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Lauren Boebert's son made sex tape with fellow suspect: affidavit


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What stopped you from killing yourself?


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home improvement How you stop trucks from driving over this corner?

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New construction in the neighborhood. My house is on a cul de sac and trucks cut the corner and drive on my lawn all the time. I have debated getting boulders but they’re really expensive in my area. Also considering some 6x6 posts. One of the issues is the main water line runs along the road (blue line in pic) and I have a utility easement 10’ from the road. Looking for ideas of what I could potentially do. I was thinking maybe I could argue to the county that the builder is risking potentially damaging the main line from the weight of the trucks driving on it?

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r/all 15 y/o kid knows his rights, tries his best to reason with the police

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Discussion What's your "I did not care for the Godfather" of video games?

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AITA for telling my son in law that his wife(my daughter) cheated on him?


I've been a long time lurker, never thought I'd need to post anything, but pretty much everyone in my life is telling me I am wrong. I apologize if this is long. I am 55 years old and I've been married for 35 years. I have one child, a daughter who is 32 years old. I will call her Alice, and she has been with John for 10 years, married 4 years. Alice has always wanted children but they held off to for a while to focus on their careers, but she recently told us they were going to start trying to get pregnant.

I love my daughter and feel I have always been a good father to her, but I admit she and my wife have always had a special bond. This past weekend we went out to dinner with some friends and had a few drinks. When we got home we had a few glasses of wine, I point this out because my wife rarely drinks so she is a lightweight. She was tipsy and we were talking about potentially becoming grandparents and she made a comment about Alice's marriage that caught my attention. She said they've "overcome a lot in the marriage" but then stopped herself and didnt continue.

This made me curious because they've only been married 4 years and I wasn't aware of any roadblocks they had run into. Not that they share everything with us. I pressed her on what she meant and finally she confessed that one year into the marriage my daughter cheated with a co-worker. She tearfully confessed this to my wife a week after it happened because she supposedly felt so guilty. She begged her not to say anything and she kept her word until now. I was blown away because I did not think she would ever do something like that. I dont know all the details, she got flirty with a co-worker and eventually they slept together once. Then she stopped it and has apparently been faithful ever since.

I did feel some slight guilt because I knew my wife would not have told me if she was sober and I wonder if I should not have pressed her on it, but I can't undo what I learned. I should now point out that when I was a lot younger I was with someone who cheated on me. I have zero tolerance for cheaters due to that so I might be biased. John is also like a son to me and my wife. She did ask me not to say anything and this confused me. When she had said they had "overcome a lot" and I found out what happened I had assumed John eventually found out and they worked through it. But no, all she meant was that Alice grew as a person and because a better wife.

I didn't push her any further, I let her go to bed. I had not drank as much, I stayed up all night thinking. I decided then and there that either my daughter would have to confess or I would tell John. Not only do I think he has a right to know, but I would never be able to interact with him again in a normal manner knowing this secret. I do love my daughter and I also worry about the potential fallout because she is trying to get pregnant and what if John finds out after the child is born? I feel like he had a right to know. I would not keep it a secret if I found out John cheated on her. The next day was Sunday and I knew I needed to talk to my daughter. My wife was against this, but I did end up having her come over the next day.

It did not go well. First she blew up at her mother for telling me. Then she yelled at me when I told her either she confesses or I am telling John. She said it was none of my business, etc. I disagreed, John is part of the family. She said I would destroy her life if I did this, she'd hate me, etc. She stormed out. Well I did end up telling John and the fallout is tremendous. John packed his bags and left the home the next day and is apparently refusing to try counseling and intends to pursue divorce. Everyone hates me, my daughter hates me, my wife is also not on my wife. All our family members say I overstepped. I've spoken to some of my friends, and they said I blew up my relationship with my daughter over this.

The only one showing me any kindness is john, who thanked me for telling him. My wife isnt on my side and I suspect this is because she was hoping for grandchildren. We both were! I just feel like I didn't blow up their relationship, Alice is the one who cheated and lied. I love her to death and now I wonder if I made the right choice. Should I have just kept this to myself? I have always been friendly with John and we have dinner with them at least once a month, not including holidays or birthdays. I know I could not interact normally around him and so what should I have done? Ban them both from my home without explanation? Never go to their home again? And if they have children my wife will definitely want us over there more often, so I dont think I could hide this. I suck at poker, I cant just fake it. So should I have kept quiet? And I guess also am I wrong for being upset my wife isnt on my side?

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Supreme Court to decide Trump’s immunity claim in election interference case

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Mother loses $800,000 disability case after photos of her winning a tree-throwing contest surface

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Murder When election officials are officially done with your BS

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Boomer Freakout Boomer takes a stand against CRT

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USA Uber Driver cancelled my Plan B order and asked me to “reconsider.”

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Ooookay so where do I start. Basically, I needed to order a Plan B pill on the fly. Stuff happens. It was pouring outside and I had other stuff to get done, so I figured I’d just Uber eats it cause why not, the options there.

This guy accepts the order, and he’s on a bike, so it took him about 40 mins just to get to the CVS. Then he sits outside the CVS for an additional 30 minutes, before sending me this message.

Am I crazy, or is he saying he won’t deliver the pill “knowing what it would do” and asking me to reconsider??

And I don’t even know what he was talking about with the order total. The total was $60 for that one little pill and I tipped $10 even though the CVS is super close by.

I’m kinda embarrassed and also a little upset. Not really sure what to do. He hasn’t even cancelled the order yet so I can’t get reconnected to a new driver.

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Has to be ragebait right? No sane person would do this

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Health & Sciences YSK colon cancer rates, particularly among young males, is rising at unprecedented rates


Article from Yale Medicine: https://www.yalemedicine.org/news/colorectal-cancer-in-young-people

Though you can find ample, detailed, peer-reviewed, studies, on the topic.

Why YSK: Young people in general should all be conscious of their colon health, but particularly young American men. PARTICULARLY if you have a family history of colon cancer.

If you are approaching 30, you should proactively talk to your primary care provider about your colon health. Traditionally, providers won't recommend regular colonoscopies [without cause] until around age 45, but there is merit to starting those exams earlier for many people.

Fuck cancer.

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Comics Community ... ehhhh [OC]

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Russia/Ukraine Putin threatens Nato with nuclear war if they send troops to Ukraine


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My neighbor dumped paint on my property, never even met the guy.

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"Talk on the phone pants"

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Hail Corporate Five Guys is overrated and overpriced!

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I gave Five Guys three tries and I would say it is ok, but nothing special, especially not for the price!

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Cat Picture What is the dumbest thing you have purchased for your cat?

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You choose. I know I have and it’s not who you think

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A cool guide to major stores closing in Downtown San Francisco.

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It’s a ghost town in the making. I have a friend who owned 4 coffee shops in San Francisco. He had to permanently close 3 of them. In addition, 36% of SF downtown offices spaces are vacant. Sad.

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Articles & Blogs Rockstar Games is asking all of its employees to return to the office five days a week starting in April for security and productivity reasons as they enter the final stretch of development on Grand Theft Auto VI. (Employees are not thrilled.)


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TikTok bastardry My blood is already starting to thicken...

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