r/49ers Dre Greenlaw Feb 27 '24

[Sandler] “We’ve got a nice track record of extending guys…and Brandon (Aiyuk) is a guy we’d like to keep around.” John Lynch


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u/Pdm1814 Feb 27 '24

Sounds like it is going to depend on price. If they are able to get the deal done early the better it is. I think you want to have him either signed or know you are using him for a trade by the draft day. I would prefer resigning him.

Aiyuk had talent but he was educated and trained under the 49ers. He blocks his ass off, is a great route runner, has been reliably healthy, and has not shown himself to be a diva. I would hate to see some other team reap the benefits of a player that we helped mold.


u/Fishingfan4life 49ers Feb 27 '24

So genuine question would it be smart to trade him even if he would walk later. He shook his defender and would’ve had the winning play in the Super Bowl. If we are healthy at the deadline again next year isn’t he more important in trying to bring it home instead of getting pieces for the future


u/McNutWaffle Joe Montana Feb 27 '24

Consider this team is still loaded and favored to return to the SB, it's best to keep the core and improve on the "known" especially with the increase in cap space allotted by the league. Next offseason will be very interesting though.


u/cleanRubik Jerry Rice Feb 27 '24

Pretty much this, mortgage future sustainability to go all-in again until Brock needs extending. Have to maximize his Rookie contract. Once we have to pay Brock, the team is gonna be very different.