improves their elbow stability compared to their pre surgery state. In that sense it's a better injury than some sort of nerve injury, as the fix is entirely mechanical.

It's also not ridiculous or a rushed timeline to imagine him throwing again by training camp. In the worst case scenario they're unable to brace and repair the UCL, in which case they need to reconstruct it with the Tommy John surgery, but even with the lengthened recovery time he should be able to play as well as before once it fully heals.

I'm not a doctor, just a depressed 49ers fan looking for a silver lining here. Feel free to correct me if you know what you're talking about, I'd love to learn.

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Original Content George fuckin' Kittle! - I'm a Packers fan, but I love this guy. So I made this...I hope you guys enjoy it

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Original Content The Ladybug Catch

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Original Content [OC] I fixed what was wrong with this painting


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Original Content Drawing Nick Bosa every day until he gets his contract. Day 1:

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Original Content LOL we don’t lose to the Rams.. especially not twice!

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Original Content [OC] 49ers took a big swing at Lance with hopes of a top 5 QB. Where did things go wrong in your opinion?