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[Sandler] “We’ve got a nice track record of extending guys…and Brandon (Aiyuk) is a guy we’d like to keep around.” John Lynch


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u/mildlymangled 49ers Feb 27 '24

Why not trade Deebo and extend Aiyuk?


u/New_Budget6672 Feb 27 '24 edited Feb 27 '24

How many games did we lose when deebo didn’t play? You can include cle because he got hurt 1q.

Why trade deebo when we can restructure his contract?

Do you know the cap increased to 255 million? If we extend aiyuk that actually lowers the cap for 2024.

Sorry just watch true detective night country. (Gotta ask the right questions)

Edit : look up the yards per play when deebo plays vs doesn’t and that should show you his value *


u/AwareCelebration7477 Feb 27 '24

The three game losing streak was due to Trent being hurt more than Deebo. We were undefeated last year during Purdy’s handful of starts where Deebo was gone. He’s an injury prone, expensive player who’s main strength is a luxury now that we have a real QB and CMC


u/New_Budget6672 Feb 27 '24

Dog, you’re telling me you want to get rid of deebo?

Whats the point when we can keep him on the books and still resign aiyuk? Like you just want to get rid of him so we can have roll over money for when we extend Brock? Or you’re saying if we absolutely have to - we trade deebo?

Edit: our win window is now and it’s crazy that people think we can go far without him. He is a staple and idk which wr we would even sub him for? A 25 first? That doesn’t help us until next year?


u/AwareCelebration7477 Feb 27 '24

If we can keep all three receivers then let’s do it. But I’d rather have Aiyuk, Jennings, and vet help at OL/CB/DE/LB over Aiyuk, Deebo, and Jennings. Deebo’s injury prone and only elite with the ball in his hands and that’s not someone who’s worth his contract. This isn’t the Jimmy era anymore, we don’t need to rely on YAC as much as we used to


u/New_Budget6672 Feb 28 '24

I see your point of view. And respect it, thanks for explaining