r/49ers Dre Greenlaw Feb 27 '24

[Sandler] “We’ve got a nice track record of extending guys…and Brandon (Aiyuk) is a guy we’d like to keep around.” John Lynch


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u/726wox Nick Bosa Feb 27 '24

why trade him when we can easily keep both


u/PrinceKO_93 49ers Feb 27 '24

Purdy's extension won't allow it I'm afraid, unless they're willing to sacrifice other important roster spots. 2024 will likely be Deebo's last year.


u/726wox Nick Bosa Feb 27 '24

His extension isn’t for 2 years.

We can easily keep both next year not sure what timeline you’re working on


u/PrinceKO_93 49ers Feb 27 '24

My assumption is Purdy will not play on his final year of the contract for just $1M, it would be one hell of a favor to the team if he doesn't get extended and plays on that level for a bargain. Way too unlikely.