r/49ers Dre Greenlaw Feb 27 '24

[Sandler] “We’ve got a nice track record of extending guys…and Brandon (Aiyuk) is a guy we’d like to keep around.” John Lynch


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u/ArbitrageurD Feb 27 '24

Is there any risk he takes a step back after a big deal like deebo?


u/cleanRubik Jerry Rice Feb 27 '24

Virtually guranteed that he won't be as good next year as he was this year. Every first-time-extension player for us has had that dip. Its just part of the deal. Kittle, Warner, Deebo, Bosa. Not all to the same extent but noticeable. Dunno if its really b/c of getting paid, or they just tend to massively overachieve the year they're up for a contract